4 Tricks for Achieving Your Real Estate Goals

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager

real estate goalsMotivation is hard to build in insolation. Only the extremely driven and ambitious people are able to perfect it and keep the fire burning over long periods of time. In reality, most of us don’t feel motivated all of the time and you know what? That’s OK. Motivation, like other feelings, comes in ebbs and flows and because of that, we need to act when we’re feeling it.

The keys to staying motivated when it comes to your real estate goals.

I could really go on and on about the importance of setting and writing down goals, but you already know that – that’s the easy part. The hard part is actually achieving them and taking the million steps to get there. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Amazon, Starbucks, or the empire that is Fredrik Eklund. So, without further ado, here are a handful of tips to keep you on the path to success when it comes to achieving your real estate goals.

1. Make sure they’re YOUR goals.

It’s hard to stay motivated regardless, but it will be downright impossible to achieve goals that you don’t want deep down. Make sure you are the one in control of where your business life is leading. At the end of the day it’s up to you to see it through, so don’t let others force you into goals that don’t align with your own.

2. Let go of what you can’t control.

Whether it’s a tough-to-handle coworker, particularly frustrating client, or home inspection gone wrong, don’t let these get to you and affect your daily life. As humans, we only have so much brainpower and only so much energy to care about things. If you’re putting all of that brainpower and energy into mulling over things again and again in your head, how is that helping you achieve your real estate goals? What energy are you taking away from your productivity and putting towards something you have no control over? Not only is this an unhealthy business practice, but it’s an unhealthy life practice.

Sometimes all we can do is try our very best and move on. That’s the important piece: moving forward despite obstacles. If you haven’t read this particular book, it dives deep into this topic, and I very much recommend it.

3. Reward yourself (within reason) for progress made.

I had this roommate in college. She used to do something that I thought to be pretty silly while studying, but looking back on it, maybe she was onto something. As a student of the sciences, she had tons of reading material and studying to get through. The textbooks were massive and to reward herself for finishing a page, she’d put a skittle or M&M at the bottom of it. See I told you, strange, right? But it worked for her.

Now, I’m not saying you play with candy at work, but I am saying rewarding yourself is an important piece to motivation. Here are some ideas that come to mind:
– Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant when you’re 25%, 50%, and 75% towards your GCI goal
– Win a new client? Go buy yourself that extra sugary drink from Starbucks that you normally feel guilty about
– After a big home closing, take a day off to rest and reset

4. It’s about bite-sized chunks.

You can’t keep envisioning all of the work you have to do in order to achieve your goal, it will drive you insane. Or, to the Valley of Despair, which is very much a real thing. Essentially, the Valley of Despair is where you find yourself once you realize all of the work, blood, sweat, and tears that it will take to achieve your goal – it’s the bottom of an inverted bell curve. You can also think of it as your fork in the road: either keep going or quit now.

The way to push through is to ignore the momentous amount of work ahead and instead focus on what you have to do today, and maybe tomorrow, in order to push through and continue climbing. If you do that, your mindset will shift, and you’ll be able to continue chipping away at your real estate goals until you achieve them.

I sincerely hope these tips help, or if nothing else, allow you to think outside the box a little bit in what is going to help you stay motivated and keep going when the going gets tough. Your real estate goals may seem lofty at times, but they’re definitely achievable! If you’d like other tips for your real estate business, checkout our blog here.

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Real Estate Facebook Best Practices 2019

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 


Facebook best practices 2019Changes to the Facebook algorithm tend to throw users of all types through a loop: brands, businesses, friends, and nowadays, probably even the tech-savvy grandma.

You work hard to fine-tune your social media strategy to drive the highest performance possible for your posts, yet it can be tricky to keep up with the current best practices for the platform. Regardless of frequent algorithm changes, there are several key factors that play into how your content is ranked that seem to remain consistent.

Here are the Facebook best practices 2019 for optimizing your real estate business’ Facebook page and posts:

1. Video rules all.

What should come as no surprise to social media diehards is, video outperforms virtually all other forms of content, so it’s best to use it whenever possible. In fact, Facebook videos have been found to earn 135% more reach and generate 59% more engagement than posts with only a single, still image.

A few more video stats:

Need some help making killer videos for your social media? Check out these video tools.

2. Short & sweet.

Finding the balance between making your post copy short yet valuable can be difficult. However, considering that 88% of Facebook users are accessing the platform on a mobile device, formatting your content to make it easy to consume on-the-go is worth the effort.

