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5 Ways Our New Integration with Buyside Will Rock Your World

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 


Buyside IntegrationLooking for another way to gain a competitive edge? Always. Thanks to our latest integration, users of Buyside and MoxiPresent will have the capability to impress clients, appear tech savvy, transact more often, and one-up competition every step of the way.

The award-winning presentation builder, MoxiPresent, is already helping agents across the country do 43% more transactions per year. And now, we’re combining our superpowers with Buyside to do something no one else in the industry is doing – adding innovative Buyer Market Analysis report functionality to a powerhouse presentation builder.

Here are five ways our deepened integration with our certified partner, Buyside, will rock your real estate world:

1. Create on-the-fly Buyer Market Analysis reports.

Gone are the days of copying & pasting Buyer Market Analysis (BMA) reports into your listing presentations. This new integration allows you to include a powerful, real-time BMA report directly in your MoxiPresent presentation the moment you have a seller interested in your services.

2. Facilitate meaningful discussions.

Buyer Market Analysis reports allow you to answer two major questions each and every one of your sellers has:

  1. What is my home worth?
  2. Are you confident you’ll be able to find buyers for it?

With the data provided in these reports, you’ll be able to have meaningful discussions surrounding these questions with your clients during listing presentations using up-to-date, local data.

3. Introduce your clients to qualified buyers.

Don’t just tell your clients you have buyers interested in their listing, show them. Go above and beyond by handing your clients a list of unique, qualified buyers actively looking for a home like theirs in the area.

4. Illustrate the demand.

Ease any worries your sellers have about factors such as transaction speed and price with the help of the a clear, easily digestible buyer heat map. This will illustrate where the buyer demand is concentrated in their area in relation to their home and add context to any related estimations you provide them with.

5. Demonstrate the power behind you and your brokerage.

Sending potential clients these BMA reports will demonstrate the abundance of potential buyers that are actively engaging with your brokerage. Having this confidence as they begin working with you will ease many of the fears associated with selling a home, particularly for first-time sellers.

6. Offer something competing agents can’t.

The average person knows approximately ten real estate agents. Chances you become the agent they choose to work with after sending an informational, data-driven report enabled by this integration are high. The more pain-free and simple you’re able to paint the picture of selling a home, the more clients will feel inclined to work with you!

There are countless benefits that come with being part of an open platform, including the ability to grow and innovate over time. This deepened integration with Buyside is a perfect example of how partnering with other best-of-breed vendors allows us to set the bar high and keep our clients competitive in the long-run, regardless of what changes come our way.

Want to see more on our Buyside + MoxiPresent integration? Checkout the video below!

Press Releases August 22, 2019

MoxiWorks and Buyside Launch Powerful Integration for Best-in-Class CMA

SEATTLE, August 22, 2019 – MoxiWorks, a leading real estate technology company, has announced a deeper integration with Buyside, adding even more power behind the industry’s best-in-class CMA, MoxiPresent with powerful buyer data analytics.

“We’re excited to partner with MoxiWorks,” said Charles Williams IV, Founder and CEO of Buyside. “Our partnership provides sales professionals easier access to valuable insights about their market and an innovative new way to better serve their customers.”

Now, real estate agents can add the power of Buyside’s intel on real-time buyer demand to their MoxiPresent listing presentations. With the click of a button, agents can now show actual buyers working with agents inside their network that are a match for the seller’s home. Agents can also add Buyside heatmaps, which helps facilitate a conversation with sellers around pricing strategy and be an indicator of how quickly their home may sell. This additional content makes the agent look professional, competent, and ultimately, is a huge differentiator as they will be able to come to the table with buyers on day one.

“We’re beyond excited to add this integration to MoxiPresent. Not only does this provide more oomph for the agent when trying to win a listing, but these buyer profiles that are generated are hooked into an actual buyer in the Buyside system, which means that an agent can directly contact the buyer or the buyer’s agent and get a listing in front of them immediately,” said Bryan Link, Product Manager at MoxiWorks.

The best-in-class interactive CMA presentation tool, MoxiPresent, has delighted the industry for years as the utmost powerhouse for CMAs. Users of MoxiPresent see 43% more business on average than those not leveraging it, and the average adoption rate stands proudly at 75%. This tool includes always up-to-date MLS data and enables on-the-fly editing, rich media, beautiful listing flyers, interactive buyer tours, commute times, and now, this advanced Buyside integration.

“Partner integrations that are deeply connected to streamline agent workflows is what the MoxiCloud partner program is striving for, which is why we’re so excited about the MoxiPresent and Buyside integration.” said Kylah Searing, Director of Partnerships and Integrations at MoxiWorks. “The ability for agents to get their buyer market analysis without ever leaving MoxiPresent, and have it displayed seamlessly in the presentation, is going to be a major win for them. Our brokerage clients have been asking for this and I’m thrilled to deliver it!”


About Buyside

Buyside is a data analytics & marketing company on a mission to help real estate brokers profit from their largest untapped asset: data. Buyside aggregates buyer activity from a variety of sources, using it to power actionable insights and intelligent marketing tools that help brokers: generate and capture seller leads, win more listings, and close more transaction sides in house. For more information, visit


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