MoxiWorksUpdates February 25, 2014

Agent’s New Secret Weapon is Search by Drive Time

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 73% of all home buyers consider drive time to work a key buying criterion. Now with INRIX® Drive Time, TouchCMA (now Moxi Present) agents can show their clients how long it will take them to commute to and from work at any hour.

Enter a Buyer’s Work Address & Desired Commute Time, See a Map of All Listings

enter a work address

Agents can now customize a listing search with a client’s work address, time of day that your client commutes and the maximum amount of time your client wants to spend driving to and from work; the results are only listings within your clients preferred drive time!

The orange boundary layer drawn in the image above indicates that a buyer could drive to work at 9am and make it to work in 15 minutes or less from any of the 3+ bedroom listings shown.

Search by Drive Time uses INRIX® Drive Time technology which collects and analyzes real-time data from a community of 100 million drivers, as well as traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, events, police activity, and historical traffic patterns.

Now when your clients say, “I want my work commute to be 15 minutes or less” or, “I want to live 20 minutes from downtown” you look like the expert and a valuable resource.

Show Clients the Drive Time to Any Address from Any Listing


You can now provide the Drive Time information for your client’s commute, whether they have to drive across town to work, drop the kids off at school, or make other frequent trips.

On the chart generated for each listing, commute times to a second address are graphed over a 9-5 day. The chart can be toggled to display “to” and “from” times.

client commute address2

Start Using INRIX Drive Time

INRIX® Drive Time is available on TouchCMA starting today!  To start using INRIX® Drive Time in your presentations just sign into TouchCMA for the Web.

If you haven’t signed up for TouchCMA, but you want to check out INRIX® Drive Time, sign up for a free trial of TouchCMA. Your first 30 days are on us!