3 Social-Distancing Friendly Alternatives to Your Typical Day in Real Estate

social-distancing friendly alternatives



We’re in this together — separately. Real Estate has always been a relationship-first type of industry, and during this situation, many agents and brokerages have gotten creative in pivoting to social-distancing friendly alternatives to their typical day in real estate. We’ve put our heads together to come up with 3 new ways to conduct your typical flow of business.



Number One – Buyer Seminars

Brokerages Holding Buyer Q&As or First-Time Homebuyer Seminars

You know the drill: an agent looking to drum-up buyer business partners up with a loan officer, orders a bunch of pizzas, and walks a group of neighbors and friends through all the ins and outs of home ownership. Those clients leave feeling less afraid of buying their first home and ready to evaluate their buying power. But, if we shouldn’t have people gathering in groups – especially in public spaces and sharing food – how do we recreate that atmosphere?


Host a Facebook Live Happy Hour to answer questions live for your sphere.

Agents for their sphere, or Brokerages for your entire company — start up a regular cadence of providing this kind of information virtually. Recreate the laid-back mood of pizza in a lounge by setting up a time that you’ll be Live on Facebook to answer questions and share info. Invite your friends and followers to ‘BYOS’ (bring your own snacks) and submit their questions through the comments section.




Number Two – The Pop-By

Dropping off ‘Pop-by’ Gifts for Your A-list Clients

A thematic pun, a thoughtful gift — this classic sales tactic perseveres because honestly, who doesn’t enjoy giving and receiving presents? However, now is not the time to be out and about, ringing doorbells or knocking on doors. We need to respect that some homes have residents whose immune systems need to be protected at all costs.


Send a digital gift card to your typical pop-by recipients.

Many large brands, but also a lot of small businesses, offer digital purchase and delivery of gift certificates. What are your clients probably looking for right now: Groceries? Entertainment? Send them a gift card for grocery delivery or to download a new eBook or movie!




Number Three – SOI Groups

Staying Top-of-mind by Staying in Sight

If your communication strategy depends on regularly scheduled meetings, you may have to pivot how you stay in touch with those individuals. Perhaps your business revolves around a community that you regularly meet with — outside of real estate. Many agents have spheres of business that involve their religious congregation, a work-out group, children’s sports team, or other gathering that is now on hiatus due to distancing orders.


Same Sphere, New Routine

Bring those groups together virtually, and be the shepherd that facilitates camaraderie and communication. Maybe your weekend bike-ride buddies can’t come out, so jump on a video chat and reminisce about some of the best trips you’ve taken. Got a group that normally goes to yoga? Ask your yogi to host a personal live video class for you and your crew!



What do I do now?

Just because we’ve had to change the ways we communicate and engage, doesn’t mean you need to fundamentally change the way you do real estate business. Here’s an exercise. Get a motivating beverage, sit in a comfy chair and do the following.

  1. Get out a sheet of paper and pen (or the doodle app on your smart device, whatever) and make a rough itinerary of a typical day-in-the-life of your business. Or – even better – what do you wish a typical day was like?
  2. Then, look at each activity and think about a creative way to engage your sphere virtually or digitally.
  3. Third step? Do it.
    Now is the best time to try something new. We’re all more forgiving and understanding during the current crisis. We all enjoy something outside the mundane when we’re getting itchy waiting for this ‘storm’ to pass.


Did it succeed? Share your story! Did it flop? Learning opportunity.



Consider investing in the human element of your business. We’re all in this together, and for many that means ‘paycheck-to-paycheck’ isn’t even an option. Were you working with first-time homebuyers that may now need rent assistance? Find all of your community resources and be an advocate for your eventual-client to stay solvent so that when the time is right, they will qualify for their mortgage. You are their expert in real estate, their guide, and you can do that before and after a transaction – not just during.



Looking for more guidance? Explore MoxiWorks resources specifically around productivity, education, and positivity during the COVID-19 situation.


April 2, 2020  |  June Laves, Sr. Marketing Manager

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4 Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities

Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator at MoxiWorks  |  March 24, 2020


Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities


It’s a time of global uncertainty, due to COVID-19, the epidemic that has disrupted the world. We’ve seen the anxiety-inducing statistics on job uncertainty, food scarcity, deaths, and more. The combination of it all is showing us the true magnitude of the current state of our world. While we’re not sure of what’s to come for certain, we know as a community we must jump in and help where we can.


