MoxiCloud Partner Spotlight: LiveBy


At MoxiWorks, we’re committed to building integrations that bring value to brokerages, agents, and vendors by improving and streamlining workflows. We want to be the ubiquitous open cloud platform, which means anyone can join! That means even competitors to some of our very own products are integrated with the MoxiCloud. After all, we want the power of choice to stay with the brokerage.

We want our partners to share our vision and contribute to making the MoxiCloud even better. One of our more recent partners is LiveBy! They have a unique way of serving up content that benefits consumers during the home search and makes agents’ jobs easier.

So, what is LiveBy exactly?

LiveBy is an all-inclusive local data company that works with 200 of the top real estate brokerages across North America, four of the leading networks/franchises, and 118,000 agents. They are dedicated to streamlining the home search process by removing all ambiguity around location. By leveraging LiveBy, real estate websites drive robust, real-time, local content that increases SEO and provides an amazing search experience.

Essentially, LiveBy’s technology gives real estate professionals a new way to connect with homebuyers through local content. Agents can provide their clients deeper insights into neighborhoods and streamline the discovery process.

Local content pages = hyper-local content, on demand

Neighborhood content is valuable when it comes to attracting visitors to agents’ sites, keeping them there, and building credibility in a particular area. However, it can be costly to gather, curate and maintain this content. LiveBy’s Neighborhood Pages deliver customized and dynamic content for all of your local communities…in seconds!

Enhanced websites. Showcasing local expertise.

LiveBy makes it easy for brokerages to launch hyper-local content on their existing websites. Their data and content become part of the site to help drive search engine optimization (SEO) and engagement. LiveBy also allows for brokerages to tap into a new kind of “neighborhood lead,” capturing potential sellers and buyers 12, 24, or 48 months earlier in their search process.

Agents can be the go-to source for all community and neighborhood information by:

• Providing local content
• Creating an interactive experience
• Capturing higher qualified leads
• Increasing website engagement
• Effective client nurturing

LiveBy Coverage

LiveBy supports local data and unique content for all 50 U.S. States, Canada, Bahamas and Cayman Islands. Their coverage includes access to the largest proprietary library of neighborhood boundaries, along with cities, subdivisions, school districts, zip codes and more. Companies can also create custom boundaries on the fly and offer insights that have never been seen.

We’re beyond excited to have LiveBy on the MoxiCloud – a great addition to our 50+ partners! If you’d like to learn more about the MoxiCloud, you can do so here.

Find out more information on LiveBy here.

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