Using Neighborhood Recaps for Lead Generation

As a real estate agent, you’re always looking for lead generation tips that produce high-quality leads while remaining cost-effective. Staying relevant and reaching new audiences can be challenging. It’s easy to get caught up using the same methods, even if they aren’t working for you. So, why not mix it up and try something new?

Try this: Put together a thorough neighborhood recap and promote it via your go-to channels.


Listing Averages


Create a neighborhood recap of the transactions in a given area over the past quarter or year to date. The best part? This can all be done quickly and easily for those agents using Moxi Present. All you need to do is create a new presentation, fill in the parameters, and the MLS data will auto-fill. Select a handful of home sales that happened within your chosen area and timeframe to give a market snapshot, comparing properties and showing trends. This ease is what makes neighborhood recaps possible as an efficient lead generation source.

Check out this neighborhood recap presentation to get an idea of what you could include for your local area.


Price & Size


Be strategic about the area you choose as this recap positions you as an expert. Homeowners appreciate the feeling that their realtor knows their aimed neighborhood like the back of their hand. It’s a token of comfort in a taxing process.

Once you’ve created a robust neighborhood recap, it’s time to promote it through multiple channels for lead generation. The presentation can serve as its own landing page using Moxi Present, or you can post it to a blog post. Then drive traffic to it through social media (both organic and paid), paid search ads, and email marketing. Different agents prefer different channels, so select which ones work for you and your audience. Find where your strengths are and where you generate leads most effectively, and leverage those channels with the valuable piece of content you’ve created. If you like more traditional marketing methods, you could also choose a local printer to print a handful of presentations onto fine paper and mail out hard copies.

If someone looking for a home in an area sees your neighborhood recap online, finds it valuable, and learns from it, you instantly become a trusted advisor. You are then someone who can guide them through a thoughtful, educated decision making process because you’ve already proven that you have the know-how and expertise that they need.

It’s a perfect scenario: they’ve been thinking about making a move, are entering a new stage in life, or have been chatting with their spouse about moving, you present the information they need to move the conversation forward. Who should they contact if they want more information? You, of course. So, you meet up with them to discuss the market, the neighborhood, and ultimately, the opportunity for you to find them their dream home.

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Announcing Mile 62: The Real Estate Agent’s Toolbox

Real Estate & Technology Insights

We’d like to announce our new e-Magazine, built specifically for agents.


We wanted to find a way to give agents a set of monthly tools and information that helps them become more productive, more tech-savvy agents, without having to spend a lot of time to do so. Because we know they are short for time as it is. That’s why Mile 62 is made with agents in mind, period.

This e-Magazine, or real estate agent’s toolbox, will be distributed digitally on a monthly basis. Click, cruise, resume day. Your one-way ticket to being a trusted advisor! 





What’s in it

Here’s what you can expect from the real estate agent’s toolbox, Mile 62:

Actionable tools and tips to increase productivity on topics such as,

  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Marketing to your Sphere
  • Client Gifting
  • Etc.Learn about Facebook advertising best practices

Resources such as training videos and webinars

  • Sign up for them live or watch them pre-recorded
  • Watch videos in the magazine without having to click to a new tab

Industry Happenings

  • Stay in the know
  • Have topics always tucked away in your back pocket that you can use to showcase yourself as a trusted advisor Tips & Tricks



Expected Outcome: More knowledge, more time.


This not only helps agents be more successful with their own business, but it helps office managers stay in tune with the agent’s needs, wants, and hot discussion topics. It prepares them for the future of their brokerage and the future of the industry as a whole.

Why Mile 62?


Space is 62 miles (100 km) away. At Moxi, we truly believe the sky’s the limit and we want to help agents get there and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Every day is a good day to be a step ahead of the competition and be more knowledgeable, tech-savvy agents, that can position oneself as the go-to advisor for both clients and entire sphere. View Mile 62 while in line at Starbucks or waiting for an open house to begin! There’s no bad time to read and digest the real estate agent’s toolbox. 

What would you do to reach the sky? Without further ado: Here’s the first edition of Mile 62!


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Why You Should Use Open House Presentations Every. Single. Time.

Open house presentations are the new standard. Gone are the days when you could put out a plate of cookies, sit back, and reap the benefits. Markets are crazier than ever and the competition couldn’t be vaster. Stepping up your open house game will ensure success and help beat out the competition.

Here’s why you need to use open house presentations moving forward:


Better Chances of Converting

Open house presentations allow you to have a better chance of converting a buyer for your listing. How come? With automated marketing sending out your presentations to open house guests, you’re reminding them of the house they saw, and why they loved it.

