MoxiCloud Client Feature: Phyllis Browning Company

MoxiCloud Client Feature: Phyllis Browning Company


The brilliant leaders at our client brokerage, Phyllis Browning Company gave us the rundown on what lead them to incorporate Moxi tools into their tech stack and how they’re leveraging them to grow their business and drive success for their agents.

Here’s what they had to say:

What MoxiCloud tools do you have in your brokerage’s tech stack?

We use the MoxiEngage, MoxiPresent, and MoxiWebsites.

What key criteria do you refer to when evaluating real estate technology?

  1. Does it do something that no other like vendor can do?
  2. Can we offer something to the agent no other brokerage can?

How does being part of the MoxiCloud open platform help your brokerage remain competitive?

We are able to offer so many options for the agents to choose from.  The MoxiWorks platform can work for any type of agent’s business.

Why is technology integration important to your brokerage?

It makes the daily grind of the agent easier and more efficient.

Which Moxi tools or features do agents get the most excited about?

They love MoxiPresent. They feel like this option wins them the most business and constantly ask for it to do more.

How has your technology helped you recruit and retain agents?

Because we can offer them something other brokerages can’t, we offer them the full agent package in Moxi. When they finally figure out everything it  can do, they get so excited!

What do your agents love the most about your MoxiWorks tools?

They love the ease of use once they get over the initial fear of a new technology.  They also love that every tool is connected to the other.

Any notable “aha” moments during the MoxiWorks onboarding and training process?

Everything was an "aha".

How do you explain the value of the MoxiCloud to agents?

Our agents are told from the beginning that MoxiWorks is the all-in-one answer to everything they need to run a successful business.  It provides them  the must have tools in this day and age all-in-one platform.

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