7 Real Estate Emails That Actually Work: Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing to Nurture Your Database

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology to help with nurturing relationships and staying in flow is vital for real estate agents. Despite the importance of social media, email is still an incredibly effective tool. Sure, email may not be the sexiest of marketing channels. However, with an estimated 347 billion emails sent every day and 4.3% growth projected in the next year*, email is far from becoming obsolete. *(Source)

Why is email marketing for real estate agents so important?

Meeting for coffee, attending events, and networking within your sphere are all much friendlier ways to stay in flow than sending an email, but we all only have 24 hours in a day. Leveraging email and other digital marketing channels gives you the benefit of scale and automation, so you can reach more of your database with far less effort.

As you know from navigating your own inbox, not all emails are created equal. Dull subject lines, irrelevant content, “Hi, [Firstname]”: nothing makes you switch off a brand faster than receiving communications that make you feel like your time is being wasted. Email marketing for real estate agents can be a workhorse when done right, and a relationship-killer when it’s off the mark or spammy.

So — what types of emails should real estate agents be sending? In this article, we will delve into email marketing for real estate agents and show you the types of emails that actually drive results.

  1. The Welcome Email

A welcome email serves as the first formal communication you have with a new addition to your email list. This is your opportunity to establish a rapport and set the tone for future interactions. A warm, engaging, and personalized welcome email will create a positive first impression. This is also an opportunity to set the tone about how you’ll communicate. Include details about what they can expect from your emails such as market updates, property listings, and more.

ActivePipe welcome email example

  1. Property Listing Emails

Property listing emails form the backbone of a real estate agent’s email strategy. These should include high-quality images, brief descriptions, and links to the full listings on your website. Make sure to tailor these based on the preferences and needs of your clients – a buyer interested in single-family homes won’t appreciate getting bombarded with condo listings.

ActivePipe new listings example email

ActivePipe makes personalizing email marketing for real estate agents simple. ActivePipe’s SmartMatch feature, which identifies the interests of each contact in your database based on their interactions and preferences, makes every email an opportunity to show you understand your client’s needs. This intelligent tool helps the most relevant properties feature more prominently in your email content, so your emails always show the kinds of homes your clients want to see.

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  1. Market Update Emails

Clients want to feel savvy about how they are managing their most important investment. Help keep them well-informed with a market update email that shares your expert analysis of the real estate market. Send regular market updates showcasing recent sales, changes in property values, and real estate trends in their area of interest to position yourself as their real estate expert and inspire past clients to take action on buying or selling a home.

ActivePipe Market update email example

  1. Newsletter Emails

Newsletters are a great way to share relevant content with your clients. They can include a mix of property listings, blog posts, market updates, and tips for buying or selling a home. This type of email is best sent on a regular schedule, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your content volume and audience preference.

If you’re wondering to yourself how you could possibly keep up with a newsletter email considering everything you have on your plate, ActivePipe is the solution for you. ActivePipe is loaded with engaging real estate content written by industry experts to make putting out a consistent, high-quality newsletter incredibly simple. Even better – every article displays your brand prominently, so you are always positioned as the expert to your sphere.

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  1. Testimonial and Case Study Emails

Showcase your success stories to your email subscribers through testimonial and case study emails. These emails provide social proof of your expertise and capabilities, instilling confidence in potential buyers or sellers. Be sure to highlight the range of your skills with a few different stories that share qualities your clients are looking for, like your neighborhood knowledge, connections with other professionals, and strong negotiation skills.

  1. Anniversary, Holiday and Special Occasion Emails

Sure, real estate is a business, but maintaining relationships for the long haul requires a soft touch as well. Send holiday greetings or special occasion emails to maintain a friendly connection with your clients all year round. Whether it’s a seasonal holiday, New Year’s, or a local event, a well-timed message can show clients you’re thinking of them and add a personal element to your communication.

ActivePipe special occasion email example

One critically important milestone that you and your client share is the anniversary of their closing date aka their housiversary. Send them a note to celebrate and let them know you’re there if they need help with anything on their home. Share home maintenance tips or an offer to make connections to professionals should they need it. And, most importantly, present them with a financial update on their home and the local real estate market, in case it’s a good time to consider moving again. 

  1. Personal Follow-ups

After a client has engaged with your services—say, after a showing or consultation—it’s important to follow up with a personalized email within a few hours at most. This not only demonstrates your commitment to customer service but also provides an opportunity to address any questions or concerns the client may have. Build trust with a speedy, well-formulated follow-up that shows your responsiveness, and lets clients know you are prioritizing them.

Email marketing is far from dead in real estate. Successful email marketing for real estate agents starts with understanding the needs and interests of the people in your sphere, and delivering valuable content that aligns with them. By crafting thoughtful, informative, and engaging emails, real estate agents can nurture their client relationships, showcase their expertise, and stay top-of-mind when their clients are ready to make their next move. 


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