Why Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Winning Listings

By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager

winning listings header imageAs a real estate agent, you need to be able to reach out to the right people at the right time, because when it comes to winning listings, it’s all about timing. People tend to work with the agent who contacts them first. In fact, 74% of recent sellers contacted only one agent before finding the right agent they worked with to sell their home (NAR). So, how can you ensure you’re there right when they need you?

In this article, we are going to hit you with the facts and offer up some ideas for how you can make sure you win more listings by reaching out at the perfect time.

First of all, you need to master the art of staying in flow with your sphere. This stands true not just after the sale, but in the long-term. According to NAR, in 2017, sellers had typically lived in their home for 10 years before selling. That’s 10 years that you need to stay top-of-mind with your clients in order to win that repeat business.

Manually keeping track of clients over the years is time consuming and inconsistent. There’s an art to staying in flow with your sphere without costing you a ton of time. Here are a few ways to easily keep in touch with everyone in your sphere:

  • Newsletters – Set it and forget it. Put your marketing touches on autopilot by leveraging automated newsletters. Your sphere will receive valuable reminders that you’re their real estate expert, without you having to invest a ton of time.
  • Social Media – Social media is a great way to stay relevant in the minds of your sphere. Publish helpful, valuable, and engaging content to the masses, and they’ll surely remember you when it comes time to buy or sell. Here are some tips for which social media sites to focus your efforts on.
  • Events – Regularly host events that will bring together people in your sphere. Include those you haven’t talked to in years along with those you communicate with regularly. It builds a sense of community and helps you stay relevant in the minds of past clients.
  • Special Dates – House-versaries, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Use these special dates as a reason to reach out once a year.

Keeping in touch is not only the key to winning repeat business, but it’s essential in winning referral business as well. In 2017, the typical seller has recommended their agent twice since selling their home and 33% of sellers recommended their agent three or more times since selling their home (NAR).

Predictive analytics is gaining popularity in real estate, and rightfully so. Using data to gain predictive insights can enable agents to anticipate who might be gearing up to buy or sell a home. Applying this to your sphere selling methodology means using data to get to know your sphere better. Moxi Insights, for example, auto-fills your Moxi Engage CRM with public data, giving you consumer insights for everyone in your sphere. It then notifies you when someone in your sphere is likely to buy or sell. This type of functionality gives you a leg-up because you can be more strategic about when you reach out to your contacts to check in. It’s like having insider knowledge that allows you to be right on time.

Remember, 89% of buyers say they would use their agent again or recommend their agent to people they know (NAR). Don’t let those listings pass you by. Use timing to your advantage and keep in touch with your sphere so that you’re always there when they or someone they know need you.

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How to Prepare Your Clients for Your Vacation

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

prepare your clients for vacation header So, you’ve decided to take a vacation. I applaud you for taking initiative to achieve a healthy work-life balance! The bad news – nearly 60% of people say that they continue working while they’re away. As an agent, it can be tough to hit the “off” button, but it’s essential in order to truly enjoy your well-deserved time out of the office.

To avoid you becoming the person checking their email at the beach (no one wants to be that person), we’ve compiled a quick pre-vacation checklist to ensure that you can make the most of your trip and feel confident that your business is covered before you take off.

1. Let your clients know ahead of time.

The more notice, the better. Scheduling your vacation as far in advance as possible will make this process run more smoothly – but we get it, things occasionally come up last minute. Regardless of when it happens, send out an email or pick up the phone to let your clients and coworkers know you’ll be leaving the second your plans are solidified. This will remove any potential guilt on your end and they will appreciate your efforts to keep them in the loop.

2. Set expectations.

Make it blatantly clear to clients when you will be leaving and when you will be available again using exact dates and times. No one enjoys feeling overwhelmed the second before a trip, so consider extending the dates you tell your clients by an extra day on either end. This will allow you plenty of time to wrap up last minute tasks without being bombarded by more to-dos prior to your vacation, and a day to ease back into the flow of things upon your return.

