MoxiWorks February 4, 2019

NPS Score: How Our Clients Think We Measure Up

By Nathan Losch, Tech Support Team Lead

MoxiWorksWhat does a dream vacation look like to you? In the summer of 2016, I took my dream vacation, traveling all over Spain for three months. I saw La Alhambra in Granada, the Prado Museum in Madrid, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, hiked along the coast line, and ate delicious meals while conversing with fantastic people. It was an amazing trip, with just one exception.

Being an impromptu type of person, I did not plan my hotel arrangements ahead of time. There were days where I didn’t know where I would be sleeping that night. This led to a wide variety of hotels, hostels, and host families gracing me with their hospitality. Many of them were amazing, but there were a few that I would not choose to go back to.

I wasn’t completely lazy in choosing my accommodations. I looked at the pictures of the places online and made sure all of the basic requirements for what I needed were included. Looking back on my experience, the places I enjoyed vs the places I disliked were similar in many ways. The one major difference was that the good ones had better service.

My favorite accommodation from the trip was in Madrid. Not only did I get a bed, breakfast, and somebody to give me a key at my arrival, but the hostel provided other services as well. Every morning, one of the employees gave a free guided walking tour of the city. This helped me so much with understanding Madrid, with its labyrinthian layout and its fascinating history. This paved the way for me to better enjoy the statues I saw around town, the artwork in museums, and many of the conversational references made by the locals. Without this guided tour, my overall Madrid experience wouldn’t have been as strong.

Contrast that experience with my experience in San Sebastian. I arrived at the hostel, got my key and a map, and was told “Welcome to San Sebastian!” I didn’t have any context of the town’s history or its layout, and wandered around aimlessly. San Sebastian was pretty, but I didn’t enjoy myself there nearly as much as I did in Madrid, especially after the initial novelty of exploration wore off.

You may be asking, “Okay Nathan, you went to Spain. Good for you. Why does this matter?” The answer is that getting good service and quality assistance can drastically improve your experience with something, whether it be traveling in a foreign country or working with real estate technology. Just as I rave to all my friends about Madrid in large part due to the service provided by the hostel, MoxiWorks’ customers rave about MoxiWorks in large part because of the service our Support team provides.

One of the metrics we track at MoxiWorks is the Net Promoter score. The NPS score asks, “How likely are you to recommend MoxiWorks to a friend or colleague?” Responses are sorted into three categories: promoter, neutral, and detractor. The percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters, and that gives you your NPS score. Anything above 50 is seen as outstanding, and MoxiWorks has been consistently sitting at an NPS score of 60.

How have we managed this? Sure our products look nice and are useful for agents, but we also are equipped to help out when needed. Are your listings appearing out of order on your presentation? Our support team can help you out! Do you need help setting up Neighborhood News or Listing Announcements? We’re eager to assist! Having trouble getting your custom domain to redirect to your website? We’re pros at getting this turned around!

I maximized my experience traveling in Madrid by having access to a local expert who could show me the ins and outs of the town. Agents can maximize their experience within MoxiWorks by using our local experts, the MoxiWorks support team.