Productivity Why The Right Brokerage CRM Can Be a Goldmine Choose wisely, and your brokerage could see agent productivity increase by 40% As seen in Mile 62 Magazine – By Andrew Eberting  A CRM should be the epicenter of your customer and prospect data – and your brokerage. Not having the right one implemented at your brokerage, you cost yourself and your agents the #1 […]
Productivity Put Money Back in Agent Pockets Without Affecting Your Bottom Line By Maddie Jostol We talk a lot about making your brokerage more profitable, but it would be silly if we didn’t touch on the role that agent finances make on a brokerages’ success. How? Let’s quickly break it down: you know you need to retain more agents, agents are always searching for higher commissions, and […]
MoxiWorks How Facebook changed real estate marketing for better or worse By Tiana Baur Facebook is definitely not everyone’s favorite topic right now, especially when it comes to politics. That may not be our scene, but the Book has affected the real estate industry fairly heavily as well. It has changed the way we look at digital marketing and the way brokerages and agents alike view […]
Productivity Goal-Setting 101: Set Yourself Up for Success This Year By Maddie Jostol 2018 is your year to not only reach, but to exceed your business goals. If you either a) didn’t set goals for 2018, or b) have already lost track of them, making you think that maybe you didn’t go about goal-setting in the best way, then this guide is for you. Goal-setting gives […]
Productivity The number one reason why realtors need to advertise on Facebook By Maddie Jostol If you aren’t already, get on Facebook now. Agent ads are what is going to drive your business and doing so on the largest social media platform is key. We understand it seems like a time consuming and overwhelming undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the right tools that help […]
Productivity Get Sh*t Done with Moxi Marketing The Moxi Marketing suite has evolved just in time for the ramp-up to busy season. With Advertise Your Listing, Moxi Insights, and Moxi Publish, now comes a new update so agents can advertise themselves 24/7. With over two billion active people on Facebook, we felt it was important, no, vital for agents to showcase themselves […]
Productivity Five Steps to Ultimate Success in 2018 By Tiana Baur It’s the first quarter of 2018, which means it’s time to #GetShitDone (did you know that’s MoxiWorks’ company motto?!). Right here and now is the time to check off all the items that will soar you into your most successful and self-fulfilling year yet. And let’s face it, the one thing on […]
Moxi Partners How to survive tax season as an independent contractor By Maddie Jostol As an independent contractor, you’re running your own business – and you experience all of the perks and challenges that come with that. Tax season isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s particularly frustrating as a 1099 independent contractor. We all experience the same thing year over year. Tax season arrives, and it’s […]
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Productivity Find (and Keep) Your Talent By  Jillian Igarashi It’s that time of year again – time for us to renew our gym memberships, swear off holiday desserts forever (or at least until next December), and set lofty, life-changing goals for ourselves. You may love or hate New Year’s resolutions, but no one can deny the importance of setting goals. Ask […]
Productivity How to Set Your Business Goals for 2018 By Tiana Baur  The year is coming to an end and it’s time for a moment of reflection. How close are you to hitting your goal this year and where were you this time last year? Are you guilty of setting lame, mediocre goals? There is a right way and a wrong way to set […]
MoxiWorks My Proudest Moment as a Moxian By Regina Kelley, Senior Manager, PMO & Quality Assurance I love what I do here at Moxi! I have been a Moxian for almost five years and have had the opportunity to wear many different hats in that time. My role has morphed and changed, year over year thanks to my amazing and supportive manager, […]
Productivity 2018 Business Planning for Agents  By Maddie Jostol Real estate agents: Now is the time to start your 2018 business plan. The end of the year arrived quickly (as always), which has most of us reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the coming year. As an agent, what’s your plan for ensuring next year is even more […]
Productivity Will Redfin’s Giant Team Take Your Market Share? By Tiana Baur Redfin’s stock dropped 5.45 percent last week when Compass announced their plan of world domination. Although, it was primarily due to their poor Q3 earnings release, falling short of analyst estimates, and we’ll go ahead and mention the fact they currently only serve 0.71 percent of the U.S. housing market… BUT they’re […]
Productivity How to Implement Naming and Folder Architectures at Your Brokerage By Andrew E. If you handle marketing or create content for your brokerage, have we got a treat for you. Incorporating a folder architecture and file naming convention for your brokerage’s data management system can do wonders for boosting brokerage efficiency and agent productivity. Setting up a standardized way of naming and finding all brokerage […]
Productivity Why Agents Are Loving Advertise Your Listing By Tiana Baur Advertise Your Listing is a newly launched Facebook Ad tool from MoxiWorks that allows agents who just won a listing to create a Facebook ad for said listing with ease. By ease, we mean in three steps and typically in less than five minutes. Advertise Your Listing helps you impress your clients, […]
Productivity 10 Easy Ways Agents Can Run a More Profitable Business By Tiana Baur There are some simple, yet essential ways to make sure your business is as profitable and thriving as it can be. These ten tips will hopefully serve as a check list for when tax season comes around, as well as the rest of the year in order to prepare and set your […]
Productivity Positioning Your Value Proposition Against Zillow Instant Offers By Tiana Baur, Content Marketing Manager We’ve been talking a lot about Zillow Instant Offers. At some point, there will be buzz in your offices about them and your agents need to know how to clearly articulate their value. In our last post on this topic, we talked about what they potentially mean for real estate […]
Productivity Instant Offers and what to do about them By Tiana Baur 2017 has brought a lot of change and disruption to the real estate industry; some good, others upsetting at the very least. In the spring, Zillow announced Instant Offers, allowing homeowners to potentially cut out the agent. This is one of many efforts to remove real estate agents from the transaction, but […]
Productivity This Presentation Tool Wins More Business By Tiana Baur Moxi Works recently conducted a case study on our popular presentation and CMA product. Why? Well, we were curious to see how agents performed when they used the product vs. how they performed when they didn’t. To do this, we chose Windermere Real Estate agents in Western Washington as the sample for the case […]
Productivity How to Compete as Redfin Lowers Their Listing Fees By Maddie Jostol Redfin recently rolled out an initiative to drop their listing fees, significantly undercutting the average listing fee. The company tested the strategy in major markets, such as Washington D.C., Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego and, not surprisingly, saw a substantial increase in business. In many of these markets, the typical listing […]