3. Prioritize.

To prevent things from getting messy, prioritize exactly what you need to do before you leave and what is best left until after. Make a clear plan of when you will complete your tasks by to avoid leaving everything until the last day which, if you’re anything like me, will already be filled up with the packing you have successfully procrastinated until the very last second to do.

4. Send out a last call email.

You don’t want to leave your clients in the dark, but you also want to enjoy a work-free vacation. In order to accomplish both, send out a “last call” email one week prior to your departure to see if there are any last-minute tasks you can complete before you log out of your email. And just to make things clear, you will be logging off your email. Trust us, it’s a must in order to avoid any temptation to work during your vacation.

5. Set up an automated reply.

Setting up an automated “out-of-office” reply for your email is the key to avoiding any mix-ups and hurt feelings. You want to choose one that leaves a positive feel, possibly even a laugh – so check out this article for some inspiration to get it right.

6. Assign points of contact.

If you are vacationing somewhere where you can absolutely not be reached – good for you. In this case, make sure to dedicate someone to handle emergencies for you in case any arise. Your brokerage manager or someone equivalent will likely do the trick!

Six simple steps to a work-free, stress-free vacation – that’s not so bad, right? Covering all your bases prior to your vacation will ensure that your reputation as an agent remains in-tact and will allow you to rest assured that your vacation will do no harm to your career long-term. Rest, relax & recharge – you’ve earned it!

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Give Your Agents the Gift of Easier Marketing

By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager 

marketingAgents are looking for support from their brokerage to help them grow their business. Brokerages have to weigh where their support is most needed and best utilized. The competition to recruit agents is heating up, which puts pressure on your brokerage to deliver on agent’s needs. You strive to offer your agents best-in-class tools and services but want to ensure your investments will be impactful. We recommend giving your agents the gift of easy marketing.

Marketing can be daunting for agents. After all, marketing has the unfortunate reputation of being time-consuming and expensive, both of which agents rightfully try to avoid. Meanwhile, consumer expectations are rising, and home sellers want to know that their agent is a competent and motivated marketer. Agents are pressured to market listings in a way that meets client expectations, without necessarily having the expertise or bandwidth.

This is where your brokerage comes in. When vetting marketing tools for your agents, focus on these three things:

Ease of use – As with any technology, it’s all about convenience. If it isn’t easy to use, it won’t get used at all. In addition, you don’t want to have to require extensive training with the onboarding of a new system. Choose marketing tools that simplify complicated marketing efforts for your clients.

Time-savings – As independent contractors, real estate agents are running their own business, in a way. This means they’re juggling a lot on a day-to-day basis, so any tool that is going to save them time is going to be a winning solution.

Integration – The fewer login credentials they have to remember and the less data they have to manually enter, the better. If you choose marketing tools that are integrated with systems your agents already use, adoption will be much higher. With adoption comes home sales and happy clients.

We’re operating in a market where recruiting and retaining agents is increasingly difficult. Brokerages are offering everything from over-the-top perks to six-figure signing bonuses. How do you compete with that?

What it comes down to is the support you offer an agent in running their business. Agents are busy – generally, they feel overwhelmed by their to-do list and discover it’s difficult to find a good work/life balance. If you can find more time for your agents, you’ve hit a goldmine. When this happens, their able to grow their business, contributing to their own success as well as your bottom line.

Interested in learning more about the Moxi Marketing suite? Check it out here.

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Your Dirty Database Is Eating Away at Your Real Estate Biz

By Tiana Baur

dirty contact databaseIt’s hard to keep a house clean, but it’s even harder to keep contacts clean. People get married, get divorced, move away; life happens. For all these reasons, it’s extremely important to keep an up-to-date client database so you know you’re putting the right focus and marketing efforts on the right people.

