5 Ways to Get the Most out of Moxi Talent

By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager

agent recruiting header imageAgents are being recruited constantly. The experience that you show an agent throughout the agent recruiting process must stand out. Not in a kitschy way, though… they already get bombarded with brokerages showing off their latest, shiny reasons to sign a contract. As we all know, recruiting a new agent is all about building a relationship with that person, gaining their trust, and illustrating what your brokerage has to offer them and their real estate career. The trick to winning over new talent is to take care in that process, using a tool that will support the efforts of recruiters and managers from the time they first contact a new recruit all the way through until they’re an active agent, and beyond.

Recruit great agents, offer them the training and tools they need to be successful, retain those agents, grow your business, rinse and repeat.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to get the most out of Moxi Talent, our new recruiting tool (haven’t heard about it? Check it out here). The tool was designed with recruiters and office managers in mind, enabling them to successfully meet business growth goals with a simple, easy-to-use system.

1. Let the technology do the heavy lifting, then add a personal touch.

Like with any tech tool, allow it to relieve you of the tedious tasks so you can develop your business in the important ways. Rely on the technology to keep track of your notes, notify you of tasks, and hold the information for all of your recruits. Meanwhile, you’ve opened up time to focus on building those relationships. It gives you the ability to get out of the weeds, relieving you of the day-to-day, tedious tasks, and focus on the important stuff: the people.

For example, the system will remind you of important dates. When you see that reminder pop up, you can make a personal phone call to the candidate, showing them a little extra care. Similarly, the system might remind you to send a ‘thank you’ note or welcome gift. Use the system to process this, but add a personal note, adding a human touch.

2. Use the data to drive your business forward.

Brokerages don’t always realize how much valuable data they already have. Moxi Talent enables your managers to leverage that data to gain valuable insights and progress your business. The more you know about an agent, the more successful you’ll be at winning that agent over. You have the data – use it internally to help guide the recruiting process.

First, when you hit a lull, with few new prospects in your recruiting pipeline, Moxi Talent will use data to help you identify agents to recruit. Lean on this information to help build a healthy pipeline. Second, when using Moxi Talent, you’ll have visibility into the sales volume history of your recruits. This gives you the opportunity to understand an agent’s sales style and how they might fit into your business.

3. Look for agents who are a strong culture fit.

Think about it in terms of longevity – building an organization with a strong culture creates loyalty. When people share values with their company and love working with their peers, it makes it that much harder to leave. It’s in every brokerage’s best interest to hire individuals who not only contribute to the bottom line, but fit their organization culturally as well.

Moxi Talent will identify agents in your brokerage who have a similar sales pattern as a recruit. Send the two of them out to coffee or lunch. It will give your recruit an opportunity to connect with a like-minded agent. Plus, you’ll be able to get a second opinion from the agent regarding if they think the person would be a good cultural fit. If hired, that new agent already has a familiar peer to lean on, making their transition into your brokerage an easy one.

4. Nurture your relationships for better agent recruiting.

People aren’t going to switch firms overnight. Change takes time. Switching brokerages likely means lifestyle change, change in compensation, and adjusting to an entire organization of new people. It’s your job to nurture your relationship with candidates through the recruiting process, building trust and respect along the way.

Move recruits all the way through the flow. In reality, recruiting is a multi-step process. We’ve broken it down for you into phases, so you can move recruits through your pipeline as you nurture those relationships, suggesting actions along the way.

5. Always know where you left off with a recruit.

Managers and recruiters typically have a lot of balls in the air. Keeping track of every new recruit and every growing relationship can be tough when you’re entrenched in the day-to-day. A tool like Moxi Talent serves as a CRM in a way, so you always know where you left off with a recruit.

Use it as a digital to-do list. Moxi Talent will tell you what to do every day in order to crush your recruiting goals. Use that to your advantage and save yourself some time and frustration. All of your tasks will be clear prioritized, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

These are just a handful of ways you can rely on your agent recruiting tool to guide your rockstar recruiters to meet their goals. When they’re armed with the right data and the right system, they’re able to blow agents away, winning them over and ensuring they stay.

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