MoxiWorksWorking at Moxi May 9, 2018

How MoxiWorks Empowers Its Employees

By Tom Shively 

moxi empowers employees What attracted me to MoxiWorks was the level of collaboration that’s expected from every department. Upon first starting, I was asked how I felt about working with many, if not all, of the other teams here and if working as a part of a dynamic fast-paced team was something I could excel at doing. Fast forward two years and I can honestly say this experience has lived up to the promise.

One of the greatest parts about working at Moxi is if you have a fun, creative idea, it is encouraged you run with it. I have been at a number of tech companies and nowhere else has had an atmosphere of not only collaboration, but encouragement to think outside the box, outside the building, and outside your comfort zone.

It had been about five months after I started as Moxi’s trainer that I was sent across the country to host a series of talks teaching agents about our products. The event went spectacularly well, in no small part because of the teamwork our office has. On this trip I was joined by Senior Account Manager, Daniel Bailey, and our Manager of Product, Jillian Igarashi and the strengths of these two became obvious very quickly. Daniel can talk to anyone, about anything, at any time, and Jillian has an encyclopedic knowledge of our products and what’s coming! It was because of these two that this conference went so well.

Before I left I realized many people don’t know what happens when we travel into the field to present. So, I decided to bring my camera and film what happened, so I could create a recap video for the rest of the office to see what we accomplished. While on the trip I filmed all the different aspects of a Real Estate conference from our booth to the classes we taught and the travel from coast to coast. When I got home, I was able to piece together a story I thought would be interesting for the rest of the company to see.

The response I got was nothing like I could have imagined. I first sent the video to the executive team who asked if they could show it at our “All Hands” meeting later that day so the whole company could see it. The rest of the company seemed excited to see what happens when we go into the field and the response the industry has to our products. It was because of this positive response, I have continued to create videos for the company.


You see, our company has a mantra. “Think outside the building,” and nowhere is this more apparent than our community service day each year. Moxi shuts down for an entire day, takes all 70 techies and rolls up our collective sleeves to help Ryther. Before we made our way over, I was asked if I could bring my camera to capture some of the day. I agreed without hesitation and began shooting the moment we got there. Being able to speak with the staff and tour the facility to see what impact Moxi can make in helping the lives of the people in our community can only be described as extraordinary.

Making the video for this day was one of the most rewarding projects I have had the pleasure of creating. None of this would be possible without the support of Moxi as a whole, and the ability to accept a mentality that doesn’t just focus on what comes across your desk but is limited only by your creativity. Moxi empowers its employees to do better, follow your goals, and think outside the building, where ever that may be.

Watch Tom’s Community Service Day video below! 


Moxi Works Platform Tool VideosMoxiWorksNews December 11, 2016

The MoxiWorks Staff Donates $10,000 To Pike Place Market Foundation

On December 8th, 2016, we presented the Pike Place Market Foundation with a $10,000 donation raised by our employees. The funds will be used to support Pike Market Childcare and Preschool. The Preschool currently serves 101 children from three months to five years old. Last year about 70% of children received tuition assistance, made possible by generous support from numerous individuals and organizations.

Pike Place Market Preschool

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool


The Pike Place Market Foundation fills a big need in the local community, providing senior care, food bank, a health clinic, housing assistance, and more.

The Foundation’s Programs


Employees at Moxi Works have been involved in a variety of fundraising efforts throughout 2016 to support our goal of helping kids and families in need. It started last January at our annual kickoff party with our CEO, York Baur, getting his head shaved! The head shaving raised $1,000 alone.

shaved head for charity

Moxi Works logo worn proudly


The crew here at Moxi Works is very creative and came up with a variety activities that raised money including pub trivia nights, auctions and equipment sales, pay-to-play March Madness brackets, and more. Most of our employees also contribute directly by making automatic payroll deductions. It’s a big team effort and we do it all year long.

Donation to Pike Place Market FoundationPresenting to the Pike Place Market Foundation

Big thanks again this year to our many business partners and vendors who graciously contributed to our fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate your support.

We are all looking forward to continuing in 2017 helping youth and families in our community.


MoxiWorks June 27, 2016

Building Community Through Service

Helping Others on Community Service Day

The crew here at Moxi Works recently spent the day volunteering at Ryther’s Seattle campus. Ryther is a leader in psychiatric and behavioral health services for children and their families facing complex challenges. The work they do is incredibly impactful; helping kids and our broader community.

In typical Moxi style, we broke up into groups and took on several projects at once. We washed and cleaned five of their vans for their Aspiring Youth program this summer. We built a new tool shed for storing their gardening tools. We cleaned weeds out of numerous flower beds and spread a dump truck load of garden mulch.

The Moxi Works team

We covered a patio with new stone pavers. And we built two new sandboxes and filled them with new sand. Whew! It was a lot of work, but all for a great cause.

Building one of two new sandbox areas for Ryther and their kids

And a special thanks to the employees at Ryther who had everything organized and ready for the day. You work at a very special place. Keep up the great work! We really enjoyed the day.

You can see more work photos on Ryther’s Facebook page.