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
– Coretta Scott King


Real estate brokers are an integral part of their communities and experts in the residents, businesses, and structures that make a neighborhood ‘home.’ As such, brokers and their agents are poised to be great community leaders and supporters during this time. We’ve put together a list of recommendations and want to hear from you as well!


1. Support local restaurants

Seattle streets are much quieter these days for obvious reasons, with one of them being the empty tables in restaurants — a trend fast occurring across the country. We know we can’t dine-in, but don’t forget that many restaurants are offering take out, and it’s essential to their survival. Support your community by ordering takeout.

Fun idea: Virtually cater for your agents! Let all agents order lunch on you for company moral! Share your support on social media to encourage others to follow in your footsteps! Not only can you promote positivity and camaraderie amongst your company, you continue to support your market’s economy.


2. Check in with your neighbors

These times are difficult for many, physically and mentally. You could be struggling personally to care for  someone who’s been infected with COVID-19. Or, perhaps you’ve upended your day-to-day routine and are now working from home. Especially difficult, maybe you’re self-isolating due to a pre-existing condition and feel uncertain about your safety. While we shouldn’t be physically close to each other, with technology we have the ability to all stay connected. Even from miles away, what you post online has the ability to shift someone’s mindset on the situation. Let’s keep content optimistic, light-hearted, and inspiring to keep our mental states up high.

Fun idea: check-in with your partner businesses like mortgage lenders, moving companies, or home repair persons and share each other’s stories.


3. Reach out to nonprofits

Many nonprofits around your city are constantly providing shelter, food, and support for members of your community — even during pandemics that close other public places. Call around to local nonprofits and decide who needs what most. In our current situation, these groups are running out of food to distribute. Feeding our community and staying healthy is important for us to move past this.


4. Help seniors who are most at risk

It’s a fact that older people and people with pre-existing health conditions are most vulnerable to COVID-19. There are multiple things we can do to keep this group of people healthy and safe.

  • Grab groceries for those who are at risk or those that are shut-in. Drop the groceries off at their door to keep your distance.
  • Facetime self-quarantined individuals to keep them socialized and less lonely
  • No tech? Start a letter-writing campaign to individuals in nursing facilities who can’t visit their friends and loved-ones face to face currently.


Now is the time to think outside your office walls and see how you can help your community.

Together we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.

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How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager


real estate closing thank you letter

We might be living in a digital age, but a handwritten note goes a long way. No matter what generation your buyer or seller clients falls into, when you close a real estate sale, make sure you take the extra effort to put together a nicely written real estate closing thank you letter delivered via snail mail.

Remember, for you the sale is one of many as it’s something you walk people through regularly, but for your client, it’s likely something they’ll only experience a few times in their life. Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant financial moves people will make in their lives, so treating the closing process as such is important to ensure they feel taken care of.

For many, buying or selling a home is an emotional process in which the guidance of a real estate agent makes all the difference. Particularly for first time buyers, a little extra TLC can go a long way. In real estate, a closing thank you letter is a great way to remind your clients how much you care, show your professionalism, and foster loyalty amongst your clients in addition to generating referral business.

First, a few general tips:

  • Deliver the thank you note via snail mail and send it to their new address as a welcome message to their new home.
  • Make it personal. Add in specifics for why you enjoyed working with them and why you’re excited they found their dream home.
  • Not one with words? Don’t worry, it can be short and sweet. It’s the gesture that matters.
  • Don’t be afraid to remind them you’re available to help their friends and family as a way of generating referral business.


Real estate closing thank you letter for buyers:

Here’s the gist:

  • Acknowledge how happy you are for them
  • Wish them well in their new home
  • Extend an offer to help them with anything else or answer questions

And here’s the template (buyers):

Dear xx,

It has been such a joy helping you find your dream home! I wish you and your family a joyful future making memories in this home.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns and know that I am happy to help should you or family or friends have any real estate needs in the future.

Looking forward to keeping in touch as you settle into your new home.




Real estate closing thank you letter for sellers:

Here’s the gist:

  • Thank them for trusting you to help them through the process
  • Wish them well in their next move
  • Extend an offer to help them with any questions or additional real estate needs

And here’s the template (sellers):

Dear xx,

Thank you for trusting me to help guide you through the sale of your home. I understand what a big step this is and I’m so thankful we were able to get you a great result.

