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Automation: The Secret Weapon for Building Top-of-Mind Awareness

By Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator

When was the last time you reached out to your sphere with relevant content? Hopefully the answer comes quick, because after all, 41% of buyers choose a real estate agent based on a referral (source). Another stat from NAR indicates that two years after a transaction, only 23% of clients you worked with can quickly recall your name. The competition is only getting stronger to win listings, and being “found” just isn’t enough anymore. Luckily, you have technology on your side to keep you actively engaging your sphere while juggling your busy to-do list.

Automation is an agent’s secret weapon to staying in touch with their sphere before, during, and after a transaction. Nurturing your contacts with relevant information and widgets that are hyper-local is what’s in demand today. With MoxiWorks and its partners, you have access to a plethora of tools that will automate your delivery of the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Here are a few ways to keep in touch with your sphere of influence with automation:


Personalized and curated content for your clients

There’s nothing better than walking into your favorite go-to coffee spot, and the barista you see every morning finally remembers your name and order. Why? Because we simply like to be remembered. Your clients are the same. Plus, they didn’t purchase a six-dollar coffee, they invested in one the biggest purchases they’ll make in their life. It’s a big deal.

Envision your client receiving a monthly email from you that includes a market snapshot of their neighborhood, personalized just for them. Not only will you stand out by going the extra mile to keep in touch, you’ve remembered them: their email, name, neighborhood, etc. The best part? These monthly emails can be accomplished all without lifting a finger with the right automation tools. In MoxiEngage, the Neighborhood News feature gives you the ability to do just that.


Deliver content that matters to them

Imagine being able to be a fly on the wall of buyers and sellers so you can deliver content relevant to their needs and dreams. Let’s say each week you send new articles out on different topics ranging from first-time homebuying and investing in real estate to vacation home buying and retirement. Using the power of automation, leverage insights on which email recipients have clicked and read through the article and use that information as a great conversation starter for a topic of interest to them. A great example of this is MoxiWorks’ Partner, HomeActions, and their E-relationship platform.

HomeActions helps agents GET and STAY top of mind through on-demand content and widgets that fuel predictive metrics and other AI tools. Their new AI-Powered Lead Scoring service shows you who in your database is warming up for a transaction.


Integrating social media

We all know that using social media is a great way for people to connect with you. But unless it’s your best friend or a family member, they might not think to follow you! When using Neighborhood News, trigger emails, or any other form of communications with your clients, attach your social media links in it. Now, every time a contact receives an email from you, they’ll be reminded to find your business on their favorite social network. Social media is a place where clients most likely go at least one a day, so being visible on it is key.


Templated email communications

Leveraging pre-formatted content and email blast templates saves you time, automates your workflow, and allows you to reach more of your sphere more often. Tools like HomeActions, for example, will offer up templates in dozens of categories and give you the ability to add in content on just about any topic under the Real Estate sun. Featured listings, holidays, just sold, new listings, open houses… you name it. With templated email communications, you’ll always have a great reason to reach out to your sphere of influence.

Having a great relationship with your clients is obviously important. But the fact of the matter is, they don’t remember you quite like we want to believe. According to NAR’s quick stats, sellers who say they would use the same agent again is 69%, but only 24% actually do when they go to buy or sell a home (source). With automated email marketing, we can stay top of mind with clients and win more listings.

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5 MoxiCloud Partners That Make Virtual Real Estate Business Easy

Krista Thomsen, Partner Manager, MoxiCloud Partnerships & Integrations

moxiworks partners - like peanut butter and jelly - virtual tools for real estate

We’re in this together. Each of us is having to face unusual circumstances — but we’re not facing it alone. A wise story-teller succinctly reminds us that we can face any challenge with teamwork.

“In union, there is strength.” – Aesop

The same is true for your technology. The MoxiCloud contains some pretty fantastic and adaptable products, but it also partners with more than 50 other industry-leading integrated technologies. Like peanut butter and jelly, these partners make the MoxiCloud suite of products even better. While staying home and staying safe, we want to highlight a few of our partner tools that can help your business thrive virtually.



