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Integration New Service: Comprehensive Moving Concierge Now Available on Moxi Cloud We’re happy to announce another service that has been added to our open platform ecosystem! MoveEasy is a comprehensive moving concierge service offered to clients directly from your website while saving you valuable time on researching post transaction tasks for them. Basically, MoveEasy does all the legwork while the agent can focus on creating happy memories […]
Moxi Partners How Spacio Launched to a Major Broker in Two Days At Moxi Works, we pride ourselves on providing the only true open platform the real estate industry has seen thus far, and having an impeccable platform integration system to go with it. We do this by providing these five key factors in our open platform, the Moxi Cloud: 1. Property data 2. Brokerage and agent […]
Integration This Moxi Platform Partner Shows Who (and How) to Target During Home Sale Totomic’s Best Buyer report gives agents a major digital edge, saving precious time & money. With the inception of the Moxi Works open platform, our sole purpose is set to helping brokerages innovate and future-proof their businesses. We’ve added a lot of tools and services lately, but only those that are the brightest and best […]
Integration RealScout Joins the Moxi Cloud, Increasing Broker Profitability RealScout Broker IQ enables you to do more deals more profitably by realizing the full potential of your buyer data.   The Moxi Works’ Moxi Cloud open platform continues to grow, now offering RealScout as an integrated vendor. RealScout empowers brokerages and agents to complete more deals and grow profits, while providing a superior consumer experience. Now available […]
Moxi Partners Targeted Direct Mail, Digital, & Email Marketing Now on the Moxi Cloud With over 30 integrated vendors and growing fast, Moxi Works is very excited to announce our new addition to the Moxi Cloud: QuantumDigital.   QuantumDigital is renowned in the world of direct mail, digital, and email marketing for real estate. It’s hard to beat solutions that generate revenue, all while having a 24-hour turnaround time […]
Moxi Partners Spacio Hops on the Open Platform Bullet Train The Moxi Cloud’s newest integrated partner is Spacio, an app that allows agents to host paperless open houses and turns them into powerful sales opportunities. We’re excited to have Spacio on our open platform to provide an easy and effective way for agents to create new client relationships. Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships […]
In The News MoxiWorks Adds Flipt to Cloud Open Platform CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE Moxi Works has added Flipt, a predictive marketing technology centered on listing prospects, to its Moxi Cloud open platform, the company recently announced. The addition of Flipt marks more than 30 integrations with the platform. “Seller lead generation for active real estate agents is critical when inventory is […]
Integration Customizable Marketing Now Available on Moxi Works Open Platform The Moxi Cloud open platform continues to grow, now with customizable marketing from real estate firm, Impact Marketing. Founded by real estate professionals, Impact Marketing brings over twenty years of industry experience. Impact is a real estate marketing firm that provides proven marketing solutions through online tools and printed products. They aren’t your stock standard marketing firm, […]
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Moxi Partners Moxi Cloud Drives Real Estate Innovation with Flipt The Moxi Cloud is the solution to the antiquated real estate industry problem that there was no true open platform available. Our goal is to become the power strip that brokerages can plug new tools into and unplug the tools that are no longer working for them. Now with dozens of integrated partners, we pride […]
Moxi Partners Turn Your Buyer Data into Profits with Buyside Buyside has officially teamed up with Moxi Works to deliver agents a great source for seller leads via the Moxi Works open platform. Buyside brings over 175 years of combined real estate experience to assist brokerages in turning their buyer data into leads, listings, and profits. With an impressive list of clients and a great team, we […]
Moxi Partners MoxiWorks Adds Facebook Marketing to Their Open Platform iTourMedia is our latest and greatest partner, bringing automated social video distribution to our open platform. iTour lets agents create and edit videos, and through their partnership with Facebook, makes it easy for agents to reach their target audience. Social media has been a key part of marketing for brokerages and agents as of late, […]
Moxi Partners NHD Reports Made Easy with SnapNHD Technology Moxi Works is growing fast and has another new partner, SnapNHD. This partnership is meant to provide a quick way for agents to get Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) reports in the hands of their clients. What is a Natural Hazard Disclosure? Real estate agents and brokerages are legally required to disclose if the property being […]
Moxi Partners MoxiWorks Now Includes Seller Leads from Offrs Moxi Works has a new partner and their name is Offrs! This partnership was created to provide agents with quality seller leads. At Offrs, they identify over 70% of the homes that will sell in the coming year using predictive analytics. Now integrated with the Moxi open platform, seller leads are placed into the Moxi […]
Moxi Partners MoxiWorks Now Includes Automated Marketing from Imprev Moxi Works’ latest open platform partner, Imprev, Inc. allows them to provide a simple, effective way for agents to market all of their listings without lifting a finger. “We’re excited to expand our partner program to include an industry leader like Imprev Marketing. They have a long history of delighting their agent customers and together […]
Moxi Partners Industry Leader DocuSign Joins the MoxiWorks Open Platform The Moxi Works open platform has just become even bigger with our DocuSign partnership! This partnership allows our CRM to provide a fully digital transaction management program for our agents to manage their workflow with clients. “Partnering with the team at Moxi Works to deliver a streamlined experience for agents ties into our DocuSign ’Lead […]
Moxi Partners Agent-Client Closing Gifts Promote Stronger, Long-Term Relationships   We’d love to formally announce our newest partner, Loop & Tie, making sphere marketing through Moxi Works tools even easier for our agents. Sending closing gifts is a seemingly small, but quintessential aspect to any deal done with clients, and later on, can be a reminder that their agent still cares and are thinking of […]