It’s been such a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best in your next move. Please know that I’m still available to answer any questions and help in any way, and I hope you’ll think of me next time you or your friends or family have any real estate needs that I can help with.




Sending a personalized thank you note when you close a real estate transaction is a small act that will go a long way. Your real estate business is dependent on relationships, so actions like this are important, but don’t forget to keep in touch past the sale. Follow up again on their housiversary and keep them in the loop with real estate news and local market updates.

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10 Things for Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Plan

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

summer real estate marketing planIt’s May. The sun’s out, summer’s right around the corner, and after a bustling spring, the beach is most definitely calling your name. While this time of year tends to bring with it a major slump in business for many industries, real estate is quite the opposite – the busy season is just ramping up.

Warm weather drives communities to get out and about, creating endless opportunities for you to engage with your sphere and strengthen relationships. With a few seasonal tweaks to your already killer marketing plan, you’ll be generating leads and boosting your reputation before you know it.

Here are a few must-haves for your summer marketing plan this year:

1. Pop-By Gifts

Never heard of a Pop-By Gift? Well, now you have! They’re essentially small gifts that you can leave on client’s doorstep. They should be low-cost but serve as a nice reminder that you’re there if they find themselves ready to buy or sell a home.

Get out, enjoy the sun and pay your clients a visit. Check out this Pinterest page for a dose of Pop-By Gift inspiration!

2. Referral drive

According to a study by Nielson, people are 4 times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend. To take advantage of this buying tendency, consider running a campaign centered around referrals to encourage your clients to talk about you and your biz while they’re out enjoying the season with family and friends.

Pro tip: Make a flashy presentation using MoxiPresent with an introduction video, info about why they should work with you, and all the deets about your business. Post it on social media to make it super easy for clients to share it with others!

3. Event

Do you love to barbecue? Obsessed with playing badminton at the park? Whatever your summer activity of choice is, make it a small event for your business and invite clients to join in on the fun.

Pro tip: Make sure to invite clients that you’ve worked with before who are willing to brag about you to your other prospects. First-hand reviews tend to be the most powerful!

4. Play ball

Well, you don’t actually have to play it, but you should at least watch it! Pro baseball games are a great excuse to treat clients to a night out without completely breaking the bank. Not to mention that they tend to be pretty long, giving you plenty of time to get the scoop on what’s happening in your clients’ worlds and search for opportunities to help them out.

5. Summer photo contest

While you’re busy chugging away at generating engagement and converting leads, live vicariously through your clients by getting a glimpse into their summer vacations. Host a contest on social media for the coolest/funkiest house your followers can find during their travels. Have them post it (and tag you in it, of course) and reward the winner with a pair of tickets to a local event. Not only does this spread the word about you and your business, but it gives them a fun outdoor activity for their vacation.

6. Summer themed swag

Who doesn’t love some free swag? Take advantage of days at the beach or park to pass out branded water bottles, personal fans, sunscreen, or koozies. Whatever it is, take the opportunity to spread the word about your brand while your community is out and about.

Pro tip: Consider including an invite for a coffee date with you along with your swag. Even if they simply want to hear your take on the current state of the market, it creates an opportunity to talk real estate, make a new connection, and grow your sphere. You never know what kind of lucrative opportunity it could turn into!

7. Go mobile

With people constantly on the go this season, make sure your reaching them in ways that will follow them wherever they go. Sending out neighborhood snapshots via email and advertising your listings and services on social media is a great way to make sure you stay top-of-mind, regardless of what your clients are up to.

8. Hit the major holidays

With holidays like the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and the back to school push in your future, make sure you have fun content lined up to make the most of it! Consider incorporating holiday themed content into your email campaigns and themed cookies at your open houses. Celebrating alongside your clients will only boost your reputation and give them a positive association with your business.

9. Follow the weather

Do you notice an extra hot day coming up? Send your clients a list of local indoor activities to help them escape the heat. These lists could include:

  • Favorite ice cream spots
  • Current movies playing at the local theater
  • New pop-up shops to check out
  • Indoor concerts

10. Think local

School’s out for the summer, and clients will be on the prowl for activates to keep their kids busy. Instead of feeling the need to look for activities in the local paper, do the work for them and give them a weekly activity update on your social media!