MoxiWorks and Spacio - your open house technology duo


You probably know Spacio as the sleekest and easiest way to capture leads at an open house – but you can use this form for digital content as well! The lead collection link lets interested parties sign-up to get more info on a listing, triggering your MoxiPresent presentation to be sent to them. Build out a virtual open house using MoxiPresent, invite people to access it through the Spacio link and you’ve effectively created an on-demand open house.

moveeasy new logo


MoveEasy is a comprehensive agent branded post-transaction concierge service. Agents can help their clients with all their pre and post moving tasks through a combination of online, human and Alexa automated concierge while staying top of mind. Your clients just closed, and you’d normally check-in with a physical pop-by or help them pack boxes, but it just isn’t safe to visit right now. Instead, offer them the benefit of the MoveEasy concierge service.


Home Actions

HomeActions provides tailored print and email newsletters for your sphere. Connecting your MoxiEngage contact list allows HomeActions to research and develop content around your sphere’s actual consumer analytics (think search histories, consumer profiles, etc). Bonus tip – follow HomeActions on Twitter for daily real estate news clippings! During this time, it’s more important than ever to be keeping in touch with your sphere of influence. If you haven’t already taken the time to build out your content plans for your list of contacts, HomeActions can help you create relevant materials.



In most areas you can no longer give tours in person, but REveo is a great tool that helps you create virtual showings so you can continue moving your business forward in a safe way. REveo makes it easy for you to connect buyers virtually to showings in a single click with no apps or additional technology required for buyers. You can share virtual showings with buyers from any screen – live or on-demand. The broadcast is branded with your brokerage and agent information keeping you front-and-center when sharing videos.


SocialBoost (previously iTourMedia) gives you the ability to record and share your open house videos to Facebook business pages. The content will automatically play and will also auto-boost to your selected audiences, making it easier than ever before to use social media advertising. Simplifying techy processes is a great way collaborative technology will help you succeed as business interactions are moved to the digital space.


The entire tribe of humanity is faced with recognizing and adapting to this global pandemic. However, those of us in more populated cities may be having to change in different ways than those of us in rural communities. Real estate best practices are much like how we respond to pandemics — a little different in different communities. Each brokerage and each agent needs a way to communicate with their sphere and efficiently process transactions, but the tech-stack we use varies. That’s why, we at MoxiWorks, devote our innovation to an open-platofrm allowing other adaptable visionaries to partner and collaborate with our tech to create the best solution for each and every brokerage and agent.

In times like this, it is more important than ever to find ways to collaborate and stay motivated to keep your business moving. What tools are you using to help streamline your remote business? What new ways are you adapting and collaborating? We will all get through this, virtually, together.

Moxi PartnersOpen Platform July 23, 2018

Introducing: HomeActions Email Marketing

A complete email marketing system to keep your agent’s pipelines full.

We’re stoked to introduce our newest Moxi Cloud partner, HomeActions! We’ve partnered with HomeActions to provide an easy email marketing solution to our client brokerages. Not only is their tool intuitive, it instantly turns agent’s email marketing efforts into a goldmine.

What is HomeActions Email Marketing?

HomeActions is an e-Relationship platform that starts out as an e-newsletter but ends up as a flawless conversation starter and lead-gen system with the help of their amazing content and tools.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Database

HomeActions helps your agents consolidate their contacts and create their very own exclusive marketing database.

Extensive Metrics

HomeActions provides extensive metrics for their e-newsletters. See when someone opens the newsletter, clicks a link and get immediate feedback as readers respond to how well they liked a given article.

Knowing who is engaging with what content makes it easy to know who to direct your marketing efforts at and who you should pick up the phone and call asap.

In-Demand Content & Widgets

HomeActions delivers content and articles your readers will love that triggers predictive behavior. They drive traffic to an agent’s CMA request page and even works with TrendGraphix reports!