According to a study done by BuzzSumo, keeping your posts under 50 characters is ideal for optimal engagement.

3. Conversation.

Over the past few years, Facebook has been vocal about shifting its algorithm’s focus to personal engagement, meaning the more conversation your posts generate, the better they will perform.

A few conversation-generating content ideas:

• Share a personal story
• Ask for reviews & feedback
• Post jokes and memes that your audience will appreciate
• Share a real estate-related statistic
• Take a poll

4. Post often.

Many Facebook pros have differing opinions when it comes to the “magic number” of times you should post per day in order to have the biggest impact possible, but research shows that posting twice per day is a great starting point.

With two posts a day, you’ll begin driving the levels of impressions and engagement you’re striving for and gaining insights into your follower base, without risking too many unfollows due to over-posting.

5. Know when to post.

Not all audiences are alike, so make sure to get familiar with yours. Use analytics tools to get a read on what times & days your followers are likely to be on social media and post accordingly. Here’s an in-depth overview of the built-in Facebook insights tools, along with a rundown of how to use them.

As a general rule, it’s been found that weekends and evenings tend to be the best times to post, although most businesses also post content outside of those windows, depending on the content type and general habits in their industry.

6. Keep it genuine.

To keep us honest, the Facebook algorithm favors posts that naturally generate likes, comments, and shares because of the awesome content in them, not because you directly asked your followers to engage.

Facebook scans for posts that explicitly ask for engagement and will rank them lower in your follower’s feed meaning less reach and impact for your biz, so make sure to avoid this risky practice.

Regardless of the amount of time and effort you choose to allocate to your business’ Facebook account, your time is valuable and it’s important to be strategic about making the most of the time you put into it. By incorporating these best practices into your content strategy, you’ll be generating a bigger impact while keeping your work load to a minimum.

We hope these Facebook best practices 2019 help! Want to extend your reach even further on Facebook? Great, we have exactly what you need.

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Real Estate Busy Season: How to Knock It out of the Park

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager 

real estate busy seasonIt’s go-time. Yes, we’re talking about the real estate busy season. It’s the time of year when listings ramp up, and real estate agents buckle up for an increase in inventory, clients, and closed deals.

May, June, July, and August are the heaviest home-selling months in the US, accounting for 40 percent of an average year’s total volume of existing home sales, according to Housing Wire. For reference, November, December, January, and February are the slowest home-selling months, accounting for only 27 percent of an average year’s total existing home sales.

Remember that the busy season benefits both your buyer and seller clients. Buyers have more inventory to choose from, and sellers see a shorter time on market. An analysis of single family home and condo sales from 2011 through 2017 by ATTOM Data Solutions shows that not only do we see more home sales during those peak months of May through August, but sellers enjoy a premium as well, with increased median sales prices.

For many agents, the real estate busy season is a huge opportunity to drum up new business and exceed those sales goals. How will you ensure you make the most of it? Here’s your step-by-step guide to knocking it out of the park this summer.

1. Stand out from the crowd.

This time of year is busy for you, but remember, it’s noisy for buyers and sellers as well. It’s vital that you stand out in a sea of real estate agents as the one that those home buyers and sellers want to work with. Stand out crowd by getting more eyes on your business, and remember that generating leads is only the beginning, but you need to make a strong first impression in order to seal the deal and start off on the right foot.

Here are a couple things to focus on in order to stand out:
• Response time (don’t forget, timing is everything)
• Market knowledge
• Personalized, thoughtful communications

2. Be the expert.

If there’s a niche market or customer you specialize in, capitalize on that opportunity during the busy season and seek out prospective clients within that niche. You’ll have a higher likelihood of winning their business because of your experience, and you’ll easily be able to wow them with your level of service. Think: first time home buyers, vacation homes, investors, specific neighborhoods, etc.

P.S. This is a great opportunity to build your reputation within that niche and generate referrals. When your clients feel you were able to deliver an outstanding, tailored experience, they’ll tell their friends who are in the same boat about you.

3. Bring your A-game.

When things get busy, in the heat of battle, it’s easy to let the little things slip. Leading agents retain a high level of professionalism, ensuring their business is marketed to be as outstanding as your service is.

