Moxi Works Adds Facebook Marketing to Their Open Platform

iTourMedia is our latest and greatest partner, bringing automated social video distribution to our open platform. iTour lets agents create and edit videos, and through their partnership with Facebook, maiTour-Media-182x300.pngkes it easy for agents to reach their target audience.

Social media has been a key part of marketing for brokerages and agents as of late, but it can be really time consuming. Some brokerages have dedicated staff to help their agents with social, others hire assistants to do the tedious work.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships at Moxi Works said, “iTour Media is another great Moxi partner that’s taking advantage of our open platform. An agent can easily promote their listings on Facebook and their other social media accounts fully managed by the iTour team. It’s a simple button click to start and the “boost” really works for agent branding and property promotion.”

Now with the help of iTourMedia, agents can create visually compelling short videos and push them straight to Facebook all with one app. Why video? 80% of the worlds Internet traffic will be video by 2019 (Cisco, 2015). Besides, it’s the beautiful photos and videos that agents curate that often sell homes.


Knowing what days and times to post can be tricky. iTourMedia’s optimized social schedule allows you to push and boost posts based on the most optimal time of day, meaning more bang for your buck.


There are a variety of plans iTour offers brokerages and agents. For example, their Social Connextions Managed Services gets you experienced social content editors that setup social accounts and manage targeted posting on behalf of an agent. They’ll setup up to 3 social Connextions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn) and link all social Connextions to Hootsuite for easy combined posting.

iTour even has a Social Audit available where you can receive an action plan to make sure you have optimized your social set-up. If you aren’t there yet, have them set up your Facebook page with a custom branded banner and optimal business configuration. Whether you’re a social media junkie or just starting to dip your toes in the water, iTour holds your hand while you jump in.

Facebook Ads

Social advertising via Facebook is based on the agent or brokerage’s Facebook Ad account.


iTour grants access to analytics through their app, but they are also accessible through Facebook accounts.

Watch the iTourMedia tour:



iTour will be integrated with Moxi Present, giving agents the ability to add the iTour home tour in their presentations. If you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, do so before it’s too late! While you’re waiting, your competition is growing their following and readership.

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NHD Reports Made Easy with SnapNHD Technology

SnapNHDMoxi Works is growing fast and has another new partner, SnapNHD. This partnership is meant to provide a quick way for agents to get Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) reports in the hands of their clients.

What is a Natural Hazard Disclosure? Real estate agents and brokerages are legally required to disclose if the property being sold lies within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas. The law requires the hazards be disclosed on a form called a Natural Hazard Disclosure. SnapNHD reports offer more than the six mandatory hazards; depending on the area there might be info on environmental related issues, airport influences, and Megan’s Law.

SnapNHD offers a fully integrated digital signature solution which makes it fast and easy to sign the NHD. Their platform allows them to offer the best report for the lowest price in the industry. Right when the listing hits the MLS, the report is delivered to the agent via email. As a reminder, it is also emailed to the agent when the listing moves to Pending.

SnapNHD will also soon offer the industry’s first text bot, which lets customers order and receive NHD reports via text message.

York Baur, Moxi Works CEO says, “SnapNHD is a great example of the automation value made possible by the Moxi platform and how with a click of a button an agent can have this very necessary thing happen. That is the genius of SnapNHD – they’ve taken advantage of the technical capabilities of an open platform. Agents don’t have to waste time entering a bunch of data and risk inputting the information wrong.”

With the best technology in the Natural Hazard Disclosure industry, SnapNHD is so passionate about protecting homeowners that they donate 1% of their gross revenue to homeowners affected by natural disasters.

SnapNHD Report

SnapNHD Example Report

“We’re also big fans of SnapNHD’s give back mentality like we have with the Moxi Fund; they’re making it about more than just business,” said York Baur.

Read more about SnapNHD and how it’s positively affecting the Natural Disaster Industry in this Inman article.

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Moxi Works Now Includes Seller Leads from Offrs

Moxi Works hOffrsas a new partner and their name is Offrs! This partnership was created to provide agents with quality seller leads. At Offrs, they identify over 70% of the homes that will sell in the coming year using predictive analytics. Now integrated with the Moxi open platform, seller leads are placed into the Moxi Engage™ CRM and are noted that they are sourced from Offrs.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Together with Offrs, Moxi Works delivers agents new listing opportunities every month. Quality seller leads are discovered and nurtured by our lead generation partner Offrs, then seamlessly integrated with Moxi Engage, providing agents highly valued listing referrals coupled with an automated follow-up process. The team at Offrs have been awesome to work with as we integrated our solutions.”

