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4 Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities

Mercedes Santiago, Marketing Coordinator at MoxiWorks  |  March 24, 2020


Ways for Brokers to Support Their Local Communities


It’s a time of global uncertainty, due to COVID-19, the epidemic that has disrupted the world. We’ve seen the anxiety-inducing statistics on job uncertainty, food scarcity, deaths, and more. The combination of it all is showing us the true magnitude of the current state of our world. While we’re not sure of what’s to come for certain, we know as a community we must jump in and help where we can.


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
– Coretta Scott King


Real estate brokers are an integral part of their communities and experts in the residents, businesses, and structures that make a neighborhood ‘home.’ As such, brokers and their agents are poised to be great community leaders and supporters during this time. We’ve put together a list of recommendations and want to hear from you as well!


1. Support local restaurants

Seattle streets are much quieter these days for obvious reasons, with one of them being the empty tables in restaurants — a trend fast occurring across the country. We know we can’t dine-in, but don’t forget that many restaurants are offering take out, and it’s essential to their survival. Support your community by ordering takeout.

Fun idea: Virtually cater for your agents! Let all agents order lunch on you for company moral! Share your support on social media to encourage others to follow in your footsteps! Not only can you promote positivity and camaraderie amongst your company, you continue to support your market’s economy.


2. Check in with your neighbors

These times are difficult for many, physically and mentally. You could be struggling personally to care for  someone who’s been infected with COVID-19. Or, perhaps you’ve upended your day-to-day routine and are now working from home. Especially difficult, maybe you’re self-isolating due to a pre-existing condition and feel uncertain about your safety. While we shouldn’t be physically close to each other, with technology we have the ability to all stay connected. Even from miles away, what you post online has the ability to shift someone’s mindset on the situation. Let’s keep content optimistic, light-hearted, and inspiring to keep our mental states up high.

Fun idea: check-in with your partner businesses like mortgage lenders, moving companies, or home repair persons and share each other’s stories.


3. Reach out to nonprofits

Many nonprofits around your city are constantly providing shelter, food, and support for members of your community — even during pandemics that close other public places. Call around to local nonprofits and decide who needs what most. In our current situation, these groups are running out of food to distribute. Feeding our community and staying healthy is important for us to move past this.


4. Help seniors who are most at risk

It’s a fact that older people and people with pre-existing health conditions are most vulnerable to COVID-19. There are multiple things we can do to keep this group of people healthy and safe.

  • Grab groceries for those who are at risk or those that are shut-in. Drop the groceries off at their door to keep your distance.
  • Facetime self-quarantined individuals to keep them socialized and less lonely
  • No tech? Start a letter-writing campaign to individuals in nursing facilities who can’t visit their friends and loved-ones face to face currently.


Now is the time to think outside your office walls and see how you can help your community.

Together we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.

Tips and Tricks March 15, 2018

3 Marketing Trends to Watch Right Now

By Maddie Jostol

marketing trends in real estate

The real estate world is moving quickly, and it can be difficult to know the best ways for you to keep up. As a real estate agent, marketing can be a burden – but it doesn’t have to be if you choose your marketing initiatives wisely. Here, we have three marketing trends that every agent should be watching and participating in. Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Video

Video is taking over the world of marketing. It’s the new preferred content type due to its sharability. How does video fit into an agent’s marketing strategy? Everywhere, really. Try home tour videos, open house videos, client testimonial videos, and neighborhood tour videos. Showcase your expertise in an engaging and eye-catching way. Our friends at iTour Media are doing some really cool things when it comes to video and online ads. iTour give agents the ability to create listing videos at the drop of a hat. With the listing information from the MLS, iTour Media quickly creates an engaging video for you to share and promote. iTour is an integrated partner of MoxiWorks – talk to your brokerage if you’re interested in using iTour Media.

Live video is gaining popularity by the day. Videos posted using Facebook Live are shown on news feeds at significantly higher rates than normal posted videos. If you have an active Facebook page for your business, try out Facebook Live!

2. Social media marketing

We know, everyone has been talking about the importance of social media for years and you might be a little tired of hearing about it. We aren’t going to tell you how you need to be posting on Facebook more than twice a week, however. Sure, your presence on social media is certainly important, but this time, we’re here to tell you to leverage Facebook to set your marketing on autopilot with online ads. Get an ad (for your business or a listing) set up, set your budget, and let it run. The beauty of it all is that you can get concise reports to impress your client by showing them the effort you’re putting in.

Online ads can feel daunting because of how time consuming it is to get them set up. The truth is, you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to participate in this trend – you just need to use the right tools. If you haven’t used Moxi Marketing, now is the time. You can have Facebook ads up and running in just five minutes by following three easy steps directly from within your MoxiWorks account. Advertise a listing (all MLS data and images are auto-filled!) or advertise your services to gain exposure and generate leads. Click here to try it out!

3. Hyper-local marketing

Bring your marketing tactics home by targeting the exact neighborhoods you operate in. Rather than marketing at the state, metropolitan area, or even city level, hyper-local marketing focuses on targeting specific neighborhoods. Position yourself as THE real estate expert in your area, attracting the highest quality leads. Your specialized knowledge of the local neighborhoods will set you apart and help you grow your business.

