The Top Three Things Agents Look for in Their Next Brokerage

The Top Three Things Agents Look for in Their Next Brokerage

Real estate agent recruiting is a hot topic right now, yet many brokerages don’t have a plan in place for how they will actually reach recruiting goals and grow their business. How can you recruit the right agents for your brokerage who will find success and stick around? Rather than recruiting the masses, focus on recruiting the right agents for your brokerage so that you don’t feel the pain of poor retention. Attract those who are the right fit, so you can foster success and meet their needs and expectations.

Here are three things agents are looking for in their next brokerage that you should consider when focusing on real estate agent recruiting:

1. Competitive value propositions for real estate agent recruiting

Your brokerage brand is core to your value as a company. It’s what makes you unique, reputable, and leading. Your brokerage’s unique value proposition will compel agents to join your brokerage over another one.

You may be touting your years of expertise as a brokerage, but you need to take it further than that. You need to show why that expertise matters to prospective agents, how you’re going to enable them to leverage the reputation you’ve built, and where you’re going to take it in the future. Your value proposition must be unique and tailored to the type of agent that fits at your brokerage, with systems and support to back it up.

2. Coaching & support

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it extends further than you may think. Agents are looking for coaching and support in a number of capacities, and it’s a vital piece to them loving everyday life at your brokerage.

Does your brokerage use a proven sales methodology? Do you offer training and ongoing support for agents to adopt it? Do you have technology to support that methodology? Having a chosen methodology for sales success shows your commitment to the fruitfulness and longevity of your agents’ businesses.

Remember, training is not a one-time event, but an ongoing effort. Think about how you support your agents, whether it be through content, technology, best-in-class tools, sales training, or other programs, and promote those things – agents are looking for them.

3. Technology that supports their business

Even if your brokerage is known for its long history of outstanding service, you need the show agents how you’ll help make them successful today. You need the tools and systems to back it up. This means not just showing that you have the latest shiny thing, but that you offer tools that truly save them time, keep them organized, automate the mundane tasks, and make their lives easier.

Agents want to know that you truly care about their business and their success. When they’re looking at switching brokerages, they’re often looking for a place that will provide the infrastructure behind their business so they can do what they do best – build relationships and sell homes. Show that you’re invested in them and their career through a well-selected technology stack.

So, what’s your real estate agent recruiting strategy? No, not your hopes and dreams, but your strategy. It’s a competitive market with a lot of noise, and you need to put your best foot forward and show that you’re exactly what those agents are looking for. Real estate recruiting is gaining a lot of airtime, and all too often, it results in little action. Get your recruiting strategy in place, get a system to facilitate it, and grow your brokerage in a way that’s sustainable.