As things ramp up, here are a few quick and easy ways to make sure you present your business in its best light:
• Up-to-date CMAs with live data
• Update your agent website with current market information (and an updated head shot while you’re at it)
• Create hyper-local marketing content
• Wow buyers with simple-to-use, interactive buyer-tours

4. Blow your clients away.

Once you’re underway with your clients, it’s time to offer a home buying or selling process in a way that will make them want to tell their friends. One easy way to blow your clients away is to show your clients just how many people you’re getting their listing in front of. When you advertise their listing using Promote, you’ll get their listing in front of a massive audience in just three simple steps. You can then either automate reports so that they’re emailed to your client directly, or you can deliver them personally. Either way, they’ll see that thousands of eyes have been on their listing, and they’ll see you as the digitally-savvy marketing superstar that you are.

With an increase in listings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Even though your to-do list will seem ever-growing, it’s important not to let your high level of customer service slip. Remember that with this increase in listings comes an increase in potential referrals once the dust settles.

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This World-Class CMA Tool Is EVEN Better with Buyer Tours

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager

MoxiPresent buyer tourIf you’re an agent, chances are you’ve been on more home tours with potential buyers than you can count. Each time you embark on a tour, you have a list of all the homes you’d like to show. Maybe you have them all printed off so can take notes at a coffee shop once the tour is wrapped up, or maybe your home buyers have photographic memory and remember every little detail of every home… which is pretty unlikely.

The good news is, we have a solution for you! The great news is, it’s in your pocket already.

Putting the interactive-ness into buyer tours

Our interactive CMA tool, MoxiPresent, is one of our favorite tools (we know, you’re not supposed to pick favorites amongst your offspring, but we can’t help it!). MoxiPresent was the very first tool that MoxiWorks ever came out with. It’s received update after update, feature after feature, and today is one of the most sought after more-than-a-CMA tools on the market. And it just got even better with the addition of buyer tours.

MoxiPresent’s new buyer tour feature allows agents to quickly and easily create dynamic buyer tour presentations that guide clients along a curated buyer tour, enabling them to rate and comment on properties along the way, offering agents immediate feedback. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Comes complete with a travel route. Plus, you can get directions directly from Google Maps for the most efficient routes.
  • Ability for clients to rate and take notes on each listing. It’s impossible for clients to remember every tiny detail of things they loved (or hated) in each of the homes you saw. Often times the most recent are the freshest, so the homes early on in your tour might not get the attention they deserve. With buyer tour presentations, home buyers (and agents) can take notes in the presentation right from their phones as they’re walking through the homes!
  • Agents will be notified via email for each property review and have the capability to respond back to a client’s review.
  • Still includes all of the juicy goodness from the standard MoxiPresent presentations, so your clients have everything they need!

Buyer tour presentations are the new essential sidekick of every great home tour day with your clients. Your clients can put their first impressions in, and it allows you to have a true dialogue with your clients. What are you waiting for? See MoxiPresent buyer tours in action!

P.S. MoxiPresent is the only CMA that does buyer tours this way – talk about a competitive advantage for you and your team!

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A Brutally Honest Look at Real Estate Safety

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager

real estate safetyYou know that feeling? The feeling where your skin is practically crawling, and your hair is standing up on the back your neck. The feeling of being scared for your life. The feeling where you know the decisions you make in that very moment could have dire implications.

I’ve felt that way before, and chances are if you’re reading this, you have too.

Real Talk on Real Estate Safety

It seems real estate safety issues are only just stepping into the spotlight, although the industry has been plagued with it for years. Whether it’s sending your spouse every single address of the homes you’re showing that day, getting copies of licenses before giving home tours, or making sure you’re not the one walking down the stairs first, agents have tried to come up with ways to protect themselves. However, they can’t do it alone and unfortunately, given all of the recent headlines, it is just not enough anymore.

Safety Cannot Be Built in Isolation

We recently announced a partnership with wearable safety tech company, Revolar, to provide awareness around one of the life-saving options out there that agents should be aware of, and to give a more affordable option as well. Through the end of April, anyone in the real estate industry can get a Revolar Instinct device for 45% off using code “moxiworks” at checkout. These devices are not just a panic button, they provide a new level of safety and security in day-to-day life. With a three-click, easy-to-use system, they’re able to not only inform emergency services, but have the ability to let your loved ones, teammates, and anyone else that you’re where you should be and you’re safe. It creates an entire network of people that are now looking out for you and looking out for each other in a way they couldn’t before.

