Using Brand Power to Empower, Retain, and Recruit Agents

Using Brand Power to Empower, Retain, and Recruit Agents

As a trusted leader, you work diligently to run your real estate brokerage, but are you supporting your agents and overall business growth with strong and strategic branding?  

The Power of the Brand 

Effective leaders have a significant impact on their team/staff and business as a whole. To take your brokerage to the next level and enhance your brand recognition, you must first identify what your brand is. What does your brand say about your company and what it stands for? Your brand is more than a logo, colors, and some signs, it’s the experience a lead or client visualizes when thinking about your business. Essentially, your brand is the memory or visual story you want to leave in a leads and clients’ mind.  

Your brand also reflects the personality and values of your business, so it is vital to your overall success to put forth a positive impression that resonates with your intended audience. To know your brand is to know your audience. Figure out what type of customer you are dedicated to; are they of a certain demographic or life stage or interested in luxury real estate or fixers? Know where your brokerage fills the gap in your market so you can target the right people. Your branding should also position you as an authority in your unique target area. With your brand, you want to generate trust and inspire interest. Your goal is to create a lasting connection between you and your potential or current client. 

Branding is the foundation of all the marketing you will ever do, building upon itself, accelerating your business, and creating something worthy of consideration. According to, “83% of CEOs look to marketing as a growth engine for the business.” Branding is part of this growth engine in more than one way.  

Break Through the Noise  

Effectively communicating your brand is paramount to long-term growth for your business as it helps recruit and retain agents. Your brand should reflect your company culture and attract those seeking that same type of environment they can thrive in. Your brand is one of the reasons agents choose to work with you and stay with you. Branding establishes a sense of alignment and consistency within the organization which can be a desirable trait to attract quality agents seeking stability. Keeping your branding fresh and aligned with your business can also increase your chances of retaining the loyalty of agents. 

It is your agents who carry your brand so hiring and keeping good, productive agents is essential. They are the face of your brokerage and are on the front lines with your clients. Equipping them with strong branding across the digital space is what they crave and deserve to increase productivity and profitability for themselves and your business as a whole.  

To amplify the greatness you have as a brokerage, building digital marketing campaigns and reaching leads on the channels they are currently using is a terrific way to make a significant impact. By creating always-on ad campaigns specifically to promote your brokerage services helps to keep your brand front of mind all year long. You can also increase exposure to all your listings through traffic ads, which drive people to your set webpage–aka your listings. Both of these tactics not only serve to support the brand but also reinforce your agents’ marketing efforts, creating a stronger collaborative front against your competitors.  

The two top-performing ad platforms to publish on to achieve the highest reach are the Facebook Audience Network and Google Display Network. Both channels are proven to be lucrative for real estate agents no matter their individual experience, location, or focus. This means other brokerages and agents are harnessing the power of these channels already. When promoting ads on these digital platforms you can reach leads across many apps, websites, and channels such as YouTube, Gmail, and Facebook. It is also important to have a set budget and target in mind with any ad campaign, keep track of your spend and make sure you are getting value. But how do you know what budget to set and if you are getting your money's worth? 

More Ads, More Business 

To fill the knowledge gap or need to upscale internally to become more digital marketing savvy, we updated MoxiPromote, our digital advertising tool. We offer digital marketing expertise to guide your efforts in creating and deploying effective campaigns. With solutions like MoxiPromote, it’s even easier for agents and brokerage marketers to design and launch digital marketing ads fit for your unique real estate business. You and your agents are still in full control of spend and can also track, review, reiterate, and create as many digital advertising campaigns as needed –including automated ads; cutting down the time required for constant set up. Set it and forget it! 

The power of MoxiPromote always stays with you and your brokerage. It is not sold directly to agents, but is part of your brokerages’ tech offering, which serves as another retention motivator because once your agents use this easy to navigate digital marketing tool, they will be so pleased with ad results, improved workflow, and extra time to focus on building relationships, they will not want to be without it. 

Using the right tools to carry out a strategic plan can lead to some powerful long-term results. Brand marketing is not a short-term tactic so do not be discouraged before the magic happens. Stick with it and see how much your agents and brokerage benefit over time. 

For more information on how you can bring MoxiPromote to your brokerage click hereLet us serve as your digital marketing expert to help guide you through this complex ad process. 

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