The best way to put it: living with a dirty database is a lot like living with termites. At the beginning it’s not a big deal; there’s not many of them and you probably haven’t even noticed their existence yet. Then, all of a sudden, they creep up on you and before you know it, you have to re-do your basement. As time passes, one out of date contact quickly turns into dozens of contacts. If you could do something today to prevent the flood of bad sphere marketing, would you?

The Solution: Get your contacts cleaned with Concierge.

Concierge is our new-ish MoxiWorks Support offering. One of the ways our MoxiWorks Concierge team helps you is by scrubbing your database of contacts and appending them with the most current data available today. Once it’s been scrubbed, you can choose between uploading the final list yourself or have us do it for you.

Here are the highlights:

  • Identify and merge duplicate records
  • Consolidate contact data for seamless upload and search inside of Moxi Engage
  • + Guaranteed turnaround of two business days

Whether you have us clean your contacts for you or you DIY, these are some marketing tools you’ll be able to use more effectively when that database of yours is squeaky clean:

Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News sends automated market snapshots and overviews, personalized for each subscribed contact in an agent’s Moxi Engage account. These monthly emails keep your sphere up-to-date on market happenings in their part of town. It’s a must-do for all Moxi Engage CRM users as a vital touchpoint.

Moxi Insights

Insights is like concierge, but for extra data you don’t currently have access to, and it lives inside your Moxi Engage CRM. It instantly supplies your database with extensive public data on your sphere. With the subscription of Moxi Insights, you can “set-and-forget,” while it always updates you with the most recent available information out there. Expect to get data from general demographics, housing info, lifestyle choices, financials, and hobbies to where clients/prospects donate and invest their money. Agents can potentially see if their clients have pets, drive certain cars, or if they’re a value shopper. With the help of notifications and badges signaling if they’re highly likely to buy or sell, it’s easy to know how to best conquer your precious (and newly-CLEAN) sphere!

Without a clean database, you’re not able to properly use the powerful tools you have at your disposal. All of this dramatically affects your ability to market to your sphere, the bread and butter of a well-run real estate business. Don’t believe us? See what Matthew Ferrara has to say about it. 

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What Is in Your Wallet?

By Matthew Ferrara, renowned Philosopher & Speaker

contact database cleanliness Remember the days when you kept a few business cards of influential people in your wallet or purse? Perhaps they were friends, advisors, peers so important to your career, you never wanted to be without their information handy. Today you store hundreds of these contacts in your smartphone, but it’s still the same: What’s in your database are your keys to success.

Most of us have a database, filled to overflowing with everyone and anyone we’ve met over the years. If you were to scroll through that list today, you might be surprised to find you recognize only a small percentage of the records. Much like social media accounts, we’ve collected more than we’ve connected with in a meaningful way. Perhaps it’s time for a little housekeeping.

A well curated database should focus on the people who are most influential to your success. The people you’d take a call from at 2am in the morning; or could rely on to answer your email in the same day. Are you developing a list worth more than any other data you could download? If not, start by reducing it to a group of relationships that matter most. Move everything else into a separate address book.

As a salesperson, your sphere of influence is the heart of your business. Every system, tool and technique at your disposal should be aimed at strengthening relationships with this core group of connections. Every part of your growth strategy should start from your clean database of key people: The clients who work with you repeatedly. The friends who refer you regularly. The peers who help you solve problems and delight clients reliably. Only a painstakingly-nurtured database makes this kind of difference in your success.

High performing individuals know the difference between quality and noise. You get noise every day – filtering through dozens of half-baked emails that make it impossible to connect with a real person – when you would have been better off a quality conversation with one past client. It’s not volume, but deepness that matters in a database. Your database should help you recall what’s important to each individual: The depth of their lives, the context of their needs, the details of their last transaction, and their hopes and dreams.

