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Real Estate Marketing Differentiating Your Content Between Social Media Channels By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  The number of social media users worldwide is estimated to reach an excess of 2.77 billion by 2019, so if you aren’t currently incorporating it into your marketing efforts, you’re going to want to start – ASAP. Not only does it give you access to this booming population of users […]
Real Estate Marketing Smart Homes: What Agents Need to Know in Order to Effectively Market Them By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  The technology available at our fingertips continues to become seemingly more advanced by the second, and our dependence on it to perform even the smallest of tasks appears to be increasing along with it. Smart technology is now making its way into our homes, intending to make our lives easier […]
Real Estate Marketing Give Your Agents the Gift of Easier Marketing By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager  Agents are looking for support from their brokerage to help them grow their business. Brokerages have to weigh where their support is most needed and best utilized. The competition to recruit agents is heating up, which puts pressure on your brokerage to deliver on agent’s needs. You strive to offer […]
Real Estate Marketing 5 Ways to Do Great Marketing on a Tight Budget By Maddie Jostol Marketing can feel like a necessary evil. It’s easy to get overly stressed, especially for new agents just getting into the real estate game. Being an agent is already a busy routine and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless options when it comes to marketing. Which strategies should you actually […]
Real Estate Marketing 5 Tips to Generating More Leads on Facebook By Maddie Jostol Homeowners now expect social media and digital marketing to be a part of an agent’s marketing plan. Yes, expect. We live in a digital world and with tools like social media, agents can up their marketing game and expose a listing to a massive audience with the click of a button. Digital […]
Integration How INRIX Drive Time® Wins Business By Maddie Jostol We dedicate a huge portion of our lives to commuting. Commutes continue to get longer, hugely affecting where people choose to live. The average American commutes over 25 minutes each way to and from work, according to Business Insider. This is the longest it’s been since the Census began tracking commute time […]
Real Estate Marketing You Don’t Need to be a Facebook Expert: The #1 Way to Reap the Benefits By Tiana Baur The Facebook community has more people in it than the population of China. The sheer amount of people on the social network make it hard to ignore – even for our industry. When compared to other small businesses, 79% of real estate businesses have Facebook accounts. Which to be honest, is a […]
Real Estate Marketing 6 Tips for Promoting a New Listing You won a new listing! …Now what? It’s time to start marketing. With two goals (selling the home and showing the client you put forth a satisfactory marketing effort), listing promotion can be a challenge. Here are six tips for listing promotion, using the tools you already have.   1. Segment your CRM Start with […]
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