MoxiWorks 650K homes sales on the horizon in May   We know what you are thinking. We are thinking it, too. 650K home sales in May?   But this is what our predictor says. Based on the activity inside our products, we predict there will be 650,000 home sales in May.   We know that feels high when inventory is low, but as York […]
MoxiWorks [Watch] The Inventory Shortage w/ York Baur and Matthew Ferrara     It’s been a topic in the news for months, but, is there really an inventory shortage?   And, if so, what can brokers and their agents do to right the ship?   Well, we are thrilled to have a special edition conversation from our resident armchair experts York Baur, MoxiWorks CEO and Matthew […]
MoxiWorks January home sales dip, but signs of resilience abound Last month we predicted that home sales in January would see a dramatic dip. It’s common in January to see a decrease in home sales after the holiday months and turn of the new year (between December 2019 and January 2020 there was a 24% decrease) and our model predicted we would see that again […]
MoxiWorks How to Predict Where the Housing Market is Going By York Baur, CEO MoxiWorks As we close out the second quarter of 2020, there remains a lot of uncertainty in the still very prevalent COVID-19 world. Looking back on the last few months though, the real estate industry has pivoted more rapidly than most expected. We’ve been analyzing the market data closely, waiting to […]
MoxiWorks Gear Up! Every Brokerage is a Virtual Brokerage April 17, 2020   Every industry is being driven into tech-adoption en masse at rapid speed to balance social-distancing and quarantine with continued business. Real estate is no exception — as an agents’ essentialness remains debated in every state. However, while you may hear some companies claim their ‘virtual-ness’ and absence of a brick-and-mortar location […]
MoxiWorks 7 Tips to Help Your Real Estate Business Thrive in the Middle of a Pandemic     Earning an income from the comfort of your couch sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? I personally have friends who have applied for remote-only positions, hoping to get the opportunity to do that very thing. Ask any of my real estate friends why they chose a career in real estate, and almost all […]
MoxiWorks 3 Social-Distancing Friendly Alternatives to Your Typical Day in Real Estate     We’re in this together — separately. Real Estate has always been a relationship-first type of industry, and during this situation, many agents and brokerages have gotten creative in pivoting to social-distancing friendly alternatives to their typical day in real estate. We’ve put our heads together to come up with 3 new ways to […]
MoxiWorks 4 Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator at MoxiWorks  |  March 24, 2020     It’s a time of global uncertainty, due to COVID-19, the epidemic that has disrupted the world. We’ve seen the anxiety-inducing statistics on job uncertainty, food scarcity, deaths, and more. The combination of it all is showing us the true magnitude of the current […]
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MoxiWorks Understand more. Fear less: Real Estate and the Coronavirus   Real estate leaders, what do we do now? It’s a wave we have to ride out, but we don’t have to do it alone. Every industry is being driven into mass-tech-adoption at a rapid speed due to social distancing and isolation. Real estate is no exception, but the key difference is we’re already able […]
MoxiWorks Real Estate 2.0: Broker Turns to MoxiWorks for Creating Integrated Solution As seen in RISMedia’s online magazine.    By Jameson Doris As principal broker/owner of Mississippi-based eAgent Realty, Justin Allen is intimately aware of the main problems agents regularly face in this ever-changing real estate landscape. Being in the industry for some 17 years, those issues have changed, but Allen notes three main struggles agents are […]
Productivity Here’s What the BEST Real Estate CRM Looks Like By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager Have you ever had or wanted a personal fitness instructor? Someone who would be there every time you showed up (or didn’t) to hold you accountable, motivate you, give you step-by-step instructions, and push you towards your goals. What if we told you that you already have one of these? […]
Productivity Hey, Brokerages! Time to Get Excited for Automated Listing Ads Automated listing ads are coming soon! Here’s why you should get excited (and exactly how to get started). By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  In a world where 46% of Americans check their smartphones before getting out of bed every morning, digital marketing is a key component to meeting your target audience where they are already […]
Productivity The Latest in MoxiImpress: Facebook Audience Network By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager Let’s talk MoxiMarketing and Facebook Audience Network. What they are, what they do, and why they matter to your business. MoxiImpress MoxiImpress, the ever-growing marketing arm of the MoxiCloud, includes digital marketing tools for agents at no added cost to our client brokerage. The heart of MoxiImpress is Promote, an […]
Productivity Gaining a Competitive Advantage with a Modern Real Estate CRM By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager Evaluating a real estate CRM in today’s noisy world is overwhelming. What will actually make a difference in your business? What should brokerages look for in a real estate CRM that will truly give you a competitive advantage? It can be tough to know what features to prioritize, how […]
Open Platform Increase Agent Adoption Rates by Following These 3 Steps By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  Agent adoption of brokerage tech is one of the major obstacles facing virtually every brokerage out there, it’s just part of the industry we’re in. You work hard to carefully choose and curate the perfect tech stack for your brokerage, so I personally would understand if a lack of adoption […]
Productivity 3 Steps to Organize Your Life as an Agent By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  You are one busy professional. Life as an agent is hectic, to say the least. From hosting open houses, to creating content for your marketing channels and engaging with your sphere (don’t even get me started on keeping up with emails), your to-do list seems to go on and on. […]
Productivity The Power Your Mindset Has on Your Business By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager How you think on a daily basis could be having a profound influence on the results your business is generating. Having a positive mindset can help you thrive in your life and business, and ultimately, make you more money. Your mindset affects your health, well-being, relationships, success, and income – […]
Productivity Think like a CEO: Why the Mindset Will Lead to Success By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager  Agents have traditionally been thought of as salespeople, which, is understandable since on the surface that’s what they do. They sell houses. But there is so much more to it than that. As a real estate agent, you’re running your own business. You have to take care of everything from […]
Productivity The 411 on Interest Rates Rising By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager The economy ebbs and flows, and with those fluctuations come different concerns from home buyers and sellers. As an agent, you need to be prepared to walk your clients through the fears and unknowns, serving as a trusted guide. Your clients will want to ensure their home purchase is a […]
Productivity 3 Steps to Change Your Focus from Software to Success By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  In the world of real estate, we all hear the seemingly constant buzz about the ever-evolving technology that is shaking up our industry. The traditional ways in which real estate has been conducted are slipping away, and brokerages and agents alike are being left scrambling to define what they do, […]