Since home buying is the largest and most emotional purchase in a client’s lifetime, chances are they’re going to need constant cues and reassurance of why they should take the leap. Open house presentations remind them it’s there and allows them to fall in love with the home over and over again.

Check this page out for open house presentation samples so you can get an idea of what agents are providing to potential buyers.

Open House Presentation Sample

Lead Generation

There’s a new way to “Open House” and it involves killer lead generation, tying into buyer conversion. Spacio is a lead catcher tool that allows agents to host paperless open houses and turns them into powerful sales opportunities. They do this with a few simple strategies.

Spacio, a Moxi Cloud integrated tool for paperless open houses.

Simple and Paperless Lead Capture: A modern and inviting sign-in form collects visitor information and leaves them with an unforgettable first impression. Spacio verifies the accuracy of visitors’ contact information so agents can focus their efforts on the highest quality leads.

Follow Up: Spacio automatically sends a follow-up email to prospects after they sign in. Through our CMA tool, Moxi Present, the follow-up email can include agent’s customized interactive presentations for the listing. Spacio also gives agents access to all the open house leads in their Moxi Engage CRM.

Get Insights on Your Most Likely Customers: Spacio gathers social insights on visitors and surfaces the most likely customers based on the agent’s Ideal Customer Profile. Lead Quality Scores are based on the agent’s preferences and a variety of factors, including how visitors answer questions on the sign-in form and public data available on leads.

Learn more about Spacio and how they’re changing the game.



If those aren’t good enough reasons to convince you why open house presentations are a must, then how about this. Millennials, who are now the largest generation buying homes, are a different animal. In fact, millennials represented 45% of all purchase loans in 2016.

They’re not the only ones that expect more from real estate agents these days either. With articles like this coming out all the time, it’s getting more and more vital for agents to have an indisputable value proposition. Older, tech savvy generations expect more now as well, and you can make your worth obvious with your expert open house. But still, don’t forget the cookies.

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10 Essential Mobile Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2015

Agents who are using the best in mobile technology and tools will always have a huge advantage compared to those agents who don’t. The best tools save time and make agents more productive. Here are 10 of my favorites. Let’s dive in.

1. Skyslope

Sign legal and transaction documents digitally from the local coffee shop or on vacation at the lake. Doesn’t get much better than that!

2. Mobile Printers

A lightweight and portable printer allows you to print documents in your car. Here are a few on Amazon.

3. Goodreader

Read virtually any type of digital document from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone. Goodreader allows you to read/edit documents, create annotations, markup and highlights. Described by Mashable as “the Swiss Army Knife of awesome” this is a great tool that you’ll use every day.

4. Cell Phone Hotspot

For an extra $20 a month on your cell phone bill you can have internet access on your laptop or tablet when you’re not near a WIFI signal via a hotspot. The ability to connect to your MLS wherever you happen to be is a huge advantage. Especially when your competitors have to wait to get back to their office to make updates to a client’s CMA. Talk to your cell phone provider for specifics.

5. 1Password app

There are hundreds of sites you use each month, which means hundreds of passwords to remember. You could use the same password for all of them but this isn’t secure. A better way is to use the 1Password app to keep track of your passwords. It’s ultra secure and works on smartphones, tablets and computers and supports Apple’s TouchID on iPhones. An essential tool for agents.


I love and use it every day. Mint’s great for budgeting and keeping track of business receipts and expenses. It’s easy to setup and best of all it’s free.

7. Dropbox Pro

For $10 a month, you get 1TB of space, which is plenty of room to put all your transaction and client files and have access on the go wherever you are.

8. Smartphone Flashlight Feature

Agents are always crawling around dark basements and that handy flashlight app on your phone will save you a cobweb in the face. If your smartphone doesn’t have a flashlight feature, there are free apps that will enable it.

9. A Responsive Website

A responsive website simply means that your website looks great on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Did you know that today 1 in 4 real estate website visitors come from a mobile device? This is huge! Be sure to make sure that your IDX website is responsive. If it’s not easy to navigate on your phone it might be time to start looking around for a website that is.

10. TouchCMA

The ability to do live updates to comparables while standing in your seller’s kitchen during a presentation has serious WOW factor. Signup for a free 30 day trial and check it out for yourself.

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Smarter Real Estate Marketing with URL Shorteners


Ever wonder if people are clicking on what you share on Facebook? Or if blogging on Active Rain is helping your business, or just wasting your time?