In so many ways, a well-appointed database fuels your prospecting performance. How to reach them is just the beginning: What to say, and why, matters. Whatever the tool – an email, a call, an online ad – your database drives decisions around content and message. The higher the quality, the better the results of every engagement. Strong data goes beyond purchase history: it’s a matter of personal history. It helps you stay connected so strongly, you’re beyond the reaches of any competitor.

A deep database is a powerful asset; it helps build business today. It’s also something to sell in the future. When the time comes for an exit strategy, selling your business will depend upon the value in your database. Potential buyers of your database – a new agent, a growing team – won’t want a mere address book. They will pay for insights, reflections and recommendations on how to transfer your relationships to them. Any artificial intelligence could tell salespeople how to call your people, for a few pennies per contact. But your well-maintained database filled with stories – your human intelligence – will be a priceless ticket to retirement.

If you doubt how important your database is, consider this story: In 2010, the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry’s rolodex sold at auction for about $1200. It contained contact cards for William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and others from the now-famous series. And yet it didn’t do very well at auction because it was just a list of disconnected phone numbers. Nowadays people can connect directly with Shatner and Takei in an instant: They can forge their own relationships for free. A database of contact information is meaningless.

And yet if Shatner were to write a book about those relationships, fans would spend millions to get a copy. A book is just another kind of deep database – one in which context matters more than contacts – chapters more than the index. So, consider your database today. Is it full of clean, deep and high-quality content about the people you consider most important to your business? If so, you’re well on your way to taking your career where few have gone before.

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Why a Clean Database Is the Most Important CRM Strategy

By Tiana Baur

database cleaningYour current and past clients are what gave and continues to give you the entirety of your real estate business, which is why your sphere – or database – is the make or break of your success. It’s the meat and the potatoes, the wheels and the gasoline, the peanut butter and the jelly… you get the point.

The data to back it up

In fact, according to our data, those who converted people in their Moxi Engage CRM, did 40% more business than those who didn’t. To clarify, conversions simply mean moving people through your sales flow in your CRM, from marketing, to prospect, to active, and into pending. Because of this, not having your database be clean and up-to-date, with no duplicates, can mean kissing that 40% goodbye. Let that sink in. Using your CRM is such a simple daily task, that can completely transform your real estate business and put lots more money in your pocket.

Clean up your database by doing nothing

The worst part about this, is that cleaning a database sounds extremely daunting. With everything else going on, it gets pushed down the to-do list time and time again. What if we told you that you could get a clean database in 48 hours by doing practically nothing?

Welcome to Concierge – our new offering to help agents with the busy work. We want to do the heavy lifting, so you can hit the ground running and take full advantage of your MoxiWorks products. Saving time and LOTS of potential frustration.

The MoxiWorks Concierge team helps you by scrubbing your database of contacts and appending them with the most current data available today. Once it’s been scrubbed, you can choose between uploading the final list yourself or have us do it for you. The concierge database clean-up will:

• Identify and merge duplicate records
• Consolidate contact data for seamless upload and search inside of Moxi Engage
• + Guaranteed turnaround of two business days

For reference, the regular contact database clean-up is $150, while the premium contact database clean-up is $300. Our Premium service includes dedicated phone support throughout the process.

What are you waiting for? Save time, enhance the accuracy of your contacts in Moxi Engage, and get that 40% more business you deserve by converting contacts through your sales flow!

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April Listings Bring May Closings: How to Get It Done

By Maddie Jostol

listings season blog header image

As the sun comes out, the listings ramp up. Things are about to get busy – are you ready? The housing market is hot, and it’s never been more important to ensure your business is competitive and streamlined.

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” – Henry Rollins

Here are a handful of things you can do right now to ensure the leads you start seeing end in a closed deal and a happy client.

Be responsive

We know you already know this one, but it’s always an important reminder. Considering ~70% of homeowners work with the first real estate agent who contacts them, now is the time of year when you need to make sure you’re on it. Keep your eye on the ball and make sure your follow-ups are timely and thoughtful. We highly suggest you lean on technology to help you with this as the life of a realtor can feel like there are too many moving parts to keep track of.

