Open Platform November 30, 2017

Got Cloud?

cloud migrationBy Maddie Jostol 

There’s a digital transformation happening. Everything is moving to the cloud. On-premises servers are being replaced, data is constantly being uploaded, exchanged, and shared, and technological advancements are being made to the cloud daily.

First of all: What exactly is “the cloud?” Mashable defines the cloud as “a network of server.” Some servers provide an online service, like Adobe Creative Cloud, and others allow you to store and access data, like Instagram or Dropbox. New to the concept? Check out their cloud for beginners guide.

A few of the major clouds you might recognize include Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, and Salesforce. Needless to say, with these powerhouses innovating, the cloud computing market is growing rapidly and you better believe the real estate industry is moving to the cloud as well. To put things in perspective, the global cloud computing market has grown from $5.8B in 2008 to $41B in 2012 to now over $128B in 2017. What’s that have to do with real estate? Let’s just say that the amount of money pouring into real estate tech is growing, with venture capitalists investing over $1.1B in real estate technology this year alone.

Yes, the cloud is taking over real estate as well. Let that be seen as an opportunity, however. Cloud migration is gaining rapid adoption for a reason – it’s good for business, and that’s especially true in real estate. Many brokerages feel pains derived from inefficiency, low agent retention, and industry changes. The best part about the cloud is, when it comes to an open platform, it gives you the flexibility to change out technology solutions as necessary, and your data will still be safe in the cloud, ready to integrate with the new solution.

The Moxi Cloud open platform was built to bring the benefits of a cloud-based platform to real estate, delivering brokerages higher flexibility, efficiency, and profitability. It isn’t just about convenience – cloud computing is having a serious impact on companies’ bottom lines. 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017, according to Forbes. Companies are investing in the cloud for a reason. Forbes also revealed that 60-70% of all software, services, and technology spending will be cloud-based by 2020.

The power is in the data exchange. When you integrate your systems through data exchange, you find a smoother sales process, more value delivered your agents, increased productivity, and fewer mistakes from manual data entry. Cloud migration is an opportunity for you to get your brokerage’s technology solution up to par. The competition is heating up in real estate and it’s vital that you set your brokerage up for success with the right technology – not to mention, offering technology that will attract and retain agents. So… Got cloud?