Spacio Hops on the Open Platform Bullet Train

The Moxi Cloud’s newest integrated partner is Spacio, an app that allows agents to host paperless open houses and turns them into powerful sales opportunities. We’re excited to have Spacio on our open platform to provide an easy and effective way for agents to create new client relationships.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Spacio is a great lead capture solution for agents. By integrating Spacio’s application into the Moxi Cloud, we can automatically insert contacts from an open house to our CRM, Moxi Engage and then email a CMA directly to all the walk-thru’s for follow-up.”

Here’s how it works:

Simple and Paperless Lead Capture
A modern and inviting sign-in form collects visitor information and leaves them with an unforgettable first impression. Spacio verifies the accuracy of visitors’ contact information so agents can focus their efforts on the highest quality leads.

Follow Up
Spacio automatically sends a follow up email to prospects after they sign in. Through Moxi Present, the follow up email can include agent’s customized interactive presentations of the listing. Spacio also gives agents access to all the open house leads in our Moxi Engage CRM.

Get Insights on Your Most Likely Customers
Spacio gathers social insights on visitors and surfaces the most likely customers based on the agent’s Ideal Customer Profile. Lead Quality Scores are based on the agent’s preferences and a variety of factors, including how visitors answer questions on the sign-in form and public data available on leads.

Real-Time Reporting on Brokerage-Wide Activities
Make more effective, data-driven decisions on sales, marketing, and training with comprehensive real-time reporting on company-wide open house activities.

Spacio utilizes the information already in the Moxi Works open platform including brokerage branding and agent/office roster information. Moxi Works’ customers can enjoy automatic onboarding of all agents, including complete agent profiles with headshots in Spacio and all listings automatically populated upon account creation. This means agents spend no time migrating to Spacio and more time using it.

Find out more about Spacio and the wave it’s making in the real estate industry by clicking here.

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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty Launches Open Platform

bhgre_randrealty_rgbBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty has launched a powerful combination of the latest in agent productivity technology. Through the Moxi Cloud, our open platform, agents now have access to our Moxi Engage™ CRM, which is fully integrated into an advanced automated marketing platform from teammate, Imprev, Inc.

“There’s a great technology race in real estate that has brokerages scrambling to add the latest innovations to gain a competitive edge and attract new agents,” says Matthew Rand, managing partner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty, which operates 26 offices with 1000 agents. “But agents are suffering from tool fatigue: There are too many disconnected apps and tools offered to agents without a focused plan from the broker to tie them all together,” he continues.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty, which is the premier real estate broker in New York City’s northern suburbs, closes more than $2.1 billion in real estate sales every year in Westchester, the Hudson Valley, and Northern New Jersey. The Rand organization is well-known for its regional technology leadership. It was the first company to put its listings online, the first to offer mapping and directions, and now the they’re the first to provide a fully mobile environment for home sellers and buyers.

“Combining two best-in-class technologies that are fully integrated helps make Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty agents’ lives simpler and their businesses more successful,” Rand says. He adds, “The streamlined experience will also be a powerful offering in our recruiting strategy.”

Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev, a company known for its advanced automated marketing services, explains how the Moxi Works and Imprev integration creates a unique value proposition. “Providing compelling, timely, and relevant content to buyers and sellers helps agents build relationships and trust,” Congdon shares. “Delivering the right marketing to the client consistently and automatically can help an agent gain a client for life.”

“We’re making sure agents do the right thing at the right time, which we’ve seen dramatically increases their new, repeat, and referral business,” says York Baur, CEO at Seattle-based Moxi Works. “The technology that BHGRE Rand Realty is providing to its agents will provide a workflow that will be the envy of its competitors.”

Both listing and contact information for each Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty agent will be synchronized with their CRM and marketing platforms. The streamlined workflow dramatically increases agent efficiency and improves data quality by eliminating the need to enter listing and contact information in multiple systems. The integration also enables the automatic creation of marketing content for a wide range of marketing activities – from promoting a new listing to keeping in contact with an agent’s leads and sphere of influence – all without requiring the agent to lift a finger.

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Customizable Marketing Now Available on Moxi Works Open Platform

screen-shot-2017-03-29-at-11-24-57The Moxi Cloud open platform continues to grow, now with customizable marketing from real estate firm, Impact Marketing.

Founded by real estate professionals, Impact Marketing brings over twenty years of industry experience. Impact is a real estate marketing firm that provides proven marketing solutions through online tools and printed products. They aren’t your stock standard marketing firm, they do things differently and the benefits are many.