No, wearing a safety button won’t make someone not attack you. It won’t give you magic fighting skills. But wearing a Revolar device will contact help and give you a fighting chance. It will provide your location to your loved ones, so if you can’t send for help, they can. It will give you peace of mind, and it will give you strength and help you feel less alone when you feel it the most.

The thing is, whether you’ve taken self-defense classes or not, it’s a lot harder to be brave and bold and to remember what you’ve learned in that fight or flight moment. You might not be able to pick up the phone or dial 911, but you will be able to hit a button two or three times, and help could be just a few minutes away.

Continuing the Safety Dialogue

I’ve read some comments out there saying that this won’t work if you’re being attacked and that the only way to protect yourself is to carry a taser or something similar. Not everyone feels comfortable doing that though, and really, most weapons people carry around end up getting used on themselves because they’re not properly trained.

Revolar is a powerful, safe solution. It’s something anyone and everyone can use. You, your teammates, your children, your grandparents – they all can use this to call for help and possibly even save their lives. It’s one of the best solutions available out there, and the heart of this partnership is built around something our VP of Marketing, Marc Chouaniere, said: “If even one agent is helped from using a Revolar device, it will be worth it.”

MoxiWorks is doing this to push the dialogue, to try to come up with viable solutions. We’re not making one penny off of this. I want to call out and thank RISMedia, Inman, and RE Technology for covering and continuing to cover this important topic. Truthfully, unless we, all of us in the industry, continue to push this narrative and try to find solutions for real estate safety, it’s not going to get better.

It’s not.


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3 Trendy Real Estate Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Love

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager

real estate closing giftsThe most important thing you can do for your business is to nurture your sphere of influence to grow repeat and referral business. This is hands down the best source of business in real estate, and it’s right there at your fingertips. Rather than letting those valuable contacts in your database go to waste, it’s in your best interest to stay in touch with them and remain top-of-mind as their go-to real estate expert.

To solidify a strong, lasting relationship with your clients, give them memorable closing gifts. Below are a few trendy ways agents can continue to deliver an outstanding experience that clients will be sure to tell their friends and neighbors about, even after the sale.

Real estate closing gifts: Subscription-based service

Everything is now subscription-based. You can order everything from groceries to razors through a subscription because convenience is everything.

Consider subscription-based closing gifts for your clients to offer a personal and lasting impression. A gift like this is easy to make personal, showing your client that you understand them and appreciate them. For example, you can tailor gifts for the heath nuts, the dog lovers, the wine connoisseurs, the bookworms, and the world travelers.

The beauty of this type of gift is that it is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. These ongoing touchpoints keep you top-of-mind long after the sale and remind your clients how much you enjoyed working with them and how much you’d love to work with their friends, family, and neighbors. Recurring gifts are a set-it-and-forget-it way to keep in touch, rather than continually thinking of and organizing seasonal gifts.

Keep in mind that these don’t have to be monthly. If you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg, consider a service that will allow you to send a gift on a quarterly basis.

Help them with the move

Moving is stressful. No matter how much you prepare and organize, it still takes way longer than anticipated and is disruptive to your entire life.

Consider closing gifts that help ease the pain of moving or help your clients get settled into their new place. You’ve already helped your client find their dream home and easing the pain of moving will show that you’re willing to go above and beyond to make their transition enjoyable. Services such as MoveEasy, MooveGuru, and HomeDiary for inspiration. These are simple services with reasonable pricing that you can provide to your clients in order to continue the outstanding service you already provide. The thoughtfulness of these gifts goes a long way.

Experiences over stuff

Today, people tend to appreciate experiences more than materials things. When thinking of your next closing gift, consider an experience gift, especially for your millennial clients. Whether your clients are into wellness or the great outdoors, there are endless options for experience gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Giving your clients something they can enjoy with their family, spouse, or friends, is priceless.

Real estate closing gifts should be personal, useful, and fun. Consider these three trends next time you go to thank your client. The key is to be thoughtful, giving a gift that keeps you top of mind for years to come.

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Real Estate Resolutions: Checking up on Your Goals

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 



Is it just us, or did the entire month of February feel like it lasted a total of one, single hour?

The first quarter of 2019 has been a whirlwind, and its upcoming conclusion means it’s time to check in on your progress towards the goals and real estate resolutions you set for yourself at the start of the new year.

Are you where you need to be to bring your goals to fruition this year? If not, what in your workflow needs to be adjusted now to get you there in December?