These are some of the questions a URL shortener can help you answer. Instead of guessing whether your marketing is working, a URL shortener can help you better understand what works, and what doesn’t.

What are they? How do they work?

A URL shortened link enables you to see when people click on your marketing links that are on other websites. When someone clicks on your link that’s been shortened, the click is recorded and the user is quickly forwarded to the intended URL. The person who set up the shortened URL (you) can see where and when the link was clicked. This is really helpful for understanding your marketing efforts when you don’t have access to analytics.

Knowing this click data can help you begin to understand things like:

– The best time of day to share content on social media sites.
– Whether people are interacting with your marketing efforts.
– The types of headlines and content that seem to interest your followers most.

Let’s try it

If you have a Google account, head over to their URL shortener (or you can use Bitly). Next you’ll want to copy and paste a link from any website into the URL shortener.


Click on “Shorten URL” and you’ll see a new link appear.


This new link is what you’ll now use in your marketing efforts. Now when someone clicks that link you’ll know it.

Below is an example of what that might look like. Below you can see that at 1:49pm, 7 people clicked on our link. Pretty awesome!


An example

You send out your e-newsletter every month to 400 people. Using a URL shortener you learn that only three people clicked on your content.

Hmmm, that’s a bit low. Wonder why.

How can you improve?

Perhaps what you are sending isn’t relevant to your sphere. Perhaps your emails aren’t being opened.

Could you write a better subject line? Could you alter the types of content you’re including? Or should you work on something else that will be more impactful to your business?

The most important thing is that you don’t blindly do what “you’re supposed to.” Just because an agent on Active Rain “got the listing” doesn’t mean you will.

Trust the data, not anecdotal stories.

8 places you should use short URLs to get smarter about your marketing

1. Email Signatures

2. Websites

3. 3rd party sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Active Rain, Yelp, etc

4. Blog posts

5. E-newsletters

6. Web Advertising

7. CMAs

8. Print materials like listing flyers, postcards, door hangers, etc

Keep in mind that when using a URL shortener on print collateral it will be much harder to gauge effectiveness because people will still have to manually type in a URL for you to see any meaningful feedback. But let’s be honest, flyers disappearing from the yard sign isn’t exactly meaningful feedback either. For all you know the neighbor kids are taking your flyers to build paper airplanes.

So while not perfect, a URL shortener on a flyer or postcard can give you some feedback, and some feedback is better than zero feedback.


Double down on what works

URL shorteners aren’t a silver bullet by any means, but they are a tool that gives you some insight into your marketing where you didn’t have it before. Instead of blindly following “what works, maybe” use data to discover what actually works.

And when you figure that out, double down and forget the rest.

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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pipeline Full

The most successful agents are the ones that keep their marketing efforts running at full throttle even when they get busy juggling multiple buyers and sellers. Here are 7 easy things you can do to help your marketing efforts and keep your pipeline full.

1. A Recap of Neighborhood Real Estate Trends

Create and send out neighborhood market presentations, like this. Your goal is to get potential sellers thinking about what their house might sell for. Email the presentation to your contacts who live in the neighborhood or post a link on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Track Views with a URL Shortener

Want to track how many clicks and views your presentation gets? Use a URL shortener like Bitly or Google URL shortener to track each time someone clicks to view your presentation.

2. Respond to the Leads You’re Already Getting

According to research by the WAV group, 48% of buyer inquiries on sites like, and, are NEVER responded to, and the average response time to leads was over 15 hours!


“These numbers reveal a staggering failure of real estate professionals to serve the consumer. But this failure actually represents an important opportunity. If brokers and agents take steps to rectify this problem, and respond more effectively to consumers, they are opening the door to a great increase in revenue.” – Victor Lund, Parter at WAV Group

Agents often complain that leads from the portals aren’t “quality” and cite that as their excuse for not responding in a timely manner. But what does quality mean exactly? Someone that is pre-approved, knows the house they want and is ready to put in an offer?

Ha! Dream on.

A lead is simply a person who is interested in buying or selling in the future, and they’ve given you a job interview.

It’s your job to nurture them so when they are ready to transact, they choose you. Responding quickly makes a great first impression, and it’s really not that hard.

Step 1.

You get an email lead from Zillow. You have an email auto-responder set up that lets the person know that you’ll be in touch soon.

Here’s one you can use:

Hi there!

Thanks so much for reaching out. Right now I’m in a meeting with another client, but I’ll give you call in a few minutes as soon as I wrap things up here.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. Check out some of the nice things some of my past clients have said about working with me.

Step 2.