Be personal

When things get busy, it can be tough to remember the little things. Those little things will make all the difference, though. Don’t forget to remember your handwritten ‘thank you’ notes, your personal follow-ups, and your house-versary gifts for last year’s clients.

Your CRM is a great place to include notes for client-specific information. Also, use your CRM to help manage your work for you. Following your tasks and workflow will keep you on track, even as things get hectic, and will ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Be proactive

When you talk to clients and prospects, they can tell that you’re ‘on it’ because you’re in tune with their lives and you’re fully present in the conversations, which makes all the difference. Imagine calling up an old client, but before you did, you checked your CRM. You had data available estimating that they had teenagers in the home and might be looking to downsize. That reminds you, “oh yeah, I remember, they did have two kids.” When you call them up, you’re able to ask how the kids are doing and casually ask the client to remind you of what grade they’re in, teeing you up to get more insights into any home selling or buying plans. Before you know it, you’re back in flow with important members of your sphere.

Get a system in place that does this research for you. Moxi Insights, a tool within our Moxi Marketing suite (provided by your brokerage!) auto-fills your Moxi Engage account with public records data for all of your contacts. That means instant, valuable insights on all your contacts at your fingertips.

Agents also use Moxi Marketing for Facebook advertising – both to promote themselves to generate leads and to promote listings once they win them. This is key for keeping your marketing efforts on track throughout the year.

We have an exciting season ahead, where you’ll be able to dive in and close the deals that will help you reach your goals. Deliver the highest quality experience throughout the year, even when things get busy by using the right tools and making sure everything is taken care of. Want more information on Moxi Marketing tools? Check them out here.

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4 Underrated Ways to Get More out of Your Marketing

By Maddie Jostol

personal brand blog imageThe market is heating up, and agents are getting busier, which means you need to take the necessary actions to make sure your marketing efforts go as far as they possibly can. Sphere selling is the key to success in today’s market because it grows an agent’s business on repeat and referral business. Everyone is thirsty for leads and the competition is so hot that relying solely on purchased leads just doesn’t cut it. You see, it’s all about human connection. We always recommend you use technology to your advantage, so you can automate the busy work and open up more time to build real, human connections.

1. Showcase your personal brand

As far as we’re concerned, there is nothing wrong with showing your personality as long as things remain professional. In fact, it will work to your advantage and make your marketing efforts more effective. Your personal brand is how you present yourself to the world – this should include your unique personality, style, and values.

People want to work with people. The reason homeowners work with a real estate agent is to have someone to guide them through the stresses of the home selling or buying process. As you write content, create ads, and go about your typical marketing activities, don’t forget to make sure your personal brand is shining through.

2. Make it personal

When it comes to social media, don’t just actively post, but truly engage with your audience. Many of us focus so much on just posting regularly, that we forget that social media is a two-way street. Putting content out there is certainly important, but make that content go further by engaging with those who react to it.

When you respond to inquiries via social media, email, or other channels, respond with care. Even if the request doesn’t directly earn business, being nice and offering a quick, personal reply, uplifts your brand’s reputation.

3. Make it in-person

Don’t get us wrong, digital marketing has never been more important. However, there is still something particularly special about gathering people. Particularly if you work in a small community, try hosting an event (think: pancake breakfast or wine tasting). You can make it a community gathering or a charity benefit, but the idea is that you’re bringing people together. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get back in touch with old prospects or clients and for you to showcase your commitment to the local community.

4. Keep in touch

The better your sphere knows you, the more effective your marketing efforts are going to be. Think about it this way: if you’ve had light, relative touchpoints with someone in your sphere over the past year, it creates familiarity, which means they’ll be much more responsive to your marketing efforts. It builds brand recognition and loyalty, meaning those people are much more likely to comment on your posts, forward your content, and share your information. This expands your sphere of influence, and in turn, means your marketing efforts get more bang for your buck.