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How to Reach Your Sphere of Influence When It Matters Most

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager


How to Reach Your Sphere of Influence

Timing is everything. 75% of sellers and 68% of buyers end up working with the first agent they get in touch with (NAR). So, unless you’re already in flow with someone, it’s unlikely you’ll win their business. And that’s out of pure lack of visibility. You weren’t their first. It’s no longer good enough to be able to be found, but instead, you need to be actively communicating with your sphere of influence (SOI) in order to stay top-of-mind. This way, the next time one of your contacts is even toying with the idea of making a move, you’re the first one they’ll call, and you’ll be there to help before they even consider working with another agent.

Growing and nurturing your sphere of influence is a key tactic to business growth in today’s competitive landscape. Focusing on driving repeat and referral business could make all the difference in reaching your income goals and growing your business. A typical REALTOR receives 12% of their business from repeat clients, and 17% through referrals (NAR). Agents who do not make the effort to market to their sphere of influence are likely leaving money on the table. Growing and maintaining your personal database is a high-quality source of business that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Tips for reaching your sphere of influence

The art of long-term nurturing can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be as all-consuming as it may seem. The key is to apply a combination of timely, personal touchpoints with set-it-and-forget-it marketing programs. In order to effectively stay top-of-mind with your sphere of influence, the first step is to get a system in place that will support all of your marketing and sales activities. Embrace a system, whatever that system is. Any technology tool is only effective if you actually use it. If you’re just getting ramped up with MoxiEngage, here are some resources for getting started.

An easy set-it-and-forget-it marketing method that is a no-brainer for agents is to sign your contacts up for automated market snapshots. If you’re a MoxiEngage user, you know this as Neighborhood News. This type of automated marketing keeps you in flow with your contact database in a relevant, useful way, without you having to do a thing. When consumers receive market snapshots of their local market with your face on it, they’ll be reminded of who their real estate expert is and be appreciative of the high-value report that keeps them in touch with what’s happing in their own neck of the woods.

For more personal touchpoints, leverage data to keep tabs on everyone in your sphere of influence and build stronger relationships. Typical agents have hundreds of contacts in their database, so keeping up with what’s happening in everyone’s lives isn’t quite realistic. Insights, for example, is the predictive analytics tool available to MoxiEngage users that augments an agent’s database with public records data so they can get to know everyone in their sphere of influence better, faster. Most importantly, it pings you when someone in your sphere is likely to list so you can prioritize who you follow up with. When you have hundreds of people to stay in flow with, it’s vital that you find a way to prioritize who you should reach out to, check in on, and follow up with today in order to win more business tomorrow.

Special dates are another a great excuse to reach out to your old clients and contacts. Holidays and annual reminders are a great set-it-and-forget-it tactic, while reaching out to congratulate them on personal special dates such as house-versaries, birthdays, and anniversaries reminds them that they’re a priority.

To closing and beyond with your sphere of influence

Closing a sale is only the beginning. Once you delight your clients with outstanding service, you want to stay in touch with them long after the sale, remaining their go-to real estate expert so that next time they’re thinking of buying or selling a home (or they’re talking to a friend who is), you’re the one who comes to mind. Get a system in place, along with scalable marketing tactics, that enables you to effectively keep track of everyone in your sphere of influence, so you can grow that influence, and in turn, grow your real estate business.

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How Brokerages Save Money While Connecting with Agent Spheres

By Bryn Yasui, Customer Support Specialist at MoxiWorks

Agents Spheres with PublishMost people don’t realize that an agent needs to wear multiple hats every day in their position. You are your own accountant, a superior negotiator, and an expert salesperson all within one role. Selling homes is an ambitious feat to take on with so many responsibilities to be successful at the end of the day. One driving component of the real estate industry will never lose its value — connectivity. A successful real estate agent thrives off of strong customer relations.

Every agent has their own sphere of influence that stretches its branches further and further, growing their network. With those agent spheres of influence, how can you not only nurture and expand your agent sphere but take it to the next level while saving precious time and money? We’ve got you covered.

A new way to connect with agent spheres.

At MoxiWorks, we are continuously ideating ways to improve our agents’ business in the most cost effective and timely way possible. Before an agent even begins to show listings and make sales, they are reaching out to all of their contacts for any potential homebuyers — an extremely time-consuming task that most agents can’t afford to fit into their hectic schedules. We would like to introduce Publish to you if you aren’t already utilizing the enormous potential it has to offer.