Pick up the phone and call, the sooner the better. If you’re pressed for time ask a few basic questions to qualify the lead and then ask for an appointment to meet if appropriate. The entire conversation should take less than 5 minutes.

Nice work, you’re doing better than 99% of your peers.

3. Follow Up with Clients Post Transaction

In an industry where a large percentage of your of business comes from word-of-mouth, it’s critically important to stay top of mind with your past clients.

If they had a great experience buying or selling their home they will refer you to their friends and family! Make it as easy as possible for them to remember the positive experience that they had. Set a reminder on your calendar to check in 1, 6, 12 and 24 months out.

Pick 1 day a month and schedule 30 minutes to sit down and make contact with your past clients. An email/text/phone call/card doesn’t have to be huge and time consuming task. Something short and sweet is all that’s needed.

Hey Mark, just wanted to check in with you to see how the move went. Hope you’re loving your new place!

– Luke

To make the process even quicker pre-write several email templates for the emails that you know you’ll be sending over and over. That way all you have to do is copy and paste, change the names, personalize a bit and hit send. Really fast, really efficient.

Here are a couple examples of email templates you could pre-write:

– 1 month “How was the move?”
– 3 month “Checking in email”
– 12 month “Happy move in anniversary email”
– Birthday’s
– Client’s Anniversary

Batch ‘Em to Save Time

To save time, schedule 20-30 mins each month to write out all of your client check-in emails.

Because you’ve pre-written email templates, you can send out the 15 emails you need to send this month in about 10 minutes.

4. Like, Comment, & Retweet

Stay top of mind by interacting with people on social media sites. This isn’t the time to push the fact that you’re an agent, they probably know you are.

What you’re trying to do is keep building that relationship. People like other people who they can relate to. Get excited about the things that other people are excited about. Baby photos, sport team rants, vacation photos, engagements, new jobs, whatever.

Make a point to interact with 10-15 people a day. Do it all at once, first thing in the morning or after dinner in 5 minutes.

5. Engage with People on Twitter

You can use Twitter’s search to find people just like James who are talking and asking questions about real estate.

6. Fringe Questions

People are asking other types of questions online that are related to buying and selling a home, but are more on the fringe. Questions that are really important and factor into where they buy or when they sell. This is a perfect opportunity to offer up your expertise.

Questions about schools, crime, commute times, zoning, public transportation, development, etc. One great thing about responding to questions online is that your response can be found over and over by people who are searching on Google with similar questions. This is basically free marketing. Do it once and it lives on forever.

Here are a few sites you should check out to get started.

– The Nest
Yahoo Answers
Zillow Advice
Yelp Answers

7. Start a Blog

The benefits of blogging can pay huge dividends. There are countless stories of businesses using blogging and content to pull in prospective customers with compelling content. I won’t go into all the reasons and tactics here. If you want to you can read about that here and here.

Every post you write has a chance to drive additional visitors to your website which leads to awareness and a thought leadership opportunity for you. It does take bit of work to get started but once you have 20-30 posts all driving 25-50 visitors to your website each month the traffic can really start to rack up.

Consider This

A couple is thinking about buying a home in 12 months. Besides square footage, a view and the number of bedrooms there are a TON of other things that they will consider. Factors like commute times, proximity to recreation, schools, property appreciation due to community improvements, restaurants, coffee, grocery stores or the potential for rental income.

Chances are close to 100% that they are going to be searching on Google for the answers to those questions. By blogging, your posts with answers to their questions can show up in search results, showcasing your expertise over and over again.

What should I blog about?

Write about real estate and the activities that people who are moving care about. A couple ideas to get you started.

– Schools
– Neighborhoods
– Restaurants
– Crime
– Zoning changes
– Guides for people who are moving to your city
– The best coffee shops, bars, food trucks
– Parks, hiking in Seattle
– Finding a Vet
– How to find a good electrician
– The pros and cons of buying a condo
– Renting vs buying
– Upcoming neighborhoods
– Do you really need 20% down
– How much home can you really afford?
– Simple/Easy/Cheap things you can do to increase the value of your home

It’s easy to get started

If you don’t have a blog yet check out one of these.


Be Consistent

Keeping your pipeline full doesn’t have to be time consuming or overly complex and these 7 tips will help you save time and make your marketing more automated. No these tips wont guarantee that you’ll always have people lined up who are ready to transact. But they’re a great start. Be consistent and keep at these every week and every month. The long-term effects will be more referrals and happy repeat clients.

