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10 Brick-and-Mortar Brokerage Culture-building Activities That Can Be Done Virtually

how to host a virtual sales meetings

1. Turn Conference-Room Sales Meetings into Interactive Webinars

  • Schedule and host a live webinar during the normal meeting time for consistency.
  • Change presenters/speakers and share your screen just like an in-person presentations
  • Use online tools or webinar software features to have participants ‘raise their hand’ to ask a question, answer a poll, take a vote and more. This way you can replicate the interactive portions of your meeting.



real estate buyer networking virtually

2. Buyer Networking

“During our meetings, we take a moment for agents to share info about a buyer they’re working with in hopes that another agent may have something soon-to-be-listed.”

  • Create a special chat room using Yammer or Facebook Groups to share your information.
  • Think of it like posting a personal ad in the classifieds – “buyer seeking lake-front 4bed4bath, but willing to compromise. Call me 555-5555.”



pocket listing virtual tours

3. Pocket-Listings and Listings Coming Soon

“Our company dedicates a short portion of our sales meetings for agents to share information about their listings that haven’t gone live on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) yet.”

  • With firm guidelines in place to protect your agents and their clients around local and national regulations, your agents could also use a forum or chat style webpage to share the info (remember, no identifying addresses or features, just beds/baths/zip code/estimated readiness.)



virtual evaluations

4. Manager-Agent Performance Reviews

  • Managers and agents can use 1-to-1 video conferencing!
  • A key part of a confidential conversation is being able to read and interpret each other’s body language. These non-verbal cues prevent misinterpretation and confusion.
  • At the end of the call, if you have paperwork to sign, consider using an e-signature service to sign and receive a document.



virtual mentorship

5. Mentorship

  • Does your brokerage have a mentorship program in place? Keep them communicating and collaborating virtually.
  • Organize video calls with members of the group to have regular, consistent check-ins.
  • Encourage mentors to include their mentees on calls to clients, partners, or prospects.
  • Have mentors and mentees hold each other accountable throughout the week to achieve weekly goals.



virtual real estate training

6. Training

  • Now is an awesome opportunity to promote learning.
  • Build out a video library of pre-recorded webinars, how-to videos, and other resources on your ‘HUB’ (an intranet or resource website for your agents to access from anywhere).
  • Consider getting a group of agents together to complete online NAR (National Association of Realtors) certifications together.


virtual it assistance

7. IT Assistance

“We employ a Help Desk to assist agents with their devices, sometimes troubleshooting needs to be done in person. How do we manage?”

  • Video chat saves the day again!
  • Participants can share their screens and your IT guru can guide them through the problem.


virtual lunch and learn

8. Partner Events

“What about brokerage partner services like mortgage lenders, title, and insurance — how can they engage with my agents if they can’t hold events in the office?”

  • Try out a “Bring-Your-Own-Lunch & Learn.”
  • Schedule a video conference around lunch and invite your agents to listen while they eat at home.



virtual water cooler

9. Water Cooler Talk and Camaraderie

“My company’s culture depends a lot on the ability for agents to socialize in the space. We have coffee and snacks, comfy lounge areas, places for people to have good conversations.”

  • You may not be able to replicate the snacks and coffee, but you can encourage agents to take part in a group discussion using social media.
  • Facebook groups are a great platform for internal conversation threads that can be easily shared with other members of your company.
  • Set the group to private and invite your agents and staff to join! (This also cuts down on too many company-wide e-mails).



community and charity

10. Charity and Community Action

“This is normally a time where my brokerage gives back to the community with a day of service. What can I do now?”

  • A trending event that different local communities are organizing are car parades. Individuals decorate their cars or make signs and then drive together in a ‘parade’ and wave to others outside their homes. Teachers parade past student’s houses, friends parade and cheer past clinics and hospitals.
  • Get clients involved too! Organize a drive-by tour of homes or neighborhoods.
  • Partner with a local organization that needs monetary donations and invite your agents to donate online.
Recruiting & Retention February 26, 2019

Healthy Work Culture: A Must-Have for Today’s Brokerages

By Sophia Stilwell, Customer Support Specialist at MoxiWorks

MoxiWorksBrokerage culture: it’s a phrase we all hear but do we really know what it is or how to create the best brokerage culture around? In order to cultivate the best brokerage culture possible, we need to know what it is and how to create it because great culture is what agents are looking for when hunting for that perfect fit. Without a great brokerage culture, agents have little reason to stick around and stay loyal to their brokerages. After all, who wants to work somewhere they don’t feel appreciated by?

What is brokerage culture?

If you look it up, you will probably read some article telling you how it’s the environment at a certain brokerage, but really, it’s much more than that! Brokerage culture is the personality of all those who work there! It’s the bloodline that ties the brokerage to its agents and it’s what keeps top agents who have so many other recruiting offers to choose from where they are. It’s your motto, your ethics, and your values.

How do you create the strongest brokerage culture?

Brokerage culture starts with the owner, someone who had a dream and made it happen. Think of them as the head of a family. Of course, to be a parent, you need kids, or in our case agents, who the parents help to be better and accomplish their goals. Brokerage owners hire agents to help them grow their family and as they do, they grow and cultivate that unique brokerage culture. This is why it’s so important to not only have a strong brokerage culture to begin with – good values, strong goals, and supportive and respectful work environment – but to also make sure that the agents being brought in are just as driven to uphold and improve that culture.

Getting to know an agent in an interview is a great way to learn if they will be a good fit for the brokerage culture you are trying to attain. Asking questions such as, “What are you looking for in your next job?” and “How do you motivate yourself to be successful?” and “What are your goals in your career?” can all be a great way to learn if the candidate is a good fit for your brokerage.

Finding the perfect agents is a great first step in achieving world-class brokerage culture, but you can’t stop there, after all, a parent’s job isn’t done when they take the baby home from the hospital. Introducing your agents to a strong brokerage culture right away is a key to letting them know they made the right choice! Little things like giving out New Agent Starter Packs helps get agents excited about their new brokerage. These Starter Packs can include all the helpful things like Wi-Fi and MoxiWorks passwords, brokerage swag, and anything else you would like to include to help them get started on the right foot!

Employing your brokerage culture and helping it to grow is a full-time job. You have to work at it to ensure you have the best in town and going that extra step can make all the difference. Now that you have hand-picked the perfect agents, you’ll want to make sure that you and they are upholding the culture you have worked to achieve. Things like brokerage manifestos, measuring employee engagement, or even having a moment of silence for your competitors who your agent beat for a listing can make a big difference in the eyes of agents and give them more incentive to stay and help your brokerage grow.

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