Sphere Marketing March 5, 2018

8 Ways to Up Your Hyper-Local Marketing Game

hyper-local marketingBy Maddie Jostol

It’s time to up your game. Competition is heating up and the busy season is right around the corner. What will you do to grow your business this year? We suggest embracing hyper-local marketing. Here’s why…

First of all, what does hyper-local mean? It means localizing your marketing efforts down to a specific neighborhood. Rather than blanketing your efforts over your state or metro area, it’s all about focusing in on those specific neighborhoods that you operate and specialize in.

A key reason for this tactic is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your agent website. This means showing up for real estate-related searches for the exact neighborhoods in which you work. This opens up massive lead generation opportunities, being one of the first agents homeowners come across. It also narrows your competition as you only appear alongside other agents that actually work in your area, rather than every other agent in the state. Take it one step further and add consumer data to your marketing strategy (via Moxi Insights, for example). When you have aggregated public data on all of your contacts, you’re now the local expert providing clients with an experience tailored to them. Then the referrals and repeat business follow.

Hyper-local marketing positions you as the local expert for all things real estate. Here are ten ways you can begin upping your marketing game right now.

1. Localize your content

All of your content, but especially your blog content. Your blog is the perfect place to weave in your expertise of the local neighborhood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

” Is there a new local restaurant or an old favorite that you go to every Sunday? Write about it.
” Hikes that you’ve done in the area – maybe you can wrap in good homes for families who love the outdoors?
” Review day trips or weekend getaway that you’ve done. What getaways are available for homeowners in the area?
” Talk about the community events you attend or are involved in and why they’re important for the neighborhood.

The list could go on, but the idea is to cover topics that will make you searchable and valuable for your target audience.

2. Get involved

Get involved with neighborhood events such as fundraisers, seasonal festivals, and local markets. Participating in community events exposes you to huge numbers of people, offers a networking opportunity, and positions you as an involved member of the community. Plus, they’re fun. It’s truly a win-win.

Go one step further and consider hosting an event. When you have access to consumer data, it makes it easy to segment your contacts so you can make sure you invite the golfers to the golf tournament, the art lovers to the art walk, and the families to the kickball fundraiser.

3. Localize your social media

Take your social media activity to the next level by adopting the hyper-local method. Share your adventures as an agent in that area, posting photos and videos from recognizable local places. When people see you active in your local area in your updates, you’ll be top of mind when they think about agents in their neighborhood. Be the local real estate expert. Share local homes that are currently on the market, and post updates on your successful sales, placing an emphasis on their location.

4. Bring your sponsorships home

If you like to put marketing dollars towards sponsorships, spend that money wisely. Be intentional about the people, events, or organizations you sponsor, ensuring they’re aligned with your personal brand and are hyper-local. When people see you supporting causes or businesses that are just around the corner, they’ll appreciate you as a contributing member of their community.

Pro tip: similarly to community events mentioned above, leverage consumer data to invite the right people to the right sponsored events.

5. Localize your website & profiles

This one’s a given. Do a quick scan of all your online profiles to ensure they’re up to date. Your website and online profiles are your digital first impression, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by communicating your current areas of expertise and showcasing your most recent successes.

6. Offer local real estate trends

Be the source for local real estate trends by offering insights to your sphere. One way to do this is to offer newsletters that include insights on the local real estate market. People love to know what’s happening in their neighborhood. For those of you who use Moxi Engage, try Neighborhood News. Just select the contacts in your sphere who you’d like to receive Neighborhood News and they’ll receive monthly automated newsletters with real estate metrics specific to their area. It puts your sphere marketing on autopilot.

In addition, make sure you include local real estate trends in your CMAs and interactive presentations (this is super easy for those of you who use Moxi Present). These presentations are the perfect opportunity for you to be the expert and showcase your knowledge of the local market.

7. Share success stories

Sharing client success stories will open the door for people to relate to your clients and connect with you. When you close a deal, ask your client about their experience. Don’t only talk about the house, but also talk about the family and why it’s the perfect home for them. Ask them to tell the story of their home buying process, then ask for their permission to share that story (on your blog, social media, etc.) Take photos (and/or videos!) and include a quote from the client. These are stories that people can relate to and share with their sphere, which, in turn, grows your sphere.

Based on the consumer data you have stored in your Moxi Engage account, when you’re working on winning a client over, send them a link to one of your client stories, but subtly make sure it’s one they’d likely relate to, based on your insights.

8. Be a resource for homeowners

You want to be top-of-mind for anything home-related. That might sound odd, but think about it… if you’re well known among homeowners in your area, they’re likely to refer you to their friends, colleagues, and neighbors who mention moving. Be a resource for homeowners by offering preferred vendors that homeowners might be looking for. The fact that you’re a real estate agent means that you also have a lot of connections in the area. Keep a list of the small businesses you support and your preferred contractors, so that when homeowners need to know who they should hire, they come to you.

Take it a step further and tour homes that are on the market in the area and talk (blog) about trends and thoughts. Be the voice of local homeowners and create a stockpile of content on your blog that you can share at any time.

Stay in tune with what’s happening in your area and arm yourself consumer data to bring a hyper-local, exceptional experience to prospects and clients. Bringing hyper-local marketing to your toolbox will take your business to the next level. Need data? Check out Moxi Insights, which instantly syncs public records data (including financial and family insights as well as personal interests, and more) to all of the contacts in your Moxi Engage account.