Turn Your Buyer Data into Profits with Buyside

Turn Your Buyer Data into Profits with Buyside

buysideBuyside has officially teamed up with Moxi Works to deliver agents a great source for seller leads via the Moxi Works open platform.

Buyside brings over 175 years of combined real estate experience to assist brokerages in turning their buyer data into leads, listings, and profits. With an impressive list of clients and a great team, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them with us.

How does it work? Each agent receives a seller lead-gen marketing suite complete with a landing page that has multiple home valuations in order to drive homeowners to seek the guidance of a professional agent. Their intelligent system cross-references against every actively searching buyer to alert your listing agents of matches. All of these leads drop right into Moxi Engage for little to no effort for agents.

"Buyside is a powerful and easy add-in to any broker website that turns your traffic into seller leads. Using Moxi's open platform API, Buyside automatically sends these new leads into Moxi Engage for an agent to nurture and grow their sphere with zero effort," said Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships at Moxi Works.

Buyside is a seamless solution that easily integrates with how your brokerage does business and by that we mean: they get it. It’s easy to set up, launch and use. Plus, like all Moxi products, Buyside uses Single Sign-On (SSO) so agents don’t have to remember yet another password. Agents can track online activity for active listings and send seller clients a weekly report on their listings activity.

Buyside believes buyer data is the largest untapped asset within a brokerage and represents the final frontier in the digital transformation today in real estate. “Buyside prides ourselves on delivering quality service to the brokerage community and so it was a no brainer to partner with someone like the Moxi Works team who share the same vision” said Buyside CEO, Charles Williams.

If you want more seller leads, Buyside will get you there. Agents generate thousands of buyer leads every month and Buyside uses that buyer data to capture seller leads. Grow your sphere of influence by letting the data do the talking.

Watch how their system works:

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