So, how do they do it? They conduct an in-depth analysis of the data that then predicts when people will sell. This data is then presented to the agent via their Territory. Each agent chooses a Territory which includes details on every property or property owner, including mailing address, email, phone number, and a predictive seller score that is updated each month based on thousands of data points.

Getting your Territory is relatively simple:Offrs Territories

• Step one is picking a territory that is available (you can even pick more than one).
• Simply put in the zip code and you’ll see the number of homes and the likely sellers in your territory.
• Once you set up your account, you’ll be emailed a report every month that pertains to your territory.

The reality is, 75% of homeowners choose the first agent who contacts them to list their home. Getting to sellers first is a major advantage to agents using Offrs. Offrs markets to the predicted sellers via email, on-line targeting, direct mail, and call targeting to generate a lead. The leads are then contacted and qualified before being given to the agent in the Moxi Works platform.

Hear what brokers have to say about the listing leads:



Ready to get legit leads in your inbox? It’s time to grow your business!

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Moxi Works Now Includes Automated Marketing from Imprev

Moxi Works’ latest open platform partner, Imprev, Inc. allows them to provide a simple, effective way for agents to market all of their listings without lifting a finger.

“We’re excited to expand our partner program to include an industry leader like Imprev Marketing. They have a long history of delighting their agent customers and together we have created a seamless experience for all Moxi Engage users,” said Mike McHenry, head of Partnerships.Imprev Marketing Automation

Imprev drives synergy between the broker and agent’s marketing, empowering them to effortlessly promote their listings, brands, and brokerages through custom digital, social media, and print creative. Adding this onto the Moxi Works platform allows agents to focus on what they do best: sell.


Imprev allows brokerages and their agents to stay fully-branded with a custom marketing package for each and every listing.


Not only is everything fully-branded, but each package is also brand consistent. This allows agents to market listings across all verticals with print and digital marketing (including social media) for professional looking content, every step of the way.

The marketing materials provided in each package also automatically update for the lifespan of the listing, to insure that agents’ marketing is never out of sync.


Imprev is completely and fully integrated into the Moxi Works experience. Here’s what that means:
– Agents can access Imprev directly through Moxi Works without needing to re-enter your user id and password
– Agent’s contacts will be synchronized from Moxi Works to Imprev, greatly speeding up the process of communicating

Imprev provides automated marketing services, including listing automation, lead and customer nurturing, email campaigns, and marketing centers.

Imprev is part of the rapidly expanding Moxi Works open platform.

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Industry Leader DocuSign Joins the Moxi Works Open Platform

The Moxi Works open platform has just become even bigger with our DocuSign partnership! This partnership allows our CRM to provide a fully digital transaction management program for our agents to manage their workflow with clients.

“Partnering with the team at Moxi Works to deliver a streamlined experience for agents ties into our DocuSign ’Lead to Close‘ strategy. By seamlessly integrating the tools agents use every day, we help them remain at the center of the transaction to deliver great service to their clients while eliminating manual data entry, paperwork and associated cost and delays,” says GeorgDocuSign Integrates with Moxi Works Gerstenfeld, General Manager of Global Real Estate Solutions at DocuSign.

When it’s time for a transaction, Moxi Engage CRM creates a digital transaction room for the agent with all of the client and property info auto-populated. The digital transaction room enables the creation, editing, and sending of documents to anyone and everyone involved in the transaction. This means clients, loan officers, escrow, etc. can all interact within the same space. Now agents can also see the status of where each participant is in the buying and/or selling process, allowing for proper transaction management and maintenance to take place when needed.

York Baur, CEO of Moxi Works says, “Our open platform and our partnership enables us to achieve the first truly end-to-end digital transaction. Many have tried, but until now there wasn’t a feasible player in the game. Teaming up with Glenn Shimkus, VP of Product at DocuSign has been huge; his idea of making DocuSign an open platform has matched ours and that’s what allowed us to achieve this vision of an end-to-end digital transaction between both of our platforms.”

For those that may not be familiar, an open platform means having published, secure, API’s for all of the important functions and data that allow applications to work together. It may sound confusing, but the definition doesn’t matter. What matters is that this allows brokerages to remove stone age tools and plug in best-in-class applications and tools that agents need today. An Open Platform delivers incomparable productivity to help better business and life.

Understand how important it is having your tools integrated on one platform:



Make your agents and clients happy with an open platform and the new DocuSign integration!

*Image courtesy DocuSign.

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Agent-Client Closing Gifts Promote Stronger, Long-Term Relationships

loop-tieWe’d love to formally announce our newest partner, Loop & Tie, making sphere marketing through Moxi Works tools even easier for our agents.