The most annoying thing about using services can sometimes be the fact that it is seemingly impossible to reach an actual human being when you’re having problems or just want to ask a simple question. Impact Marketing prides themselves on always being reachable to their agents. Their service is personalized at every step of the way, making it a more collaborative experience for agents.

They offer customizable materials for direct mail, including nurture campaigns so agents can “set-and-forget,” putting their brain power towards selling. Impact also offers list services where they manage contact lists or create general radius mailing lists with optimal demographic filters so agents target exactly who they want to. Impressing clients is easy with their high quality brochures and agents can make their own marketing materials from scratch with their Custom Desk program.
Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Impact Marketing Specialists have built a great client base in the real estate industry and enjoy a great reputation. We’re proud to be partners with Steve and his team. The integration with Moxi Works provides an easy click for agents to order material and services from their Impact account.”

Impact will integrate with the Moxi Works Engage CRM product, allowing agents to click a button, taking them directly to the Impact system with all of the appropriate info, for a quick review and checkout process. It will also integrate with their contact list so agents can choose who the marketing pieces are sent to.

“Adding Impact Marketing to our Engage CRM product in genius. Snail mail will never cease to exist as a touch point for agents. It’s an important piece of sphere marketing that can’t be forgotten, and Impact gets it done right,” said York Baur, Moxi Works CEO.

What’s more is that Impact has dedicated Marketing Managers taking care of every step of the process, making marketing as easy as possible for agents. The solutions are endless. Plus, with lightning fast turnaround times, it’s hard to not fall in love with this team.

Find out more about Impact Marketing, starting with their innovative approach to social sharing: 




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Moxi Cloud Drives Real Estate Innovation with Flipt

FliptThe Moxi Cloud is the solution to the antiquated real estate industry problem that there was no true open platform available. Our goal is to become the power strip that brokerages can plug new tools into and unplug the tools that are no longer working for them.

Now with dozens of integrated partners, we pride ourselves on having best in class tools available to our brokerage clients – that’s where Flipt comes in. Flipt connects home sellers to top real estate professionals on the web and mobile by using housing and social data.

“Seller lead generation for active real estate agents is critical when inventory is hard to come by. No product, no listing, no bueno. Flipt + Moxi Works provides quality listing prospects directly imported to Moxi Engage. Flipt’s approach by promoting an agent across media properties to surface potential listings is unique,” said Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships.

Flipt Ad Network

Flipt has carefully vetted their advertising partners and they include the top advertising networks in the business, such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, Spotify, Goodreads, Hulu, Vimeo, and the list goes on.

Flipt lets you claim your zip codes and within a few minutes launches your locally targeted campaign with their easy-to-use ad builder. Within 24 hours your ads are online, where motivated sellers click and request your information from your free Flipt landing page. Follow up with these inquiries on Moxi Engage and have everything in one spot.


Watch how Flipt works:



What separates Flipt from the rest, is that they only show ads to verified homeowners, only in your selected zip code. Agents don’t have to worry about wasting their advertising budget on random people surfing the web.

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Say Goodbye to TouchCMA & Hello to Moxi Present

Moxi Present

TouchCMA is getting a major makeover. For those of you that aren’t familiar, TouchCMA was the original name to our first product. We are re-naming it and from now until the end of the earth, it will be known as Moxi Present(TM)… you heard it here first! It’s the same great product, just a new name.

Why are we making this change? Back when Moxi Works began, our first and only product was TouchCMA. Since its creation, agents have created over 550,000 presentations to win more listings with clients. Agents have won significantly more business with our TouchCMA and Moxi Present products.

Over the years our baby has grown up and has gained lots of other products alongside it. The Moxi Works cloud platform is now an entire brokerage ecosystem with over 30 products and services. Our open platform allows brokerages to preserve their current investments in tools by integrating them with Moxi Works.

Given all of this, we figured it was time for a new name that embodied Moxi and where the future is taking us. The new Moxi Present is integrated with our Moxi Engage CRM, providing a grander experience for agents. will be transferring over to on April 11th, 2017.

As of right now, Moxi Present (formerly TouchCMA) will also no longer be offering subscriptions to individual agents. However, those that currently have single subscriptions will be grandfathered in and continue to use the product.

So, here’s to moving onward and upward. Thank you to all those that have been with us since the beginning – we couldn’t do it without our loyal customers! Existing brokerage clients: your account manager will be working with you to make the change. If you have any questions about the change, please call your account manager or contact our support team, they’re always happy to help!

