Home Design Trends and Features: What Homebuyers are Looking for Today

Home Design Trends and Features: What Homebuyers are Looking for Today

home design trends blog header imageThe changing trends within the housing market are often fast paced and challenging for agents to keep up with. Thanks to the popularity of smart homes and Joanna Gaines (the queen of home-remodel TV), today’s home buyers and sellers are becoming surprisingly knowledgeable about home design, and specific about which features and trends make up their never-ending lists of must-haves.

While this heightened level of clarity can be helpful for some, it also tends to make the process of finding a client’s dream home an increasingly difficult task for agents. Buyers are constantly perusing the internet and covering their beloved Pinterest boards with professionally designed inspiration, driving their expectations for their future home to seemingly impossible heights. Knowing what trends are attracting attention will ensure that you are looking at prospective listings through the eyes of clients you are bound to work with in the near future. Surprising your customers by highlighting popular trends in your presentations will likely deepen the value they see in your proposed listings and heighten the overall interest they have in them. The wow factor is a huge part of what you do, and every bit helps! Don’t worry, we are here to keep you in the housing trend loop (you’re welcome).


That’s right, get out your shovels and rakes - gardens are making a major comeback. With cities expanding and becoming increasingly crowded, tiny homes are “in” and the concept of having a significant chunk of land is becoming a thing of the past for the vast majority of urban dwellers. Many of today’s current homebuyers are looking to bring surrounding greenery back into their living space, especially in the form of a garden. Whether it is incorporated into the actual property or merely a local community garden close by, it is a trend that is likely on the minds of your clients. Be sure to familiarize yourself with nearby community gardens or consider a home’s potential for an indoor or outdoor garden when prepping for your next open house!

Smart homes.

This is a hot topic that we recently wrote a full blog post about. Smart locks, smart thermostats, smart windows, and smart kitchen appliances are just a few of the most popular smart products stirring up excitement among homebuyers. If a home has smart technology, be sure to showcase it. If a home is lacking in this department, make sure to have a trusted technology source on hand to pay a visit and provide an estimate for incorporating some of this smart tech into the home. Dare I say, a closing gift? Here is a breakdown of some of the potential costs associated with adding these types of tech.


The industrial style of showing off raw building materials is a trend that homebuyers are taking to quickly. Neutral tones, exposed pipes, wood beams, concrete, and metal surfaces are quickly growing in popularity within the interior design universe. If you are working with clients who are in search of this style, point out aspects of homes that can serve as a starting point for them to create this style within the existing space. These are a few great examples of how this trend is being showcased.


Think grandma’s “exotic” wallpaper. In addition to the industrial trend, there is a large population of home decorators that are using patterns as their go-to for creating flair within their home designs. Whether they are found in the bathroom tiles, bedroom wallpaper, or merely accents throughout the house, patterned fabrics and materials are making waves in today’s design trends. While these may have steered clients away in the past, today they could be viewed as a selling point. Bring along a catalog with some examples of how others have incorporated patterns into the look of their homes to share with clients.

As you know, tastes and trends are not one-size-fits-all and often differ greatly among clients. As always, feel out what your clients are looking for and help them visualize how they can rock the trends they love in their new home.

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