Find Your Contact’s Social Accounts with Moxi Works

Agents who stay top of mind with their sphere win more business, and now with Moxi Works it’s easy to do just that.

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature that finds the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages of every agent’s contacts, automatically!


When a new contact’s email is entered into an agent’s phone or Moxi Works, we automatically go out and find that person’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts that are affiliated with that email. Having these social media accounts readily available in one central place makes engaging with prospects easy.

Engage socially to stay top of mind

Each month Moxi Works generates a list of tasks that reminds agents to interact with their sphere socially. As an agent it’s easier to connect with your contacts when you can see their passions, and interests. Commenting, liking and retweeting are easy ways to engage with people and remind them who the real estate expert is.


An additional benefit is that now when your agents are connected to people socially, any listings, blog posts and insightful neighborhood information an agent publishes has a higher chance to be seen by clients and prospects.


When clients and prospects are ready to transact they’ll think of the agent who they know and trust – the agent who’s been staying top of mind. And with Moxi Works your agents won’t have to keep track or plan anything, it’s all automatic.

Posted on December 11, 2014 at 11:52 am
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