Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

email marketing tips for real estate agentsA whopping 54% of marketers name increasing engagement rates as their top email marketing priority, and for good reason. While email marketing has proven to be a powerful strategy for connecting to those within your sphere of influence, here’s the catch: it only works wonders if you manage to get your contacts to open your emails in the first place, a task that most find to be much easier said than done.

Here are five engagement-generating email marketing tips for real estate agents to consider when crafting campaigns:


Irrelevant emails are an easy ticket into your client’s spam folder or even worse – an unsubscribe list. In order for your emails to be effective, make them truly valuable to those on the receiving end. Include call-to-actions and provide intriguing content that will make your clients see merit in opening your mail on a consistent basis.

Quick & to the point.

People are busy and don’t have loads of time to spend reading through emails that resemble a lengthy novel. Make sure to limit your email content to just the information your clients need to know, while keeping the amount of “fluff” and filler content to a minimum.


Not only do you want to keep your emails as short as possible, but you also want to make them easy to read on the go. Formatting your email copy into lists, bullets, and changing the color of especially important information makes it more likely that readers will read through your content and absorb the information you need them to know the most.


Although finding your email marketing rhythm can take some trial and error, it’s often smart to set some sort of cadence to your emails.

Do you send out a real estate blog post every Monday? Or maybe a schedule of local events on the first of every month? Regardless of the exact rhythm, giving your clients something to expect on a regular basis can make them more likely to open these emails when they receive them.


In order to stand out amongst the outrageous amount of emails your clients are likely receiving, put the effort into making your emails as personalized as possible, while remaining efficient. In order to achieve this, consider grouping your database based on individuals with similar interests, zip codes, or customer type so that you can tailor the content and subject lines of your emails towards a more targeted audience.

If you’re anything like us, you’re completely ecstatic about the new email campaigns features within MoxiEngage. Utilizing these five best practices will help set yourself up for success with the new functionality. Can’t wait to get started with email campaigns? No need to wait – get started now.

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