Here’s a refresher on best practices for positioning yourself to crush your goals as you head into Q2:



“The question I ask myself like almost every day is, ‘am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’… Unless I feel like I’m working on the most important problem that I can help with, then I’m not going to feel good about how I’m spending my time.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

It’s easy to get so caught up in your busy day-to-day life of being a real estate agent that you forget to prioritize the tasks that will actually enable you to reach your goals. It’s important to be mindful about what activities you put at the very top of your to-do list, and to acknowledge which tasks can be left until later on if needed.


Use your tools.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

Take the edge off of your bustling schedule by utilizing tools to atomize the small, tedious tasks that are taking up precious time that could be better allocated elsewhere. Any technology tool that allow you to automate aspects of your workflow such as marketing efforts, client communication, or ad creation will help free up more time for you to focus on the activities that require more time and effort. Efficiency is the key to boosting your productivity and ultimately – your profitability.


Stay ahead of the game.

“For me life is continually being hungry. The meaning of life is not to simply exist, to survive, but to move ahead, go up, to achieve, to conquer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rushed work is often messy work, so instead of waiting until the last minute to complete an important task, utilize any free time you have now to knock it out ahead of schedule. The extra time will allow you to be thoughtful and ensure that you’re producing the quality of work needed to bring your resolutions to life and move your real estate business forward.


Be creative.

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” – Alan Alda

Sometimes our pre-made roadmap to reaching our goals proves to be less effective than originally expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel and give up. Instead, take time to think outside the box and brainstorm unconventional ways to go about reaching your goals. Not only will it be an opportunity for you to switch it up and try new things, but it may even help you stand out to the people and clients who matter the most.


We have an exciting season ahead, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it and to accelerate yourself towards your goals. Want more tips on how to use your Moxi tools to reach your goals? We have tons. Check them out here.

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The Best Instagram Advertising Hacks

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator

MoxiWorksFacebook is an essential part of any modern business’ content marketing strategy, everyone knows that – it’s why we created an entire product, Promote, dedicated to making advertising on it a breeze. However, there’s now another social media powerhouse that’s completely changing the advertising strategy, and you bet we’re stepping up our game to help you wow your clients on it too.

That runner up is the one and only, Instagram.

Before you write Instagram off as a channel solely utilized by millennials to flaunt their outfit of the day (OOTD) or post copious amounts of dog pics and inspirational quotes, think again.

According to Hootsuite, here are a few need-to-knows about the game changer that is Instagram:

  • 500 million people use Instagram every day
  • Over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business
  • 71% of businesses use Instagram
  • 99% of the top 100 brands are on Instagram
  • Users like 4.2 billion posts per day
  • 95 million posts per day
  • 400 million stories per day

Clearly, this channel is a massive hub for content, and it’s time for you to get in on the action.

The latest MoxiMarketing update makes advertising on Instagram easy. In fact, if you’re already using the Promote tool to advertise on Facebook, you don’t have to change anything you’re doing in order to advertise on Instagram, we’ll take care of that for you.

You read that right – when you publish ads through Promote, you’ll now be advertising on both Facebook AND Instagram. And all you have to do is follow the same three simple steps that make Promote the prized child of your technology tools. In the less than five minutes that it takes to create an ad through Promote, you’ll be growing your sphere, generating leads, and winning more listings by publishing your ads across two of the largest audiences on the web, directly from your MoxiWorks account.

So now you’re ready to reach the Instagram audience with your killer ads. Here are a few quick reminders for making your ads as wow-worthy as possible:

Pretty pictures wanted.
Ads are visual, and the more visually appealing your images and videos are, the more likely they are to spark interest among their viewers. The more interest, the more likely they are to like, comment, share, and click on your ads.

It’s essential that your pictures are crisp, clear, and relevant. Need to brush up on your photography basics? We have what you need.

On-the-go friendly.
Many social media users use it while on the go, meaning you need to make your posts quick and easy to read. Make sure you’re only putting info in the ads that’s absolutely essential. No fluff, just the important stuff.

MoxiWorksSay cheese.
It’s been found that Instagram pics that feature faces get 38% more likes than those without. When promoting your real estate services, consider including a nice picture of you smiling to catch people’s 


attention and put a face to your name.

Haven’t used Promote to ease your workflow and up your tech-savviness game? Yeah, you’re going to want to add that to this week’s to-do list. Get started here.

Giveaway alert! We’re running a Valentine’s Day special. For every ad you run through your MoxiWorks account, you’re entered to win a cruise for two to the Bahamas! Click here to enter to win.