With Publish, you can not only preserve those connections but increase them faster than ever. The good news is that users of MoxiPresent already have access to Publish in their MoxiWorks account. You are literally only a few clicks away from being at the forefront of expanding your agent sphere like never before.

The power of Publish.

At no additional cost, Publish can help agents, brokers, and office managers increase their relevance with little to no effort required. The good news is users of MoxiPresent and MoxiEngage already have this feature at their fingertips. We have integrated the capabilities of Publish in your CMA tool, MoxiPresent, and your CRM, MoxiEngage to make it as user-friendly, modern, and dynamic for your business.

Deliver engaging 360-degree virtual tours via Matterport and MoxiPresent to dazzle potential buyers. Make lasting impressions to synchronized members of your agent sphere in MoxiEngage with regularly automated personalized messages. Hyper-localize your community with invites to house showings, social mingles, or client appreciation events in the area. Publish is the secret advantage tool that instantly turns agents into master marketers.

Like staying in touch with a friend, regular communication is the name of the game for real estate success. Say goodbye to spending hours sending individual holiday wishes, greeting cards, and newsletters to clients. Through Publish, you can modify the way you reach out to clients and potential leads while saving your valuable time.

“Publish was at the inception pretty pure: give brokerages a way to push that content out to agents and for agents to push it out to their contacts. We wanted to automate it so it was easier for them,” said Jillian Igarashi, Director of Project Management.

Ways to stay connected with agent spheres.

Say you are an agent part of a multi-state brokerage who is selling listings for another neighborhood you’re not acquainted with. This new program also gives office managers and admin who know those specific areas better than anyone else the ability to tailor and contribute their local knowledge to boost your sales.

Although Publish gives power to office admin and brokers in your business endeavors, it doesn’t have to be that way. We understand that real estate agents are their own bosses and they still have that authority with Publish.

“The sky’s the limit and whatever the brokerage wants to push out to the agents, they now can. They can access a consumer database they weren’t able to before,” Igarashi said. “Consumer database was very private before but now office managers and brokerages can create and offer their own values, brand, knowledge, contacts, campaigns to the agents and they have the choice of saying yes or no to it.”

What differentiates Publish from other online automated marketing tools out there is the interactive experience that follows from a typical email. With our other powerful programs meshed into Publish, you can go above and beyond with the way you communicate to your agent sphere.

Want to see for yourself how beneficial Publish could be for your brokerage today? Contact your Account Manager at your brokerage for more information or visit our blog to find out more information on Publish.

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4 Efficient Ways to Organize Client Contacts

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager

Organize your real estate client contactsYour database of contacts is only as good as the data you put in. It is absolutely vital for real estate agents to keep their database up-to-date, complete, and well segmented in order to get full value out of it. Segmentation enables you to group your contacts based on requirements that fit your sales process. Reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

In MoxiEngage, for example, we call them Groups. Associate your contacts with certain groups so that you can effectively filter your database, include groups in marketing campaigns, or reach out to certain segments.

Below are four efficient ways to organize clients contacts in order to keep your database neat and tidy and reap all of its benefits.

1. How you know them

Have a bunch of contacts from your son’s years of playing select soccer? Or from the charity auction you help plan every year? Or maybe from that sewing class you go to occasionally? Whatever it is, consider grouping contacts based on how you know them. Not only will this jog your memory and help you keep track of the hundreds of people in your sphere, but it will also enable you to plan events that gather these like-minded people together, since most of them will know each other as well.

2. Interests

When you group people based on common interests, you can keep them engaged in ways that matter to them. Group together your dog lovers, your baseball fanatics, and those who like to fish. This way, you can send them tailored content that is relevant to them and their lives. When you go to host meet-ups or local events, you’ll know exactly who to invite, by reaching out to your groups with relevant interests.

3. Likeliness to buy

If you want a more fluid system, organize client contacts based on where they are in your sales funnel. Most agents already have a system in place, whether it’s a 1-2-3, A-B-C, or hot-warm-cold system. The key here is that you have to be committed to keeping your database updated and squeaky clean. This type of system only works if you keep these groups updated, so you’re sending the right people the right information. Nobody wants to receive a “have you considered selling?” email from an agent they just purchased a house with.

4. Past clients

This is your starting lineup. These are the people who are in your camp. They’re your biggest fans, who you should take particularly good care of. When you purchase a table at a charity event and can invite six people – this is the group you go to first. Or, when you host a community event, you add these people to the Facebook event invite because you know they’ll get everyone else excited about it. When you need new testimonials for your website, these are the people who are more than willing to take a few minutes to talk about their experience working with you.

