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MoxiWorks Why You Should Use Open House Presentations Every. Single. Time. Open house presentations are the new standard. Gone are the days when you could put out a plate of cookies, sit back, and reap the benefits. Markets are crazier than ever and the competition couldn’t be vaster. Stepping up your open house game will ensure success and help beat out the competition. Here’s why you […]
Mobile Tools 10 Essential Mobile Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2015 Agents who are using the best in mobile technology and tools will always have a huge advantage compared to those agents who don’t. The best tools save time and make agents more productive. Here are 10 of my favorites. Let’s dive in. 1. Skyslope Sign legal and transaction documents digitally from the local coffee shop or […]
MoxiWorks Smarter Real Estate Marketing with URL Shorteners Ever wonder if people are clicking on what you share on Facebook? Or if blogging on Active Rain is helping your business, or just wasting your time? These are some of the questions a URL shortener can help you answer. Instead of guessing whether your marketing is working, a URL shortener can help you better understand what […]
MoxiWorks 7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pipeline Full The most successful agents are the ones that keep their marketing efforts running at full throttle even when they get busy juggling multiple buyers and sellers. Here are 7 easy things you can do to help your marketing efforts and keep your pipeline full. 1. A Recap of Neighborhood Real Estate Trends Create and send out neighborhood market presentations, like this. […]
MoxiWorks Upgrade Your Email Signature with This Brilliant Tip Last week I was emailing with Kevin Scott, a Branch Manager and Broker at Windermere Real Estate. I noticed something brilliant in his email signature! In addition to the default contact information, Kevin included links to testimonials and case study presentations that he created using TouchCMA (now Moxi Present). Why I like the testimonial presentation Kevin’s calls […]
MoxiWorks Use Video in Your Real Estate Presentations The combination of sight, sound and emotion that online video provides makes it the most powerful marketing tool available. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing neighborhoods, virtual home tours, client testimonials, new listings, your brokerage and even yourself right inside your TouchCMA (now Moxi Present) presentations. The Time is now for Using Video Consumers are […]
MoxiWorks Smartphone Pictures or Videos in My Real Estate Business? YES! Technology is expanding our ability to communicate with our social and professional communities. As real estate professionals, we want to keep our sphere of influence connected to us and interested in what we have to tell them. SLR, point-and-shoot and smartphone pictures and video are growing to be a larger part of our overall communication […]
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