Neighborhood 360

Neighborhood 360 is their newest feature. Recipients can get the “Inside Scoop” on any neighborhood they wish. Home value estimates, cost of living data, demographics, lifestyle data, school info, nearby sold properties, and so much more. This widget covers 150 million street addresses and neighborhoods!

MoxiWorks Integration

HomeActions is integrated into the Moxi Cloud and streamlines an agent’s day-to-day with their Moxi Engage CRM.

Think of HomeActions as the frosting and cherry on top of Engage. It gives the agent the ability to upload their exclusive HomeActions database into their email in the correct format to connect to MoxiWorks tools. That means their CRM and email marketing efforts just got a whole lot sweeter.

Find out more about HomeActions here and read the official press release here.

In The News July 18, 2018

News: MoxiWorks Adds HomeActions to Cloud Open Platform

Links of the coverage:
Press Releases July 12, 2018

MoxiWorks Adds Exclusive Email Marketing System, HomeActions, to Moxi Cloud Open Platform

SEATTLE, July 12, 2018 – MoxiWorks, a fast-growing real estate tech company, has recently added HomeActions to their comprehensive open platform network known as the Moxi Cloud. HomeActions joins over 40 best-in-class partners that plug into the cloud.

HomeActions is an e-Relationship platform. It’s a complete email marketing system with an e-newsletter and lead-generation system all in one, focusing on predictive metrics that turn engagement into Conversation Starters. HomeActions builds a database for the agent from their sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, the MLS, and all email systems. Once enrolled, contacts become exclusive to the enrolling agent.

“What we like most about HomeActions is that they help agents get their marketing database set-up and then focuses the email communications on that specific and unique segment of their sphere. HomeActions delivers in-demand content and widgets that portray the agent as an advocate. This is a great match for our Moxi Engage sphere-centric philosophy,” said Kylah Searing, Director of Moxi Cloud Partnerships and Integrations.

HomeActions is integrated into the Moxi Cloud and Moxi Engage CRM. Agents can upload their custom-made database into their Moxi Engage account for streamlined marketing efforts. Albert Clark, HomeActions President and Co-Founder, sees the combined efforts helping the agents focus on the right segment of their sphere. “We all know real estate is a numbers game and the more we can get agents (through MoxiWorks and HomeActions) in front of their growing sphere, the more deals will come about.”

HomeActions newest feature, Neighborhood 360, allows consumers to get an “Inside Scoop” on any neighborhood they wish. Home value estimates, cost of living data, demographics, lifestyle data, school info, nearby sold properties, and more with the click of a button. It now covers 150 million street addresses and neighborhoods.

Mike McHenry, VP of Moxi Cloud Partnerships and Integrations said, “HomeActions provides an awesome marketing solution with readymade content for agents who need to stay in-flow with their sphere of influence. Fully integrated into the Moxi Cloud, we share several mutual clients with them and enjoy a great relationship with Albert and his team.”

About HomeActions
HomeActions LLC is a digital marketing and lead-generation solution with engaging content and interactive widgets delivered on behalf of real estate agents. The HomeActions platform provides automated prospecting and marketing delivered biweekly via email to a professional’s sphere of influence. With instant lead access, and robust predictive metrics, the system has the capability to generate real-time leads and top-of-mind awareness while nurturing relationships that lead to the agent’s long-term success. More information at

Case Study:

About MoxiWorks
MoxiWorks is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves over 110,000 agents and 60 brokerages nationwide. MoxiWorks’ integrated tools are centered on sphere methodology that drastically increases agents’ repeat and referral business by 40%, while lowering overall technology, training, and support costs for the brokerage. Named one of the 10 Best Cloud Solution Providers of 2018 by Industry Era, the open platform known as the Moxi Cloud has tools from more than 40 partners that plug and play to create unique brokerage solutions. MoxiWorks also powers the LeadingRE Cloud. More information at


For more information on this topic and other press inquiries at MoxiWorks, please contact Tiana Baur at For more info on HomeActions, please contact Albert Clark at or 570-510-3507.