MoxiWorks Back to School, Back to Business, Back to…Normal? September 2021 – The MoxiWorks Home Sales Predictor delivers monthly predictions based on agents’ activity inside our suite of products   The first day of Fall isn’t until next week on the 22nd, but in many parts of the country it’s already starting to feel like the autumnal months have begun with kids going back […]
MoxiWorks What Seasonality? Home Sales Hold Strong Summer is winding down in many parts of the country. Kids are going back to school while professionals head back to the daily grind. One thing not winding down? Home sales.   There were nearly 600K homes sold in July with 591K home sales, meaning our prediction was within 1%. While that is a 10% […]
MoxiWorks Long-Term Success in Real Estate Comes from Relationships (Not Cold Leads) It’s simple when you think about it: People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. The evidence for this is everywhere.   Have you needed a babysitter, a landscaper, or a dog-walker?   Chances are you probably started your search with people you’re connected with and asked for recommendations and referrals. […]
MoxiWorks Hot housing market, with no indication of a cool down, for now. In last month’s Home Sales Predictor article we said –   “Only time will tell if this flattening trend will continue or if we will see a spike later this year. Many of our clients have shared with us they are starting to see more listings in their area so maybe we will still see […]
MoxiWorks MoxiWorks Ushers in Season of Growth, Welcomes Jim Crisera as Chief Operating Officer The Seattle-based residential real estate technology company supports more than 800 brokerages and 400,000 agents across the US and Canada   SEATTLE, Wa. (July 13, 2021) – MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform, announced today the addition of Jim Crisera as their new Chief Operating Officer. In this new role, Crisera will help oversee […]
Moxi Partners Zip Your Flyer Joins the MoxiWorks Partner Network MoxiWorks clients will now have access to the email flyer service as a part of the MoxiCloud open ecosystem   SEATTLE, Wa. (July 8, 2021) – MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform, announced today that Zip Your Flyer has joined as a new partner on the MoxiCloud. This new partnership gives MoxiWorks users access […]
MoxiWorks MoxiWorks Announces New Scheduling Tool Partner through Instashowing Bringing Agents a Fast and Effective Solution Agents gain access to Instashowing’s platform making it easier than ever before to schedule and manage showings   Key Takeaways: MoxiWorks’ new partnership with Instashowing brings its users direct access to Instashowing’s listing appointment scheduling platform. The new partnership will make Instashowing’s platform available to MoxiWork’s 400,000+ users. Access to Instashowing will streamline scheduling, allowing […]
MoxiWorks As communities begin to re-open, home sales stabilize With the exception of 2020, (I wonder how many times that has been said…?) there’s typically a significant month over month increase in home sales in May.   In 2017 there was a 21% increase, in 2018 a 15% increase, and in 2019 a 17% increase.   In 2021? There was a 1% decrease with […]
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MoxiWorks New Data Reveals Agents Using MoxiPresent in 2020 did 77% More Transactions than Their Peers 2020 analysis shows increased productivity of real estate agents using the MoxiWorks CMA and presentation tool   SEATTLE, Wa. (May 25, 2021) – MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform, released new data this week for their industry-leading CMA and presentation tool, MoxiPresent®. The analysis done by MoxiWorks looked at productivity and MoxiPresent usage in […]
MoxiWorks Virtuance Partners with MoxiWorks, Bringing Agents an Efficient and Reliable Photo Solution Through this partnership, MoxiWorks users will have access to Virtuance’s AI-powered HDReal® images, 24/7 online booking services, and their national network of professional photographers   Key Takeaways: Virtuance partners with MoxiWorks to bring agents direct access to Virtuance’s photography and virtual tour services The new partnership will connect Virtuance’s national network of professional photographers with […]
MoxiWorks Our Growth Leads to Your Value: A letter to MoxiWorks customers Dear customers, There’s increasingly more horsepower behind the rate of innovation and growth of our offerings here at MoxiWorks and we’re thrilled to share the benefits of that growth with our customers aka you. With your support, we continue to push progress of the industry as a whole with our suite of products and services […]
MoxiWorks Strong Spring of Home Sales Continue, Stronger Summer Ahead We are up to our eyeballs in the inventory shortage. You can’t look at one news site without seeing something about the shortage. This has been going on for months and months, so what gives?   A few things.   First of all, we still strongly believe this is not an inventory shortage, but a […]
MoxiWorks Find a Partner – Not Just a Tech Vendor   It happens too often … brokers come to us frustrated and exhausted, stuck in a contract with a tech vendor that promised them the world but fell short. Even if their technology is cutting it, they aren’t getting the service they need or deserve. Technology companies often see themselves as vendors rather than true […]
MoxiWorks 650K homes sales on the horizon in May   We know what you are thinking. We are thinking it, too. 650K home sales in May?   But this is what our predictor says. Based on the activity inside our products, we predict there will be 650,000 home sales in May.   We know that feels high when inventory is low, but as York […]
In The News MoxiWorks partners with CENTURY 21 Canada to bring new technology through HUB21 HUB21, powered by MoxiWorks, gives agents an edge with suite of real estate technology   Key Takeaways CENTURY 21 Canada REALTORS® now have access to MoxiWorks’ exclusive real estate technology solutions through HUB21. This partnership arms agents with the tools necessary to enhance and elevate their communication and marketing efforts.   SEATTLE, Wa. – MoxiWorks, […]
MoxiWorks [Watch] The Inventory Shortage w/ York Baur and Matthew Ferrara     It’s been a topic in the news for months, but, is there really an inventory shortage?   And, if so, what can brokers and their agents do to right the ship?   Well, we are thrilled to have a special edition conversation from our resident armchair experts York Baur, MoxiWorks CEO and Matthew […]
MoxiWorks Strong Spring Season of Real Estate Transactions Ahead Real estate and Spring have historically had a strong relationship. Just like Mother Nature, each Spring we all come out of our pseudo-hibernation, fresh and energized (maybe we aren’t feeling as fresh this Spring after almost a year of psuedo-hibernation, but I digress). Based on the trends we are seeing this Spring season of real […]
MoxiWorks Strategic Success for Brokerages Adopting Open Technology Platforms (Image source: RealScout) Case study originally appeared on* Long & Foster Real Estate and Intero Real Estate Services’ decision to work with open-architecture tech MoxiWorks and RealScout pays dividends.   Technology is too often a headache for real estate brokerages, rife with buyer’s remorse, implementation disasters, and chronic low agent and consumer adoption. This […]
MoxiWorks January home sales dip, but signs of resilience abound Last month we predicted that home sales in January would see a dramatic dip. It’s common in January to see a decrease in home sales after the holiday months and turn of the new year (between December 2019 and January 2020 there was a 24% decrease) and our model predicted we would see that again […]
MoxiWorks 2020 in Retrospect: What we learned & what we are bringing with us “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”   -Charles Darwin   At MoxiWorks, these are the words that we survived by in 2020. As everything we once knew and functioned by was being uprooted, we decided to […]