MoxiWorksUpdates February 18, 2014

February iPad App Update

We’ve revamped our iPad app to make it quicker and easier for you to:

– Find the best comps for your presentations.
– Edit your presentations on the fly, mid presentation. As your conversation with your client evolves, your presentation can now evolve with it.

We’ve also updated the look and feel of the iPad home screen to visually match the web app.

The New Search Page

The search filtering tools have been moved to the top of the new search page. After you’ve selected all your search critera, tap the “Apply” button to run your search.
new-searchThe sort button on the bottom right lets you organize how you’d like the comps you’ve selected to be displayed in your presentations.

View Comp Details At Any Level

It’s now really easy to find the best comps for your presentations. Start high level in a neighborhood with the full map view, then drill down into comp details with a finger swipe. Need to look at specific images of a property? Swipe your finger again to see the listing’s photos.


Color Coded Listings, Based on MLS Status

With color coded listings, it’s really easy to quickly identify the status of each listing.

– Red: Sold
– Green: Active
– Yellow: Pending
– Gray: Off Market Statuses



Disable Auto Search

If you’d like to stop the map from automatically re-searching when you move the map, disable Auto Search under the Options button.
auto-searchTo re-search, use the manual search button displayed in the lower left when Auto Search has been disabled.


Toggle MLS Numbes On and Off

While turned off by default, you can toggle on the MLS number for each listing simply by tapping the Show MLS Numbers button.


New Presentation Toolbar

When presenting to clients you’ll see we’ve added a new button at the top right. Tap this and you’ll see a menu with 3 options.


Presentation Navigator

To quickly navigate to a specific slide in your presentation, use the new presentation navigator tool.


Edit Your CMA Mid Client Presentation

You can now update your presentations live and on the fly as your conversation with your clients evolves. Instead of making your clients wait for an updated CMA, just update on the fly and continue to engage your client in conversation.




After you’ve finished editing, click on “Select a Page” in the upper right to return your presentation. All your slides and comparables information will be automatically updated to reflect your edits.


Email a CMA To Your Clients Mid Presentation

One incredible thing about TouchCMA is that it’s really flexible. If your client has to leave early, or you dont get the chance to finish presenting. Just email them directly from your CMA presentation. Tap the email icon, enter your propect’s contact information and then send. Easy as that!




New iPad Home Screen

We’ve also updated the iPad app home screen to visually match the web app.

To help you better locate the presentations you’ve created, you can now sort by:
– Date Modified
– Date Created
– Name
– Zip Code


The new action menu gives you a ton of options for interacting with each of your presentations. It’s really easy to edit, organize and share your presentations however you like.


So that’s the new TouchCMA iPad app. To recap:

– The new iPad app saves you time by making it much quicker to find the best comps for your presentation.

– The ability to edit on the fly mid presentation saves you time, helps you look professional and have a more meaningful engagement with clients and prospects.

To get the new iPad app, head over to to app store on your iPad and download the latest version.

Good luck on your presentations!