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How To Get Your Real Estate Agent Blog to Stand-out

June 7, 2020  |  Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator

The world is filled with agents. And while you know how valuable you can be to your clients, they might need further convincing. A blog is a great way for you to stand out among your peers. An agent blog is your space on the internet to show your clients who you are, and how you’ll benefit them. But here’s the catch: The world is also filled with blogs.

So, how do you make your blog stand out from the rest? We’ve got some tips to help you differentiate yourself from the rest, winning that client! They’ll thank you for your real estate expertise, your fantastic communication skills, and your stunning, content-filled blog.

Find your style

Your blog is the space to express who you are to clients and prospective clients. Some might think you are just helping clients buy or sell a home, but you know an agent-client relationship goes much beyond that. They are searching for an excellent agent, a friend, someone with expertise and attention to detail. After all, you are the one who plays a key part in determining what their future will look like.

Take a hard look at what makes you unique, and let that be expressed in your blog.

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Take a look at the two agents’ work-spaces above. These two agents are both excellent in their field, however, have stark style differences. The fun part is, both agents will create eye catching and unique blogs with the things that make them, them! Their blogs will attract like-minded clients that will turn into lasting relationships beyond a purchase. And those relationships will create referrals and repeat business, growing your business for years to come!


Write, write, write!

Having a beautiful blog is great, but using it is even more important. You don’t want your prospective clients to click on your blog in attempt to see what you’re about, and all they find is a “Welcome to my blog!” post written three years ago. The tumbleweeds will roll across your blog and the homebuyer will click out fast. Create a realistic and manageable posting schedule for yourself, and stick to it.

Set aside a chunk of time to plan out multiple blog posts, so you don’t get in a writer’s slump searching for topics. If you’re posting once a week, try 30 minutes on the 1st of the month, and jot down 4-5 blog post ideas for the whole month. It’s that easy!

Now, when your prospective client enters your blog on your agent website, they’ll see a reliable and consistent agent who’s ready to take on the hunt for their future home.


Your blog is your tool

You’ve put work into your blog, and it’s your tool to use. You made this blog for your future and clients, so share it with them! Guide them towards a specific blog post you think they’d just love, or direct them to your testimonial page if they’re considering whether you’re the agent for them.

Not only will they love the engaging content, they’ll recognize your local expertise. It’s a win-win!


Get inspired

Your readers will doze off reading your blog if you dozed off writing it. Get excited about what you’re writing about and it’ll make a lasting impression. Need a little inspiration? One of our past blog posts has ideas for you to write about… (see how I casually used our own blog as my tool?) You can find those blog ideas right here! Remember, blogs will benefit your business if you put a little time and energy into it. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to start a real estate blog.  Now you have no excuses! Hop on your laptop, go into your agent website, create your blog, and get to writing.

Real Estate Marketing June 5, 2019

52 Blog-Worthy Topics Clients Will Love

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


real estate blog topicsI didn’t understand why someone would get excited over gardening or DIY projects until I moved into my own home. Now, the mere thought of someone sending me seeds to plant in our backyard gets my pulse going at an embarrassing rate. Just sitting here thinking about heirloom tomatoes and repainting our front door is making my heart race, it’s sad but true!

Now all I think about are the ways in which we can improve our home or what we’ll want when we build our dream home one day. Not only that, but since the city we’re in is constantly buzzing with new restaurants, wineries, shops, breweries, and more, I love to try and keep up with the latest and greatest in our area. I’m constantly checking the locally-focused social media channels and blogs, especially real estate focused ones. In fact, our favorite family-owned Thai restaurant just had to close its doors so we’re currently in the market for our new go-to Thai spot – guess where I’m going to look for recommendations!

Would your blog (or social media channels) be one that I would be able to get all this information from? If yes, great job! You’re probably looking for more real estate blog topics. If no, don’t worry, we have a TON of ideas for you to use as a starting place. We’ve come up with a giant list of real estate blog topics (that you can also use for social media!) to keep your clients, prospects, and those in your community hooked to your content. 

1. New restaurants
2. The best flowers to plant for your area, in terms of climate, level of maintenance, etc.
3. DIY: How to build your own fire pit
4. The best boutique to find wedding guest attire
5. Restaurants that have closed + your fav alternatives
6. A list of your favorite wineries ranked in order (although no wineries are really bad, are they?)
7. Antiquing: where is the hidden treasure?
8. Best ways to improve curb appeal
9. DIY: Dog food station with storage
10. Best ways to organize your home office
11. Blinds or curtains? Why? Indoor vs. outdoor?
12. Your favorite new home gadgets
13. Childproofing a home
14. DIY: Best colors of painted cabinets
15. Tips for hiring a contractor
16. Spring cleaning/maintenance checklist
17. Summer camps for kids
18. Plays and musicals coming to town
19. Air quality? Does it matter? How do you maintain it?
20. Local market updates
21. DIY: How to organize a bookshelf to make a statement
22. A long list of your recommendations for contractors/cleaners/etc. in your area
23. Do’s and don’ts of wall color
24. DIY: How to build a blanket ladder
25. Best indoor plants
26. Breweries, ranked!
27. How to make your house smell amazing
28. List of after school programs
29. DIY: How to build a garden box
30. Tips for avoiding package theft from your porch
31. Brunch or bust: your fav local spots
32. List of family-friendly summer activities
33. Home hacks, what actually works?
34. Security systems/cameras
35. DIY: She sheds/man caves
36. How to pick out and arrange a bar cart
37. Gyms, by price and packages!
38. List of local marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, etc.
39. The best coffee shops in town
40. Concerts coming to town
41. Bathroom renovation tips
42. Ways to increase home value
43. Storage ideas for home and garage
44. Tips for turning your bathroom into a spa
45. DIY: kitchen backsplash
46. Wall décor ideas
47. How to make your home feel more cozy
48. DIY: how to build a vertical garden
49. School districts/schools in the area, ranked
50. Easiest vegetables to grow
51. Local charities to volunteer at or donate to
52. Selling tips, including home value, things to avoid, etc.

We hope you enjoyed these real estate blog topics! For more, check out our monthly e-magazine, Mile 62, built just for YOU!