Tips and Tricks April 2, 2018

Heat Up Your Listing Presentations with INRIX Drive Time

By Tiana Baur 

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I think we can all agree traffic is the absolute worst. Nothing puts us (or our clients) in a worse mood than leaving ourselves more than enough time to get somewhere, only to find out that we’re still walking through the door late. Which is why, when it comes to buying a home, the potential commute to work and back can make or break the transaction. That’s where INRIX Drive Time comes in.

It’s no secret that INRIX Drive Time wins business. It allows agents to be the trusted advisor they’re meant to be. Our products Moxi Present and Moxi Websites include the Drive Time feature so agents can give their clients and prospects the full picture of a potential home.

INRIX recently came out with their 2017 Traffic Scorecard, which “is the largest and most detailed study of congestion to date. It includes data on 1,360 cities in 38 countries covering more than 100,000 square miles (250,000 square kilometers) of road and focuses on congestion across all times of the day and week.” It also shows the top 10 most congested areas in the U.S., which Los Angeles still holds the top spot for, which cost LA drivers $2,828 in 2017. For our home town, Seattle, coming in at number nine, it cost our drivers $1,853.

INRIX Drive Time

Here’s some other fun facts from the 2017 Traffic Scorecard:

  • Los Angeles commuters spent over 100 hours in traffic jams in 2017. Let that settle in a little bit.
  • On average, Americans spent one hour a week stuck in traffic on their commutes in 2017. That may not seem like a lot but think about how that’s the average for ALL of America, not just the cities. Even then, one hour a week is 52 hours per year. Think about what else you could do with that time!

Here’s the thing. An agent not only has the duty to find their clients the perfect home, but they also have the duty to find them the perfect situation. It’s their purpose; what gets them out of bed every morning and what makes them so passionate about the work they do.

Of course, the perfect situation, includes the best commute possible (or at least one that doesn’t completely ruin their day to day life). This fantastic tool – with the most accurate traffic data – helps them do just that.

If you want to see INRIX Drive Time in action, we have it in our sample presentations on our website.

You can find out more about INRIX here.

IntegrationReal Estate Marketing December 19, 2017

How INRIX Drive Time® Wins Business

inrix drive time in moxi presentBy Maddie Jostol

We dedicate a huge portion of our lives to commuting. Commutes continue to get longer, hugely affecting where people choose to live.

The average American commutes over 25 minutes each way to and from work, according to Business Insider. This is the longest it’s been since the Census began tracking commute time in 1980, having grown 20% since then, as reported by Washington Post.

Agents are challenged to take this into consideration when finding a client their perfect home. Buyers need to know what their commute will be before putting in an offer on a house. The good news? This is really easy for those of you who are Moxi Present users. Every MLS listing on a client’s list can be shown with the actual driving commute time to any location.

Where is the property in comparison to my office? My kids’ school? Using data integration, Moxi Present’s Drive Time feature shows the buyer what their commute will be like during the home search process. Each Moxi Present presentation is powered with MLS data integration, delivering information to your client and updated in real-time. This integration means that each and every time your client opens the presentation, the property information is up-to-date, no matter when you created it. This feature is in addition to functions that allow agents to add rich media, such as video, customize pages, show financial comparisons, and much more.

inrix drive time with moxi present\

When looking for a new home, it’s important for homeowners to be able to imagine themselves there – how will their furniture look in the home? What’s the community like? What school district is it in? And, of course, what will their everyday commute be like? Offering presentations with Drive Time lends a personal touch that achieves this. Your client is automatically given context regarding what their life would be like living in a given home.

Trust us… Your clients will love it. Moxi Present is built to enable agents to give their clients a personalized, unique experience. Agents can deliver data to their clients that is continually up-to-date and a user experience that is unsurpassed.

Having Drive Time in your presentation gives it a personal touch, which is key during this process. These are the details that add up and make for happy clients. The better experience your clients have working with you, the more likely they are to generate referral business for you. Growing your repeat and referral business and strengthening your sphere means you’ll be able to rely less on low quality purchased leads. Exceeding expectations is vital in today’s competitive market – use tools that will not only meet client expectations, but will blow them away.

Want to see for yourself? Check out a sample presentation here.