MoxiWorks Now Includes Seller Leads from Offrs

MoxiWorks Now Includes Seller Leads from Offrs

Offrs-Logo.pngMoxi Works has a new partner and their name is Offrs! This partnership was created to provide agents with quality seller leads. At Offrs, they identify over 70% of the homes that will sell in the coming year using predictive analytics. Now integrated with the Moxi open platform, seller leads are placed into the Moxi Engage™ CRM and are noted that they are sourced from Offrs.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Together with Offrs, Moxi Works delivers agents new listing opportunities every month. Quality seller leads are discovered and nurtured by our lead generation partner Offrs, then seamlessly integrated with Moxi Engage, providing agents highly valued listing referrals coupled with an automated follow-up process. The team at Offrs have been awesome to work with as we integrated our solutions.”

So, how do they do it? They conduct an in-depth analysis of the data that then predicts when people will sell. This data is then presented to the agent via their Territory. Each agent chooses a Territory which includes details on every property or property owner, including mailing address, email, phone number, and a predictive seller score that is updated each month based on thousands of data points.

Getting your Territory is relatively simple:

• Step one is picking a territory that is available (you can even pick more than one).
• Simply put in the zip code and you’ll see the number of homes and the likely sellers in your territory.
• Once you set up your account, you’ll be emailed a report every month that pertains to your territory.

The reality is, 75% of homeowners choose the first agent who contacts them to list their home. Getting to sellers first is a major advantage to agents using Offrs. Offrs markets to the predicted sellers via email, on-line targeting, direct mail, and call targeting to generate a lead. The leads are then contacted and qualified before being given to the agent in the Moxi Works platform.

Hear what brokers have to say about the listing leads:



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