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MoxiWorks [Watch] The Inventory Shortage w/ York Baur and Matthew Ferrara     It’s been a topic in the news for months, but, is there really an inventory shortage?   And, if so, what can brokers and their agents do to right the ship?   Well, we are thrilled to have a special edition conversation from our resident armchair experts York Baur, MoxiWorks CEO and Matthew […]
Integration Automation: The Secret Weapon for Building Top-of-Mind Awareness By Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator When was the last time you reached out to your sphere with relevant content? Hopefully the answer comes quick, because after all, 41% of buyers choose a real estate agent based on a referral (source). Another stat from NAR indicates that two years after a transaction, only 23% of clients […]
Real Estate Marketing How To Get Your Real Estate Agent Blog to Stand-out June 7, 2020  |  Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator The world is filled with agents. And while you know how valuable you can be to your clients, they might need further convincing. A blog is a great way for you to stand out among your peers. An agent blog is your space on the internet to […]
MoxiWorks 3 Social-Distancing Friendly Alternatives to Your Typical Day in Real Estate     We’re in this together — separately. Real Estate has always been a relationship-first type of industry, and during this situation, many agents and brokerages have gotten creative in pivoting to social-distancing friendly alternatives to their typical day in real estate. We’ve put our heads together to come up with 3 new ways to […]
MoxiWorks 4 Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator at MoxiWorks  |  March 24, 2020     It’s a time of global uncertainty, due to COVID-19, the epidemic that has disrupted the world. We’ve seen the anxiety-inducing statistics on job uncertainty, food scarcity, deaths, and more. The combination of it all is showing us the true magnitude of the current […]
Sphere Marketing How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Closing Thank You Letter By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager   We might be living in a digital age, but a handwritten note goes a long way. No matter what generation your buyer or seller clients falls into, when you close a real estate sale, make sure you take the extra effort to put together a nicely written real […]
Real Estate Marketing 10 Things for Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Plan By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  It’s May. The sun’s out, summer’s right around the corner, and after a bustling spring, the beach is most definitely calling your name. While this time of year tends to bring with it a major slump in business for many industries, real estate is quite the opposite – the busy […]
Sphere Marketing How to Reach Your Sphere of Influence When It Matters Most By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager   Timing is everything. 75% of sellers and 68% of buyers end up working with the first agent they get in touch with (NAR). So, unless you’re already in flow with someone, it’s unlikely you’ll win their business. And that’s out of pure lack of visibility. You weren’t their […]
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Sphere Marketing How Brokerages Save Money While Connecting with Agent Spheres By Bryn Yasui, Customer Support Specialist at MoxiWorks Most people don’t realize that an agent needs to wear multiple hats every day in their position. You are your own accountant, a superior negotiator, and an expert salesperson all within one role. Selling homes is an ambitious feat to take on with so many responsibilities to […]
Sphere Marketing 4 Efficient Ways to Organize Client Contacts By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager Your database of contacts is only as good as the data you put in. It is absolutely vital for real estate agents to keep their database up-to-date, complete, and well segmented in order to get full value out of it. Segmentation enables you to group your contacts based on […]
Sphere Marketing 6 Ways to Engage with Your Sphere This Fall By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  Ah, fall. The time of the year when it suddenly becomes socially acceptable (if not encouraged) to drink pumpkin spiced lattes with virtually every meal as we all helplessly watch our timelines get taken over by “throwing leaves” pics. Aside from the pumpkin overload and sweater weather, fall also brings […]
Sphere Marketing Client Milestones: Find out When Your Clients Might Be Ready to Move Life isn’t like a crystal ball where you instantly see all of the answers. It’s more like a magic eight ball that we’re all constantly shaking until we get the answer we’re hoping will appear. Frankly, it’s kind of like how we’re always reaching out to our spheres, hoping someone will stick their hand up […]
Sphere Marketing The Do’s and Don’ts of Agent Marketing By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager With new marketing tools hitting the market daily, it’s up to you to navigate the changing market, putting in place a marketing strategy that works for you. There are so many marketing trends buzzing – Snapchat, live video, search engine optimization, hyper-local, drones, and more. Drones? Yes, drones. In fact, […]
Sphere Marketing 5 Fun Ways to Engage with Your Sphere By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  Saying that client relationships are tricky is an understatement, everyone knows that. For you as an agent, relationships are more than just tricky – they are the foundation of your career, so keeping them strong and healthy is essential to your success. If you’ve ever been one to miss an […]
Sphere Marketing 3 Creative Ways to Grow Your Sphere This Summer By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  Sphere growth is the bread and butter of your real estate business, as it’s an integral part of keeping business constant and expanding your reach via word of mouth. As we have discussed, keeping your CRM database clean and organized is necessary in order to fully utilize the connections you […]
Sphere Marketing Why Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Winning Listings By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager As a real estate agent, you need to be able to reach out to the right people at the right time, because when it comes to winning listings, it’s all about timing. People tend to work with the agent who contacts them first. In fact, 74% of recent sellers contacted […]
Sphere Marketing How to Prepare Your Clients for Your Vacation By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator  So, you’ve decided to take a vacation. I applaud you for taking initiative to achieve a healthy work-life balance! The bad news – nearly 60% of people say that they continue working while they’re away. As an agent, it can be tough to hit the “off” button, but it’s essential […]
Real Estate Marketing Give Your Agents the Gift of Easier Marketing By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager  Agents are looking for support from their brokerage to help them grow their business. Brokerages have to weigh where their support is most needed and best utilized. The competition to recruit agents is heating up, which puts pressure on your brokerage to deliver on agent’s needs. You strive to offer […]
Sphere Marketing Your Dirty Database Is Eating Away at Your Real Estate Biz By Tiana Baur It’s hard to keep a house clean, but it’s even harder to keep contacts clean. People get married, get divorced, move away; life happens. For all these reasons, it’s extremely important to keep an up-to-date client database so you know you’re putting the right focus and marketing efforts on the right people. […]
Sphere Marketing What Is in Your Wallet? By Matthew Ferrara, renowned Philosopher & Speaker Remember the days when you kept a few business cards of influential people in your wallet or purse? Perhaps they were friends, advisors, peers so important to your career, you never wanted to be without their information handy. Today you store hundreds of these contacts in your smartphone, but […]