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Turn Your Buyer Data into Profits with Buyside

buysideBuyside has officially teamed up with Moxi Works to deliver agents a great source for seller leads via the Moxi Works open platform.

Buyside brings over 175 years of combined real estate experience to assist brokerages in turning their buyer data into leads, listings, and profits. With an impressive list of clients and a great team, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them with us.

How does it work? Each agent receives a seller lead-gen marketing suite complete with a landing page that has multiple home valuations in order to drive homeowners to seek the guidance of a professional agent. Their intelligent system cross-references against every actively searching buyer to alert your listing agents of matches. All of these leads drop right into Moxi Engage for little to no effort for agents.

“Buyside is a powerful and easy add-in to any broker website that turns your traffic into seller leads. Using Moxi’s open platform API, Buyside automatically sends these new leads into Moxi Engage for an agent to nurture and grow their sphere with zero effort,” said Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships at Moxi Works.

Buyside is a seamless solution that easily integrates with how your brokerage does business and by that we mean: they get it. It’s easy to set up, launch and use. Plus, like all Moxi products, Buyside uses Single Sign-On (SSO) so agents don’t have to remember yet another password. Agents can track online activity for active listings and send seller clients a weekly report on their listings activity.

Buyside believes buyer data is the largest untapped asset within a brokerage and represents the final frontier in the digital transformation today in real estate. “Buyside prides ourselves on delivering quality service to the brokerage community and so it was a no brainer to partner with someone like the Moxi Works team who share the same vision” said Buyside CEO, Charles Williams.

If you want more seller leads, Buyside will get you there. Agents generate thousands of buyer leads every month and Buyside uses that buyer data to capture seller leads. Grow your sphere of influence by letting the data do the talking.


Watch how their system works:


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Moxi Works Adds Facebook Marketing to Their Open Platform

iTourMedia is our latest and greatest partner, bringing automated social video distribution to our open platform. iTour lets agents create and edit videos, and through their partnership with Facebook, maiTour-Media-182x300.pngkes it easy for agents to reach their target audience.

Social media has been a key part of marketing for brokerages and agents as of late, but it can be really time consuming. Some brokerages have dedicated staff to help their agents with social, others hire assistants to do the tedious work.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships at Moxi Works said, “iTour Media is another great Moxi partner that’s taking advantage of our open platform. An agent can easily promote their listings on Facebook and their other social media accounts fully managed by the iTour team. It’s a simple button click to start and the “boost” really works for agent branding and property promotion.”

Now with the help of iTourMedia, agents can create visually compelling short videos and push them straight to Facebook all with one app. Why video? 80% of the worlds Internet traffic will be video by 2019 (Cisco, 2015). Besides, it’s the beautiful photos and videos that agents curate that often sell homes.


Knowing what days and times to post can be tricky. iTourMedia’s optimized social schedule allows you to push and boost posts based on the most optimal time of day, meaning more bang for your buck.


There are a variety of plans iTour offers brokerages and agents. For example, their Social Connextions Managed Services gets you experienced social content editors that setup social accounts and manage targeted posting on behalf of an agent. They’ll setup up to 3 social Connextions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn) and link all social Connextions to Hootsuite for easy combined posting.

iTour even has a Social Audit available where you can receive an action plan to make sure you have optimized your social set-up. If you aren’t there yet, have them set up your Facebook page with a custom branded banner and optimal business configuration. Whether you’re a social media junkie or just starting to dip your toes in the water, iTour holds your hand while you jump in.

Facebook Ads

Social advertising via Facebook is based on the agent or brokerage’s Facebook Ad account.


iTour grants access to analytics through their app, but they are also accessible through Facebook accounts.

Watch the iTourMedia tour:



iTour will be integrated with Moxi Present, giving agents the ability to add the iTour home tour in their presentations. If you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, do so before it’s too late! While you’re waiting, your competition is growing their following and readership.

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NHD Reports Made Easy with SnapNHD Technology

SnapNHDMoxi Works is growing fast and has another new partner, SnapNHD. This partnership is meant to provide a quick way for agents to get Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) reports in the hands of their clients.

What is a Natural Hazard Disclosure? Real estate agents and brokerages are legally required to disclose if the property being sold lies within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas. The law requires the hazards be disclosed on a form called a Natural Hazard Disclosure. SnapNHD reports offer more than the six mandatory hazards; depending on the area there might be info on environmental related issues, airport influences, and Megan’s Law.