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8 Ways to Up Your Hyper-Local Marketing Game

hyper-local marketingBy Maddie Jostol

It’s time to up your game. Competition is heating up and the busy season is right around the corner. What will you do to grow your business this year? We suggest embracing hyper-local marketing. Here’s why…

First of all, what does hyper-local mean? It means localizing your marketing efforts down to a specific neighborhood. Rather than blanketing your efforts over your state or metro area, it’s all about focusing in on those specific neighborhoods that you operate and specialize in.

A key reason for this tactic is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your agent website. This means showing up for real estate-related searches for the exact neighborhoods in which you work. This opens up massive lead generation opportunities, being one of the first agents homeowners come across. It also narrows your competition as you only appear alongside other agents that actually work in your area, rather than every other agent in the state. Take it one step further and add consumer data to your marketing strategy (via Moxi Insights, for example). When you have aggregated public data on all of your contacts, you’re now the local expert providing clients with an experience tailored to them. Then the referrals and repeat business follow.

Hyper-local marketing positions you as the local expert for all things real estate. Here are ten ways you can begin upping your marketing game right now.

1. Localize your content

All of your content, but especially your blog content. Your blog is the perfect place to weave in your expertise of the local neighborhood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

” Is there a new local restaurant or an old favorite that you go to every Sunday? Write about it.
” Hikes that you’ve done in the area – maybe you can wrap in good homes for families who love the outdoors?
” Review day trips or weekend getaway that you’ve done. What getaways are available for homeowners in the area?
” Talk about the community events you attend or are involved in and why they’re important for the neighborhood.

The list could go on, but the idea is to cover topics that will make you searchable and valuable for your target audience.

2. Get involved

Get involved with neighborhood events such as fundraisers, seasonal festivals, and local markets. Participating in community events exposes you to huge numbers of people, offers a networking opportunity, and positions you as an involved member of the community. Plus, they’re fun. It’s truly a win-win.

Go one step further and consider hosting an event. When you have access to consumer data, it makes it easy to segment your contacts so you can make sure you invite the golfers to the golf tournament, the art lovers to the art walk, and the families to the kickball fundraiser.

3. Localize your social media

Take your social media activity to the next level by adopting the hyper-local method. Share your adventures as an agent in that area, posting photos and videos from recognizable local places. When people see you active in your local area in your updates, you’ll be top of mind when they think about agents in their neighborhood. Be the local real estate expert. Share local homes that are currently on the market, and post updates on your successful sales, placing an emphasis on their location.

4. Bring your sponsorships home

If you like to put marketing dollars towards sponsorships, spend that money wisely. Be intentional about the people, events, or organizations you sponsor, ensuring they’re aligned with your personal brand and are hyper-local. When people see you supporting causes or businesses that are just around the corner, they’ll appreciate you as a contributing member of their community.

Pro tip: similarly to community events mentioned above, leverage consumer data to invite the right people to the right sponsored events.

5. Localize your website & profiles

This one’s a given. Do a quick scan of all your online profiles to ensure they’re up to date. Your website and online profiles are your digital first impression, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by communicating your current areas of expertise and showcasing your most recent successes.

6. Offer local real estate trends

Be the source for local real estate trends by offering insights to your sphere. One way to do this is to offer newsletters that include insights on the local real estate market. People love to know what’s happening in their neighborhood. For those of you who use Moxi Engage, try Neighborhood News. Just select the contacts in your sphere who you’d like to receive Neighborhood News and they’ll receive monthly automated newsletters with real estate metrics specific to their area. It puts your sphere marketing on autopilot.

In addition, make sure you include local real estate trends in your CMAs and interactive presentations (this is super easy for those of you who use Moxi Present). These presentations are the perfect opportunity for you to be the expert and showcase your knowledge of the local market.

