Coaching Your Agents to Success

Coaching Your Agents to Success

Coaching with Manager DashboardAs someone who owns or manages a residential real estate brokerage you know the challenges of creating success for your
agents. Success means different things to each agent. They have different life and financial goals and are on different paths to meeting those goals. One agent may need help with listing presentations, while another needs to find better work and life balance. This individuality means the only way to help them is with personalized communication. That’s where it gets hard for you to scale.

The Challenge for Managers

Sure, some of your agents pay for a professional coach, but most don’t. Or they try one and don’t renew their contract. This means the ball is in your court to help them do the right things at the right times. It’s up to you to provide some coaching to give them ideas, feedback and most importantly, accountability.

For most managers this is challenging. Providing accountability in a timely way means meeting regularly with your agents. In a typical office with 20-50 agents the only way to accomplish this is with tools and processes that make it easy for both the agent and the manager.

The Coaching Ebook

The Solution

The Moxi Engage™ Manager Dashboard is the tool designed specifically to help managers coach their agents. It allows managers to review activities and transactions, their percent to financial goal, and perhaps most importantly, jot down and save some meeting notes. This helps managers remind agents about what was talked about last time, providing fantastic accountability.

The most successful offices with Moxi Engage are the ones coaching their agents and utilizing the Manager Dashboard. The benefits are numerous when you have well-coached agents. Successful agents:

  • Feed off themselves and give each other inspiration
  • Often mentor new agents very effectively
  • The offices are more fun and you retain more agents
  • Agents naturally draw other successful agents to your brokerage

“Coaching Your Agents to Success” is a free eBook written by Moxi Works. It’s packed with useful tips for coaching agents, and these don’t require a manager dashboard. Any manager can use them.

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