Productivity Positioning Your Value Proposition Against Zillow Instant Offers By Tiana Baur, Content Marketing Manager We’ve been talking a lot about Zillow Instant Offers. At some point, there will be buzz in your offices about them and your agents need to know how to clearly articulate their value. In our last post on this topic, we talked about what they potentially mean for real estate […]
Productivity Instant Offers and what to do about them By Tiana Baur 2017 has brought a lot of change and disruption to the real estate industry; some good, others upsetting at the very least. In the spring, Zillow announced Instant Offers, allowing homeowners to potentially cut out the agent. This is one of many efforts to remove real estate agents from the transaction, but […]
Productivity This Presentation Tool Wins More Business By Tiana Baur Moxi Works recently conducted a case study on our popular presentation and CMA product. Why? Well, we were curious to see how agents performed when they used the product vs. how they performed when they didn’t. To do this, we chose Windermere Real Estate agents in Western Washington as the sample for the case […]
Productivity How to Compete as Redfin Lowers Their Listing Fees By Maddie Jostol Redfin recently rolled out an initiative to drop their listing fees, significantly undercutting the average listing fee. The company tested the strategy in major markets, such as Washington D.C., Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego and, not surprisingly, saw a substantial increase in business. In many of these markets, the typical listing […]
Productivity How to Compete with Big Signing Bonuses By Maddie Jostol The competition is heating up in real estate. Inventory is tight, agents are competitive, and brokerages are desperately trying to recruit. With a new generation of agents in the real estate world, the way in which successful brokerages approach recruiting has taken a significant turn. Companies, such as Compass, have huge funding […]
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