Keeping in touch with your past clients is a vital piece to growing your repeat and referral business. When you have a well-organized, up-to-date database, your life as a real estate agent becomes infinitely more simple. Your marketing efforts go further and you see more engagement from your sphere of influence. After all, your sphere is the future of your business, so make sure you show it some care.

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6 Ways to Engage with Your Sphere This Fall

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

sphere engagement header imageAh, fall. The time of the year when it suddenly becomes socially acceptable (if not encouraged) to drink pumpkin spiced lattes with virtually every meal as we all helplessly watch our timelines get taken over by “throwing leaves” pics.

Aside from the pumpkin overload and sweater weather, fall also brings tons of new opportunities to engage with your sphere. Here are a few fall inspired ideas to kick-start your sphere marketing this season!

Treat or treat. Leave out the tricks and go straight for the treats. Hosting an open house? Better serve up some pumpkin pies or leaf-shaped cookies to spice it up. We could pretend that we’re all talented enough at baking to pull this one off on our own, but we’re not, so here’s a Pinterest page for some quality fall dessert inspiration.

Provide the swag. Fall sports are in full swing, which means that parents are dropping some serious cash on new gear for their kids. Consider taking the edge off by sponsoring a children’s sports team and buying them some swag (sweatshirts, water bottles, after-game snacks, etc.) Take it a step further and purchase branded blankets for the parents who spend countless chilly fall nights sitting in the bleachers. It’s a great opportunity to grow your sphere while creating a positive association with your brand from the get-go.

Give the ugly pumpkins some love. People get strangely into pumpkins this time of year, so why not have some fun with it? Host a competition for who can find the funkiest looking pumpkin. Have them send you pictures and feature the winner on your social media! Not only is something fun and different, but it’s an excuse to drive engagement that goes both ways.

Do some good. Take on the cold weather by hosting your own event to collect warm coats, hats, and gloves for those in need. It’s a great way to give back to your community while also engaging with your sphere in a positive way. Don’t forget to spread the word about your event on your blog, social media and monthly newsletter!

Up your photography game. With fall comes beautiful landscapes and an abundance of vibrant colors. Highlight the season by hiring a local high school photographer to capture some fresh Insta-worthy images. It’s a great way to mix up your content with a seasonal vibe that your audience will love, without breaking the bank.

Share the DIYs. The world of DIY (Do it Yourself) goes absolutely bonkers during this time of year. If you try any DIY costume or decoration making, document it on your social media – even if it turns out to be a comedic DIY fail. Keep your eyes out for any sharable home decorating how-to articles that your clients will love!

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Client Milestones: Find out When Your Clients Might Be Ready to Move

client milestones header imageLife isn’t like a crystal ball where you instantly see all of the answers. It’s more like a magic eight ball that we’re all constantly shaking until we get the answer we’re hoping will appear. Frankly, it’s kind of like how we’re always reaching out to our spheres, hoping someone will stick their hand up and say they’re ready to buy or list their home with us. It takes endless amounts of effort and can grow discouraging rather quickly.

But, what if there was a way you could at least get pointed in the right direction? Something to tell you when someone in your sphere is getting ready to move for a variety of life reasons. Well, it exists. It’s called Moxi Insights and here’s what it will tell you:

Below are a variety of client milestones that will appear as badges in your Moxi Engage CRM when you have a Moxi Insights subscription, next to anyone and everyone that they apply to. How? Moxi Engage has the technology to pull in loads of public data and make it digestible for users that opt into Moxi Insights. It’s basically information we could all go out and research or pay for and eventually find, since it is public, but it would take days, weeks, months, even years to gather it all up. Moxi Insights does it for your entire sphere within minutes.

Let’s go over the milestones:

Starting a Family

Baby on the way? Chances are, people are looking to either get their first home, or might be looking to upgrade if they have more little ones than rooms. When one of the hundreds of people in your sphere are growing their family (that has to be quite a few people in one year’s time, right?), you’ll see it right in your CRM. That’s right – you’ll see a bright colored badge next to every person this applies to. Use it as an opportunity to reach out, check in, and remind them you got their back.