Sending closing gifts is a seemingly small, but quintessential aspect to any deal done with clients, and later on, can be a reminder that their agent still cares and are thinking of them. Everyone likes presents, but more importantly, everyone likes to be thought of. We have partnered with Everyone loves receiving gifts, and your sphere is no different.Loop & Tie to provide an easy and effective way for agents to build and maintain these integral client relationships. “This partnership allows Moxi Works to save agents, even more, time and provides them with more tools to grow and maintain their long-term relationships. We love what Loop & Tie is doing,” said Mike McHenry, VP of Channels & Partnerships. The positive feedback from agents is what made this an easy decision. Sara Rodell, CEO at Loop & Tie says, “Using Loop & Tie for gifts is like taking your clients shopping. Clients get to select what they want, and agents don’t have to stress about what to buy.”
Loop & Tie lets you send gifts from curated selections. Simply choose a price point and let your client pick from the gifts. This way your client gets what they want and they never see the pricing – win, win! Loop & Tie has a variety of unique products in numerous categories, including Home, Bath, Travel, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, and Accessories.

At Moxi Works, we also know that there is never enough time or days in a week for those in the real estate world. It is the entire reason we are in this business: to save brokerages and agents, precious time and money. The best part of this? No training required!
• Clicking a button leads you to the collections where you choose the level of gift to send
• Loop & Tie sends a gift email to the recipient, who then chooses the gift, where to send it, and a thank you note back
• All steps are brokerage-branded for a professional looking environment
• Moxi Works will show reminders to send gifts at logical points in the sales process
• Support is handled by Loop & Tie

Maintain long-term relationships and start impressing clients with these exciting closing gifts! Find out more about the importance of sphere and why it’s a quintessential part of your business:

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Moxi Works CEO & Clients Make the 2017 Swanepoel POWER 200

2017 Swanepoel Power 200Moxi Works is honored to have York Baur, our CEO, be recognized as an industry leader in the 2017 Swanepoel POWER 200. This is a big milestone for us as a company and we are thrilled for our fearless leader and Moxi Works team – a lot of hard work went into 2016 and we are thrilled to see it pay off!

Along with Moxi Works, many of our brilliant clients were featured on the list as well. We want to give them all a shout out – it is a privilege to work with all of these amazing people!


  • Windermere Real Estate: OB Jacobi, Jill Jacobi Wood, Geoff Wood – Managing Principals
  • Long & Foster Real Estate: Wesley “Wes” Foster – Chairman & CEO, and Jeff Detwiler – President & CEO, and Cindy Ariosa – SVP
  • Howard Hanna: Howard “Hoddy” Hannah and Helen Hanna Casey – Chairman & CEO, and Howard “Hoby” Hanna, IV – President
  • RE/MAX: David Liniger – Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, and Geoff Lewis – President
  • Century 21 Real Estate: Rick Davidson – President & CEO
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate: Charlie Young – President & CEO
  • Sotheby’s International Realty: Philip A. White, Jr. – President and CEO
  • William Raveis Real Estate: Christopher “Chris” Raveis – President
  • Lyon Real Estate: Pat Shea – President


Along with our wonderful clients, we also have some truly amazing partners. In fact, Moxi Works has over 30 integrated partnerships and is growing rapidly. These tools and services are leading industry players that are now being made available to Moxi Works brokerages. They use the Moxi Works platform API to exchange data and synchronize everything from roster and property data to personal records data. Not surprisingly, many of our world-class partners made the Swanepoel list with us:


  • Dotloop: Austin Allison – Founder and General Manager
  • Skyslope: Tyler Smith – Founder & CEO
  • Imprev- Renwick Congdon – Founder & CEO
  • DocuSign: Georg Gerstenfeld – General Manager of Global Real Estate Solutions
  • Zillow: Spender Rascoff, CEO
  • The Zillow Group: Amy Bohuntinsky – COO, and Greg Schwartz – Chief Business Offer, and Errol Samuelson – Chief Industry Development Officer, and Jeremy Wacksman – COO
  • Trulia: Paul Levine – President
  • LeadingRE: Pam O’Connor – President and CEO, and Paul Boomsma – President Luxury Portfolio International


Read the full list of the Swanepoel POWER 200 and the article on York Baur, Moxi Works CEO.

Watch Cindy Ariosa, SVP from Long & Foster talk about why Moxi Works is the backbone of their brokerage.