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Upgrade Your Email Signature with This Brilliant Tip

Last week I was emailing with Kevin Scott, a Branch Manager and Broker at Windermere Real Estate. I noticed something brilliant in his email signature! In addition to the default contact information, Kevin included links to testimonials and case study presentations that he created using TouchCMA (now Moxi Present).


Why I like the testimonial presentation

Kevin’s calls to actions in his email signature are casual and it’s something that a prospect could easily click on without feeling like it was forced. After clicking on the “See what our clients say” link, Kevin’s prospects are presented with several powerful testimonials that paint him in a really good light.

For a Buyer or Seller thinking about working with Kevin, this is the kind of content that informs decisions. Kevin has established himself as a trustworthy agent, and all it took was an clever email signature link!

Social proof is huge! Think about looking for a new restaurant on Yelp. Are you going to try a 2-star restaurant or the place with 4.5 stars and raving reviews?

No one wants to make the wrong choice. Having positive testimonials and reviews tell your prospects they are choosing wisely.

Why I like the case study presentation

After reading Kevin’s case studies, one thing that sticks out in my mind is that Kevin doesn’t just say he’s a great broker. He proves he’s got what it takes.

Every agent promises, “I’ll sell your home for the highest price, quickly.” “I look out for my client’s interests.”  Kevin is taking it to the next level in by showing me his expertise instead of just declaring it.

Upgrade your Email Signature

It’s easy to update your email signature with your testimonials if you know a bit of HTML and have a couple clients who will give you a nice referral.

Sign in to TouchCMA for the Web and create a new presentation. If you don’t have a TouchCMA account yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial. Disable all of the default pages, and add custom pages to your presentation. Next, add your content then publish and view your presentation in a Web browser. From there just copy the presentation’s URL into your email signature.


Protip: Use an HTML link to hide the long URL, replacing it with a hyperlink of nice text similar to what Kevin did in his email signature. If you struggle with HTML, use a link generator to receive the code you need.

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Use Video in Your Real Estate Presentations

Maximizing your homes value

The combination of sight, sound and emotion that online video provides makes it the most powerful marketing tool available. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing neighborhoods, virtual home tours, client testimonials, new listings, your brokerage and even yourself right inside your TouchCMA (now Moxi Present) presentations.

The Time is now for Using Video

august-2013-video-statsConsumers are watching online video in droves. In fact, the average American now spends more than 21 hours watching online video each month1.

Growth rates for online video are impressive. Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017, up from 57% in 20122.

Marketers Recognize the Value

Video has rapidly become indispensable to markers across all industries. An astounding 93% of all marketers use video in their online marketing efforts3.

Real estate is no exception. is the top destination for video viewing on the internet with over 131 million monthly U.S. visitors4. Finding an agent and agent related searches on YouTube has grown 46% year-over-year5. Real estate professionals not only recognize its reach, but are leveraging it in their marketing effort by posting millions of videos6.

Real Estate Videos on YouTube

Use Videos in Your Interactive Presentations


Engaging your clients and prospects with video presentations is easier than you think. Once you create your video, simply host it at a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it into your TouchCMA presentation using a custom page.

This really is just a simple copy and paste job. The video hosting sites provide a unique embed code for each of your videos and you past that code into a TouchCMA custom page. This puts their player with your video right into your presentation.

If you’d like help embeding  a video you’ve created, check out our training guide on embeding video. You can also contact our support team who is here to help.

Good luck with your video presentations!


Sources:  1comScore, August 2013, 2Cisco 2013, 3eMarketer 2013, 4comScore, October 2013, 5Google Internal Data, Q3 2012 (via N.A.R.), 6YouTube Search Results January 30, 2014. Neighborhood video image courtesy Karen Ranger.

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Smartphone Pictures or Videos in My Real Estate Business? YES!

Technology is expanding our ability to communicate with our social and professional communities. As real estate professionals, we want to keep our sphere of influence connected to us and interested in what we have to tell them. SLR, point-and-shoot and smartphone pictures and video are growing to be a larger part of our overall communication plan, whether it’s a professional video of a listing, an informal video of a community attraction that you want to add to post online, or pictures for your blog.


Although new technology presents opportunities to capture and include different and compelling visuals to your various online communications, the quality of the media that you include is still a critical consideration in your overall content output. Even if it’s not the formal glossy marketing assets that a brokerage may provide, you still want to be sure you are including visual media content that helps your cause, not content that may hurt it.

This post is focused on the informal media that you use to communicate ideas, community events or attractions, or a spur of the moment notable, all of which you can capture with your smartphone, and all of which can be quality visuals, if you are an informed smartphone camera user. Continue reading

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