What does graduation mean? You guessed it – downsizing! When the little ones leave the nest, the nest wants to get smaller. Write them and remind them that you’re around when they feel they’re ready to sell said nest – especially because selling a home with that many memories in it can be tough. Tell them you’re there for them and, if they confirm their kids are leaving for college, send the kid a graduation present. It might go farther than you think! Aka that kid might use you as their agent when they’re ready to get into homeownership.

Living “Below Their Means”

Plot twist: not a client milestone per say, but something you should know nonetheless. When someone is living well below their means it could be because they’ve been saving up to purchase that dream home or they’re looking at getting a vacation home or cabin somewhere. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help them move locally, but also get that referral fee if they buy out of city or out of state.

Throw down the magic eight ball and stop driving yourself crazy over guessing when people may or may not be looking to move. Real estate is based off many life events and knowing when someone in your sphere is going through one can make all the difference in the world. Not only will it look like you genuinely care and are keeping up with them, it also places you at the top-of-mind peak at the most opportune time.

Find out more about this insane tool here. 

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Agent Marketing

By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager

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With new marketing tools hitting the market daily, it’s up to you to navigate the changing market, putting in place a marketing strategy that works for you. There are so many marketing trends buzzing – Snapchat, live video, search engine optimization, hyper-local, drones, and more. Drones? Yes, drones. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, the real estate industry will account for approximately 22% of commercial drone use (source). That’s right, crazy things are happening. Regardless of what’s trendy at the moment, we’ve outlined the do’s and don’ts of agent marketing to help guide your strategy.


1. Use video

It’s all about video right now, and video isn’t going anywhere. It’s become the easiest way for consumers to consume content and gives marketers the opportunity to engage with their audience on an entirely new level. As an agent, video is a major opportunity for you. With the outstanding quality of smartphone cameras and the simple online tools offered inexpensively, it’s easy for anyone to create video content without high production costs or know-how.

Use video to add variation to your website, to engage with followers on social media, to showcase your expertise of the local area, to make your CMAs more engaging, and to thank your clients. The possibilities are endless.

2. Make it personal

This is where you will stand out from the crowd. What makes you an outstanding agent in a sea of good agents is providing your clients with a personalized, exceptional experience. Begin this experience with your marketing. Your CMAs should be personally tailored, your follow-up with leads should be specific to their request, and your communications should be personalized. Think about ways in which you can add a personal touch to your existing process. Consider adding a welcome video to your presentations, sending a meaningful closing gift, and leveraging your tech tools to remember when clients’ house-versaries are so you can send a card.

3. Appeal to millennials

Millennials are now the largest group of home buyers in the US. While this doesn’t mean you should shift your strategy solely to attracting a millennial audience, it does mean you should keep your eyes peeled for trending strategies that appeal to those 37 and younger. Keep in mind millennials currently make up about 36% of home buyers, and 65% of those are first-time home buyers (NAR). Think about what resources you offer for first-time home buyers and how you could better attract them through sharable content and events.



1. Forget about old clients

Remember: your past clients are your core source for repeat and referral business. These are the keepers of the highest quality leads. Making sure they’re taken care of should be a primary strategy. While it’s easy to close a transaction, thank the clients, and move onto the next, that’s where many agents go wrong. It’s vital that you keep in touch with those clients in the long-run, staying top of mind so that whenever real estate is mentioned, you’re their go-to expert. Yes, this can be time-consuming, so our recommendation is to find ways to automate these touchpoints. Subscribe them to newsletters so you remain relevant, make sure they follow you on social media so you appear on their feeds, and thoroughly thank them for any referrals they send your way.

2. Think social media is overrated

Social media is still an important component of your digital marketing strategy. Instagram is a key platform for people to consume visual content. It’s gaining popularity, meaning Facebook isn’t the only platform you should be focused on anymore. Instagram is a great place for you to share pictures of your listings, walk-though videos, testimonials from happy clients, and day-in-the-life snapshots of being a real estate agent. Facebook is a great place for you to share blogs and other content from your website, and promote new listings by advertising them and sharing reports with clients.

3. Manually track your leads

Rely on a CRM. Now more than ever, we are expected to be on top of our game at all times, knowing exactly where we left off with every lead and client. Let a CRM do the heavy lifting. Save yourself time and effort so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind as you craft a marketing strategy that fits your business. While successful tactics vary by agent, there are some fundamentals that are universal. The life of a real estate agent is a busy one, so make sure your marketing efforts are truly impactful on your business.

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