7. Share success stories

Sharing client success stories will open the door for people to relate to your clients and connect with you. When you close a deal, ask your client about their experience. Don’t only talk about the house, but also talk about the family and why it’s the perfect home for them. Ask them to tell the story of their home buying process, then ask for their permission to share that story (on your blog, social media, etc.) Take photos (and/or videos!) and include a quote from the client. These are stories that people can relate to and share with their sphere, which, in turn, grows your sphere.

Based on the consumer data you have stored in your Moxi Engage account, when you’re working on winning a client over, send them a link to one of your client stories, but subtly make sure it’s one they’d likely relate to, based on your insights.

8. Be a resource for homeowners

You want to be top-of-mind for anything home-related. That might sound odd, but think about it… if you’re well known among homeowners in your area, they’re likely to refer you to their friends, colleagues, and neighbors who mention moving. Be a resource for homeowners by offering preferred vendors that homeowners might be looking for. The fact that you’re a real estate agent means that you also have a lot of connections in the area. Keep a list of the small businesses you support and your preferred contractors, so that when homeowners need to know who they should hire, they come to you.

Take it a step further and tour homes that are on the market in the area and talk (blog) about trends and thoughts. Be the voice of local homeowners and create a stockpile of content on your blog that you can share at any time.

Stay in tune with what’s happening in your area and arm yourself consumer data to bring a hyper-local, exceptional experience to prospects and clients. Bringing hyper-local marketing to your toolbox will take your business to the next level. Need data? Check out Moxi Insights, which instantly syncs public records data (including financial and family insights as well as personal interests, and more) to all of the contacts in your Moxi Engage account.

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Publish is Your New Favorite Tool

moxi publish image 

By Tiana Baur

We recently launched a brand-new tool! It’s called Publish and it’s beautiful.

Publish lets you and your offices create eye-catching presentations for your agents to send to their clients. Newsletters, holiday wishes, and everything else, now as a vital touchpoint.

It happens to be a feature within MoxiPresent, so every brokerage out there with MoxiPresent already has access to Publish capabilities! MoxiEngage can augment this experience as well, which we’ll talk about below.

Publish leverages the brokerage’s biggest asset, without any additional cost. That asset is your agents’ spheres. Think about the number of agents you have in your brokerage for a moment. On average, agents have 400 people in their spheres. So, you would potentially be reaching hundreds or thousands, if not millions of contacts, staying relevant and within your local footprint.

Publish helps in numerous ways, the most important being:

  • Brokerages and office managers can create content
  • Clients get interactive, responsive, branded content from their agents.
  • Helps agents stay in flow without them having to lift a finger

For Brokers

Brokers and brokerage marketing departments can now create and distribute high quality, branded content to their agents through Publish. Brokerages can add value to their agents by providing content while maintaining brand standards and quality.

For Office Managers

The content created at the company level can be passed to the office level, where the office admins or managers can add hyper-local content to the company presentations. This gives the office admins/managers the opportunity to add value for their agents with a brokerage benefit. After all, hyper local content is the essence of all good marketing these days.

For Agents

Agents now have a host of new materials at their fingertips to use to keep their SOI in flow. The agent didn’t have to take time to build it themselves, and the automation through Engage allows agents to stay top-of-mind with very little effort.

MoxiEngage + MoxiPresent

For the brokerages that are MoxiEngage AND MoxiPresent users, the experience also allows for automated delivery of published presentations to pre-set groups or sphere members in an agent’s MoxiEngage CRM account.

Why’d we choose to build it on the MoxiPresent CMA tool? Because it is infinitely editable and doesn’t even need listing data for it to work. Add any dynamic, interactive content you want like graphs, any type of virtual experience like Matterport, videos, and it will be responsive to mobile devices, which is where we find consumers.

Want to learn how many impressions your brokerage could be receiving with Publish? Contact your the dedicated Account Manager for your brokerage to learn more.

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 6:06 pm
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