MoxiWorks Community Service Day 2019

MoxiWorks Community Service Day 2019

By Bryn Yasui, Customer Support Specialist 

MoxiWorks Community Service Day 2019

MoxiWorks is always hitting the ground running with brand new updates and innovative ways to help real estate agents. However, on one day of the year, we like to switch up the usual Wednesday office environment, ditch the computers, and lend our helping hands for community service day.

Since 2012, MoxiWorks has volunteered at Ryther, a non-profit organization for at-risk children who are healing and finding hope from personal trauma. Ryther offers children and young adults’ guidance, emotional support, and enrichment at their on-site campus or through school visits. Ryther’s ultimate mission is for children who have faced some of life’s worst adversaries at such a young age to lead normal lives in the future.

MoxiWorks Community Service Day 2019

“Every year, we gather at Ryther to help out those in need,” CEO York Baur said. “In a broader perspective, this day reminds us

 that as Moxians, we are creating relationships beyond just software and business. By offering our help to Ryther, we help these children who have experienced horrible tragedies we can’t even begin to fathom gain the ability to relate to the world again.”

Within the past seven years, Ryther and MoxiWorks have grown together, creating a connection unlike that which most companies and non-profits share. Anyone who walks around the campus will notice paved sidewalks, assembled playground structures, and painted fences to name a few.

“We’ve been doing this for the past seven years and we are grateful that Ryther still asks us to return every time. MoxiWorks has built this place from the ground up together with the help of the foundation. It’s a tradition for us to take one day out of the office and make that difference,” said VP of Operations Ring Nishioka.

MoxiWorks donated supplies, and with these contributed materials, the employees split up into groups, each working on different task from painting fences to building a playground and even implementing the very sidewalks the children use every day.

Additionally, numerous employees from MoxiWorks generously put forth part of their earned wages for the day to support Ryther’s cause. Some employees donated their entire day’s pay and other employees even asked those at Ryther if they can come back on their own time to volunteer more.

MoxiWorks Community Service Day 2019

“This was my first year doing community service day with MoxiWorks and it gives me great pride to not only see how much 

MoxiWorks has accomplished for Ryther over the previous years, but also the genuine fun and excitement I witnessed from our company to participate in this event,” said Executive Assistant Zoey Lange.

Although she was in charge of organizing the highly anticipated event, Zoey wouldn’t consider the planning as work due to how much positive elation she felt from her fellow coworkers to serve those at Ryther.

“In my generation, it’s really important to give back because we are living in an age where we need more genuine philanthropic efforts,” said Lange. Employees of all age ranges worked side by side, combining experience with energy to enhance this institution, which MoxiWorks will continue to hold dear to their hearts.

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