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iPad Pricing Chart

When sitting down with a client for a listing consultation, there are really only two questions on their mind.

1. How much is my house worth?
2. How much are the real estate fees?

To answer both of those questions well, agents must have experience, a skill set, and tools at their disposal.  One of the most compelling tools I’ve found is TouchCMA on my iPad. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then an interactive one is worth 10,000. The ability to research and organize market data quickly and effectively helps to tell the pricing story in a way a seller can SEE and touch, not just hear. Showing is so much better than telling.

Last month I was at a listing consultation with an owner of a condo in the heart of Seattle.  A handful of units in the building had recently sold, and it was fairly clear where the condo should be priced.  However, the market value was less than they owed.  The seller really wanted to “try” for a higher price and was using some active condos as a comparison.

Using the bar graphs in TouchCMA, I was able to show the average price on those actives.  Touching the screen to show prices on sold units, the bars all shifted down!  The visual was powerful.  She immediately said out loud, “Oh, I see now we need to be priced lower.” One week later the condo sold for the exact asking price!

Whether you’re delivering good news or bad news, I learned it’s always important to show your clients.  That’s why TouchCMA is a game changer. It supports my business in a way that my old paper CMAs and comparable MLS sheets never could.

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 10:44 am
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