Open Platform July 15, 2019

5 Tips for Boosting Your Confidence

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 


tips for boosting your confidenceWe’ve all been blessed with their presence – the Fredrik Eklund’s of the world who walk into a room standing tall with annoyingly perfect posture, captivate their audience by simply existing, and project attention-demanding confidence to everyone surrounding them. Having this kind of presence comes natural for some but for others, it’s SO much easier said than done.

The importance of portraying yourself with confidence applies to all facets of life, however it’s especially important within the realm of real estate where your ability to do so holds the power to make-or-break your entire career. Whether you’re giving a listing presentation or hosting an open house, it’s essential that prospects and clients perceive you as being confident in yourself for them to even consider placing their own trust in you to buy or sell their home.

It’s difficult to convince others of your confidence if you, yourself don’t actually feel it. With some help from Jen Sincero, the confidence-oozing author of the book You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living and Awesome Life, we’ve compiled five tips for boosting your confidence and obtaining that amazing posture, pronto.

One: Put yourself first.

“Take care of yourself as if you’re the most awesome person you’ve ever met.” ― Jen Sincero

In order for you to appear confident to others, you take care of yourself in every way possible.

Eat food that makes you feel good inside. Get outside. Move your body. Buy clothes that make you feel like a winner. Take personal days when you need them. Pet tons of dogs. Take luxurious baths. Listen to music that makes you feel happy.

Whatever it is, do it because it makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Two: Embrace a growth mindset.

“The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information.” – Jen Sincero

Perfection (if there’s even such a thing) doesn’t come to fruition overnight. It takes time, practice, trial, and error to perfect your craft. Instead of giving into your natural instinct to be afraid of failure, learn to embrace it. Each failure presents you with an opportunity to grow and learn how to improve your performance the next time around. The more you can enter situations feeling sure that – failures and all – you’ll come out on the other end feeling stronger and more successful, the more you’ll be able to achieve and the more confident you’ll feel.

Three: Take risks.

“Nobody who ever accomplished anything big or new or worth raising a celebratory fist in the air did it from their comfort zone. They risked ridicule and failure” – Jen Sincero

The more you expose yourself to new situations and experiences, the more you’ll be forced to push through the unknown and uncomfortable feelings that come along with them and prove to yourself that you’re capable.

Never been a seller’s agent? Go for it. Never experimented with social media marketing? Definitely try that.

The more you push yourself, the more you’ll grow and succeed in ways that far surpass those who stay within the confining boundaries of the comfort zone they’ve built for themselves. Be bold, try new things, and allow yourself to be confident in the risks you take.

Four: Don’t worry too much about what others think of you.

“What other people think about you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.” ― Jen Sincero

The harm that comes from spending your time worrying about what others think about you extends much further than wrinkles. People who lack confidence tend to worry a lot about what others think of them, but here’s the deal – those people that you’re worrying about are in the exact same boat. They, too, may very well be stressing over what you think of them. And if we all start spending our precious time worrying about what everyone else thinks of us, we would become the least productive and innovative society EVER, so let’s not let that happen.

Stop spending your time looking for other people’s approval and start setting your own expectations and goals for yourself, they’ll take you much farther.

Five: Form the right habits.

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.”
― Jen Sincero

We all tend to get stuck in our ways. We listen to the same radio stations, watch the same TV channels, and turn to the same news sources for the latest buzz. Prospective clients are looking to work with an agent who’s cutting edge, innovative, and known as the crème de la crème in their neighborhood – something that’s hard to become if you’re creating a box for yourself. Be confident that you’re on the track to becoming the best agent you can be by opening your mind and choosing to be a sponge for any bit of helpful information you can soak up. A few tips for achieving this:

Tip 1: Actively devote time to keeping up with the latest methods, tools, and trends. Get in the habit of checking (different) news outlets while in line for your morning coffee and turning on notifications for the #realestate hashtag so that you’re always up to date on the current industry happenings.
Tip 2: Dedicate time to studying the newest successful agents to the game, see what’s working well for them, and emulate some of their practices in your own business. You’ll never know if you could be even more efficient and productive than you are now if you never try new things.

Following these 5 tips for boosting your confidence will help refine your craft, grow your expertise, and improve your mindset, all while boosting your confidence in your ability to deliver as a real estate agent. Walk tall and proud – you’ve got this!