*Photo courtesy Real Estate Trends

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Huge Platform Expansion for Real Estate Brokerages

It’s been a busy year at Moxi Works. Earlier in the year we spotted a major trend developing that was making it harder and harder for brokerages to evaluate and implement the ever-increasing number of technology solutions. Every day it seems there’s a new lead generation company or mobile app or a marketing program for text. Or 3D video. It’s a tsunami of technology and the brokerages who don’t have an integrated platform are really falling behind.

tsunami buoy

Tsunami Detection Buoy*

No Integration Is Painful

It’s one thing just to track all the updates from existing providers and vet the newcomers. It’s quite another to integrate the ones you choose into a seamless experience for your agents. The underlying problem is all these tools and services don’t share data. Many, for example, require you to input your roster so they can work properly. Importantly, they are created independently and don’t work together. Your open house app and your CRM probably aren’t connected and doing things together to support your agents. There’s no cooperation in your system. The tsunami is a big problem that can’t be solved by brokers on their own.

You Need a Platform Provider

A platform is really a data exchange where all your applications give and receive the information they need to deliver a better experience for your agents. Everything from listing and roster data to public records data. The platform acts like a power strip where your applications plug in and everything just works. With it, your print provider can access the consumer data along with your brokerage branding to run effective marketing campaigns. With it, your agents don’t need to redundantly enter the listing information into your digital transaction management system since that can be transferred automatically. Done well, your agents will be presented the right tool at the right time making them more efficient. They like that a lot.

The Great Expansion

Moxi Works is a well-established brokerage platform. It runs some of the most successful brokerages in the country. This year we made it easily accessible for the whole ecosystem of tools and services. That was the technical part. Then on the business side we are creating a long list of business relationships with companies that provide the tools and services you need. We are integrating them thoughtfully into the platform. Not only do they get the data, but we surface them at the right time and place. For example, when your agent goes to manage a transaction in their CRM, a transaction is created in your digital transaction manager. No more double entry.

Moxi Works now has a full-time team dedicated to building and integrating tools and services. We are providing the resources brokerages don’t have. We currently have over 30 integrated partners and the list is growing fast.

Want to discuss your brokerage’s future with a world-class platform? We’d love to hear from you.

*Photo courtesy Mike Morrow

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The Moxi Works Staff Donates $10,000 To Pike Place Market Foundation

On December 8th, 2016, we presented the Pike Place Market Foundation with a $10,000 donation raised by our employees. The funds will be used to support Pike Market Childcare and Preschool. The Preschool currently serves 101 children from three months to five years old. Last year about 70% of children received tuition assistance, made possible by generous support from numerous individuals and organizations.

Pike Place Market Preschool

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool


The Pike Place Market Foundation fills a big need in the local community, providing senior care, food bank, a health clinic, housing assistance, and more.

The Foundation’s Programs


Employees at Moxi Works have been involved in a variety of fundraising efforts throughout 2016 to support our goal of helping kids and families in need. It started last January at our annual kickoff party with our CEO, York Baur, getting his head shaved! The head shaving raised $1,000 alone.

shaved head for charity

Moxi Works logo worn proudly


The crew here at Moxi Works is very creative and came up with a variety activities that raised money including pub trivia nights, auctions and equipment sales, pay-to-play March Madness brackets, and more. Most of our employees also contribute directly by making automatic payroll deductions. It’s a big team effort and we do it all year long.

Donation to Pike Place Market FoundationPresenting to the Pike Place Market Foundation 

Big thanks again this year to our many business partners and vendors who graciously contributed to our fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate your support.

We are all looking forward to continuing in 2017 helping youth and families in our community.


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Moxi Works Donates $7,500 to Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Place Market Foundation Check Ceremony 400The crew at Moxi Works has been busy again this year raising money for local charities. On December 18, 2015, we presented the Pike Place Market Foundation with a $7,500 donation. The Market Foundation is a few blocks from our offices and provides a variety of important community services including the development of affordable housing, providing medical care, food, senior and child care to more than 11,000 homeless and low-income residents in the area.

Moxi Works’ employees raised funds for a small number of charities this year including the Market Foundation. Since 2013, the team has worked constantly and creatively to think up new ways we can raise funds to help improve our local community. This year was no different. It started in January when the entire staff met and decided on our fundraising goal for 2015. Throughout the year there were numerous activities to raise money. These included donations directly from employee’s paychecks, pay-to-play March Madness brackets, raffles, and company pub trivia nights.

One of the bigger fundraisers this year was an employee challenge – if we raised an additional $1,000, our CEO, York Baur, agreed to shave his head. In no surprise to any of the employees here, it took us under an hour for everyone to chip in and raise the extra $1,000. We’ll be shaving his head at our 2016 company kickoff party. Yea, that’s how we like to start the year here at Moxi Works.

Pub Trivia December 2015 600

At our last pub trivia fundraiser in 2015, the “fundraising thermometer” can be seen on the left, and our very own Paul hosted the evening in his sparkle jacket.

We’d also like to thank our many business partners and vendors who graciously contributed to our fundraising efforts this year. Your support has been phenomenal and is much appreciated.

We can’t wait get started making a difference for youth in our community in 2016.

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