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5 of Our Favorite Real Estate Podcasts

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

real estate podcastsWith the busy bee lifestyle that comes along with being a real estate agent, it can be tricky to find the time to sit down and soak in the wisdom of the industry’s top producers. The nature of your gig makes it even more essential that your educational content can be absorbed while on-the-go.

Enter: real estate podcasts.

We at MoxiWorks recently hopped on the real estate podcast bandwagon and started producing our own podcast, REAL with MoxiWorks. Throughout the process of developing the show, we came across several industry-related podcasts that are absolutely worth checking out if you, too, happen to be a fellow real estate diehard.

Whether you’re an agent, broker, manager, or even a home buyer/seller, here are a few of the awesome real estate podcasts that we recommend giving a listen:

1. Bigger Pockets Podcast

Need a podcast that will make running an 8k go by in no-time? If you’re interested in real estate investing and have the time to commit to tune in from start-to-finish, this is a great show for you. Not only are the hosts extremely upbeat and entertaining, but most of the episodes include over an hour of engaging and informative content.

2. Real Estate Rockstars

If you’re looking for a podcast that you can make a part of your daily routine – look no further. Pat Hiban, host of the 3-day-a-week Real Estate Rockstar podcast is not only a billion-dollar agent himself, but makes it a point to interview the best of the best in the industry to get their juiciest tips and tricks for success.

3. Kevin & Fred’s Next Level Agent’s Podcast

Need some actionable advice for your real estate biz but are short on time? Kevin & Fred’s podcast features quick tips and tricks that are perfect for making the most of a drive to the grocery store or waiting in line for your morning coffee.

4. Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today is the official radio program of NAR, meaning it’s ALL about real estate. Listen in to hear agents’ thoughts on selling, current industry trends, and so much more.

5. Rise Seattle

Okay –we might be a little biased about this one, but it’s for good reason! The Rise Seattle podcast is hosted by a Windermere Real Estate agent, Tyler Davis Jones, and features a lot of talk about our neck-of-the-woods (Seattle, WA). Although the topics vary greatly, the commentary often touches on real estate related topics and is a great listen, regardless of your location.

Haven’t had the chance to get REAL with us? Check out the inaugural episode of our monthly podcast!

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How to Create Top Notch Real Estate Flyers

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager

real estate flyersIn the world of real estate, flyers can be a necessary evil. They take time to create, maintain, and distribute, and it’s tough to set yours apart from the rest. After all, it’s just a flyer. How do you make them stand out? How can you make sure creating them isn’t a huge time-suck? How can you clearly and concisely communicate exactly what a potential buyer wants to see?

Here are a few tips for creating attention-grabbing real estate flyers that will drive business:

Put your best brand forward.

Your brokerage gives you credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers. Before they know you, all they know (most likely) is the brand you represent. Use this to your advantage and leverage your brokerage’s brand to establish yourself as a trusted expert in the eyes of someone who has only seen a flyer. Let your brokerage brand shine through those real estate flyers, giving them a level of professionalism.

Use content you already have.

Use your existing CMA content for the flyer. Save yourself some time and use what you already have so that you don’t duplicate work for yourself. You likely already have all of the property data, images, comparable properties, and supporting information available in a presentation, so let the technology do the heavy lifting and convert it into a flyer directly from your CMA tool. If you use MoxiPresent, you can create a beautiful, ready-to-use flyer from a presentation literally with the click of a button. This also ensures your brokerage branding is there and formatting is a breeze, all you need to do is select a template and it’ll auto-create your flyer

Focus on the information they really care about.

Sure, there’s the basic ‘must have’ info that will always be there. After all, anyone is going to expect to see general property stats on a listing flyer. When it comes to the extras, though, make sure you tailor them towards your likely buyer. Consider the neighborhood, size of house, property characteristics, and unique features. Then, think about who is most likely to purchase the house. What are they looking for? What are their non-negotiables? When they pick up a real estate flyer, what is going to stand out and make them want to take action? Promote the features that make the property unique and focus on the things that will appeal to the ideal buyer of that specific home.

Real estate flyers should be beautifully branded, professional, and informative. Use your CMA tool to your advantage and save time by leveraging property data and images already available. Create flyers that are visually appealing, showcase the brand behind you, highlight what’s really important, and make it easy for eager buyers to contact you. Oh, and don’t forget to let your personal brand and personality shine through as well.

Posted on January 3, 2019 at 4:06 pm
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