SnapNHD offers a fully integrated digital signature solution which makes it fast and easy to sign the NHD. Their platform allows them to offer the best report for the lowest price in the industry. Right when the listing hits the MLS, the report is delivered to the agent via email. As a reminder, it is also emailed to the agent when the listing moves to Pending.

SnapNHD will also soon offer the industry’s first text bot, which lets customers order and receive NHD reports via text message.

York Baur, Moxi Works CEO says, “SnapNHD is a great example of the automation value made possible by the Moxi platform and how with a click of a button an agent can have this very necessary thing happen. That is the genius of SnapNHD – they’ve taken advantage of the technical capabilities of an open platform. Agents don’t have to waste time entering a bunch of data and risk inputting the information wrong.”

With the best technology in the Natural Hazard Disclosure industry, SnapNHD is so passionate about protecting homeowners that they donate 1% of their gross revenue to homeowners affected by natural disasters.

SnapNHD Report

SnapNHD Example Report

“We’re also big fans of SnapNHD’s give back mentality like we have with the Moxi Fund; they’re making it about more than just business,” said York Baur.

Read more about SnapNHD and how it’s positively affecting the Natural Disaster Industry in this Inman article.

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Moxi Works Now Includes Seller Leads from Offrs

Moxi Works hOffrs-Logo.pngas a new partner and their name is Offrs! This partnership was created to provide agents with quality seller leads. At Offrs, they identify over 70% of the homes that will sell in the coming year using predictive analytics. Now integrated with the Moxi open platform, seller leads are placed into the Moxi Engage™ CRM and are noted that they are sourced from Offrs.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Together with Offrs, Moxi Works delivers agents new listing opportunities every month. Quality seller leads are discovered and nurtured by our lead generation partner Offrs, then seamlessly integrated with Moxi Engage, providing agents highly valued listing referrals coupled with an automated follow-up process. The team at Offrs have been awesome to work with as we integrated our solutions.”

So, how do they do it? They conduct an in-depth analysis of the data that then predicts when people will sell. This data is then presented to the agent via their Territory. Each agent chooses a Territory which includes details on every property or property owner, including mailing address, email, phone number, and a predictive seller score that is updated each month based on thousands of data points.

Getting your Territory is relatively simple:

• Step one is picking a territory that is available (you can even pick more than one).
• Simply put in the zip code and you’ll see the number of homes and the likely sellers in your territory.
• Once you set up your account, you’ll be emailed a report every month that pertains to your territory.

The reality is, 75% of homeowners choose the first agent who contacts them to list their home. Getting to sellers first is a major advantage to agents using Offrs. Offrs markets to the predicted sellers via email, on-line targeting, direct mail, and call targeting to generate a lead. The leads are then contacted and qualified before being given to the agent in the Moxi Works platform.

Hear what brokers have to say about the listing leads:


Ready to get legit leads in your inbox? It’s time to grow your business!

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Moxi Works Now Includes Automated Marketing from Imprev

Moxi Works’ latest open platform partner, Imprev, Inc. allows them to provide a simple, effective way for agents to market all of their listings without lifting a finger.

“We’re excited to expand our partner program to include an industry leader like Imprev Marketing. They have a long history of delighting their agent customers and together we have created a seamless experience for all Moxi Engage users,” said Mike McHenry, head of Partnerships.Imprev Marketing Automation

Imprev drives synergy between the broker and agent’s marketing, empowering them to effortlessly promote their listings, brands, and brokerages through custom digital, social media, and print creative. Adding this onto the Moxi Works platform allows agents to focus on what they do best: sell.


Imprev allows brokerages and their agents to stay fully-branded with a custom marketing package for each and every listing.


Not only is everything fully-branded, but each package is also brand consistent. This allows agents to market listings across all verticals with print and digital marketing (including social media) for professional looking content, every step of the way.

The marketing materials provided in each package also automatically update for the lifespan of the listing, to insure that agents’ marketing is never out of sync.


Imprev is completely and fully integrated into the Moxi Works experience. Here’s what that means:
– Agents can access Imprev directly through Moxi Works without needing to re-enter your user id and password
– Agent’s contacts will be synchronized from Moxi Works to Imprev, greatly speeding up the process of communicating

Imprev provides automated marketing services, including listing automation, lead and customer nurturing, email campaigns, and marketing centers.

Imprev is part of the rapidly expanding Moxi Works open platform.

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