Press Releases February 12, 2019

MoxiWorks Signs New Partner, LiveBy to the MoxiCloud Open Platform

SEATTLE, February 12, 2019 – MoxiWorks, a leading real estate technology company, has just partnered with LiveBy, who connects real estate professionals with homebuyers through hyper-local data and unique content. LiveBy joins the MoxiCloud open platform, which allows brokerages to create a customized, integrated tech stack that provides them with an end-to-end solution.

LiveBy makes it easy for brokerages to launch hyper-local content on their existing websites. Their data and content become part of the site to help drive search engine optimization (or SEO) and engagement. LiveBy also allows for brokerages to tap into a new kind of “neighborhood lead,” capturing potential sellers and buyers 12, 24, or 48 months earlier in their search process.

“The larger portals will never understand a market like the local brands do. Real estate brokerages and their agents know the area best, and LiveBy helps them prove it!” said Cory Scott, LiveBy CEO. “Zip code data is not hyper-local, and consumers do not want to simply understand the radius around an address. They want to learn about and track activity in a particular neighborhood. LiveBy allows for true, up-to-date insights at a micro level and can deliver on any scale of vision.”

LiveBy supports local data and unique content for all 50 U.S. States, Canada, Bahamas and Cayman Islands. Their coverage includes access to the largest proprietary library of neighborhood boundaries, along with cities, subdivisions, school districts, zip codes and more. Companies can also create custom boundaries on the fly and offer insights that have never been seen.

“We’re so excited to add LiveBy to the MoxiCloud! Hyper-local content is now expected by consumers, so having this solution in a brokerage’s tech stack is only getting more and more important,” said Kylah Searing, Director of Integrations and Partnerships at MoxiWorks. “Having the ability to quickly add neighborhood pages as standalone or to existing sites is really slick. Adding these to a brokerage site was faster than anything I’ve ever seen! The content is really engaging as well, and I know consumers will love it.”

LiveBy will integrate into the MoxiCloud open platform, joining over 40 best-in-class tools and services. The flexibility provided by the MoxiCloud open platform is what MoxiWorks attributes their single-digit client turnover rate to. This open platform model encourages brokerages to innovate and adopt powerful tools, such as LiveBy.

About LiveBy
LiveBy is an all-inclusive local data company that works with 200 of the top real estate brokerages across North America, 4 of the leading networks/franchises and 118,000 agents. LiveBy is passionate about empowering Real Estate Professionals with tools to help buyers and sellers discover and track neighborhoods. They are dedicated to streamlining the home search by removing all ambiguity around location. By leveraging LiveBy, real estate websites drive robust, real-time local content that increase SEO and provide an amazing search experience. For more information about LiveBy, please visit

About MoxiWorks
MoxiWorks is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves over 72 brokerages and 120,000 agents nationwide that account for more than 13% of the transactions in the U.S. MoxiWorks’ integrated tools are centered on sphere methodology that increases agents’ repeat and referral business by 54%, while lowering overall technology, training, and support costs for the brokerage. The open platform known as the MoxiCloud has tools from more than 40 partners that plug and play to create unique brokerage solutions. MoxiWorks also powers the LeadingRE Cloud. Find more information at




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