MoxiWorksNews December 23, 2015

MoxiWorks Donates $7,500 to Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Place Market Foundation Check Ceremony 400

The crew at Moxi Works has been busy again this year raising money for local charities. On December 18, 2015, we presented the Pike Place Market Foundation with a $7,500 donation. The Market Foundation is a few blocks from our offices and provides a variety of important community services including the development of affordable housing, providing medical care, food, senior and child care to more than 11,000 homeless and low-income residents in the area.

Moxi Works’ employees raised funds for a small number of charities this year including the Market Foundation. Since 2013, the team has worked constantly and creatively to think up new ways we can raise funds to help improve our local community. This year was no different. It started in January when the entire staff met and decided on our fundraising goal for 2015. Throughout the year there were numerous activities to raise money. These included donations directly from employee’s paychecks, pay-to-play March Madness brackets, raffles, and company pub trivia nights.

One of the bigger fundraisers this year was an employee challenge – if we raised an additional $1,000, our CEO, York Baur, agreed to shave his head. In no surprise to any of the employees here, it took us under an hour for everyone to chip in and raise the extra $1,000. We’ll be shaving his head at our 2016 company kickoff party. Yea, that’s how we like to start the year here at Moxi Works.

Pub Trivia December 2015 600

At our last pub trivia fundraiser in 2015, the “fundraising thermometer” can be seen on the left, and our very own Paul hosted the evening in his sparkle jacket.

We’d also like to thank our many business partners and vendors who graciously contributed to our fundraising efforts this year. Your support has been phenomenal and is much appreciated.

We can’t wait get started making a difference for youth in our community in 2016.