Real Estate Marketing October 8, 2019

Real Estate Technology Trends That Can Impact Energy Transformation

By Ashley Lipman, Content marketing specialist

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Did you realize that nearly 8 percent of the world’s energy is produced by solar panels and wind turbines? For years, environmental enthusiasts and eco-conscious business owners have longed for the day when energy transformation was a real possibility. As technology rapidly catches up with the visions of these entrepreneurs, energy transformation now seems just out of reach.

While there is still a long way to go when it comes to reducing the dependency on traditional forms of energy, definite strides are being made towards making renewable energy sustainable for all real estate owners.

As any real estate broker will tell you, one of the most common questions they get asked is whether or not a particular property is eco-friendly. Generally, business owners and consumers want to do their part when it comes to protecting the planet. This is why properties with solar panels or access to wind power are such hot commodities.

The following are just some of the innovations that are making impacting the world of energy transformation.

The Energy Storage Revolution

When it comes to balancing the supply of power and the demand a business has, energy storage is a crucial component. Without an energy storage solution, a business will struggle to keep their commercial space going smoothly. The energy storage solutions on the market provide a steady supply of power, even when conditions are not optimal for the production of solar or wind-power.

One of the most common devices to use for energy storage are batteries. As time goes by, professionals in the renewable energy field are finding new and more efficient ways to store solar and wind power on these batteries. With more businesses than ever before attempting to embrace renewable energy sources, the energy storage technology on the market is sure to improve.

The Falling Costs of Renewable Energy is Leading to Grid Parity

Saving money on energy is something most business owners are passionate about. According to EnergyBot, calculating your company’s EnergyScore is the best way to see how to improve efficiency and save money. One of the main hesitations business owners have had when it comes to renewable energy sources is the perceived higher prices of these methods. Grid parity happens when alternative energy sources, like wind and solar, can measure up to the cost and reliability of traditional energy sources.

Many regions have achieved parity when it comes to the price and performance of wind and solar power. The current energy market is based on a large top-down model. In this model, all power is produced at one central source and then distributed to a business. Renewable energy models are far different.

A renewable energy model hinges on evenly distributed power distribution. In the past, many analysts thought that incorporating renewable energy sources into the existing power grid was impossible. With the use of AI and blockchain technology, using renewable sources of energy in existing power grids is easier than ever. As this technology continues to develop, businesses all over the world will be able to embrace clean and renewable energy like never before.

technology trendsThe Rise of Microgrids and Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest buzzwords you will hear in the business renewable energy industry is microgrids. In essence, these are local energy grids that are able to operate while connected to a larger traditional power grid or autonomously. Generally, these microgrids are used to provide both efficiency and energy independence for a business owner. The developers of these microgrids use artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the operation of these grids continuously improves.

The deployment of these grids is becoming easier and faster. Companies that are developing these software programs allow for grids to be setup up in around a day. If a business owner is interested in embracing the power of AI and microgrids, they need to do their homework before choosing a program to help them.

The process of creating and fully optimizing a microgrid is extremely difficult. Without previous knowledge of how traditional power grids operate, a business owner will struggle to complete their microgrid. This is why working with professionals who have knowledge of how these grids work is so crucial.

Renewable Energy Will Change the World

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is something most business and property owners are extremely passionate about. This is why you need to pay attention to the developments in the world of renewable energy. As the world becomes more aware of the power and benefits of renewable energy, the use of it will only grow.

Buying a home or commercial building that is already equipped with the latest renewable energy technology can be beneficial. Seeking out the help of a knowledge real estate agent/broker is the best way to find the eco-conscious properties you are after.



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