Sphere Marketing April 6, 2018

April Listings Bring May Closings: How to Get It Done

By Maddie Jostol

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As the sun comes out, the listings ramp up. Things are about to get busy – are you ready? The housing market is hot, and it’s never been more important to ensure your business is competitive and streamlined.

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” – Henry Rollins

Here are a handful of things you can do right now to ensure the leads you start seeing end in a closed deal and a happy client.

Be responsive

We know you already know this one, but it’s always an important reminder. Considering ~70% of homeowners work with the first real estate agent who contacts them, now is the time of year when you need to make sure you’re on it. Keep your eye on the ball and make sure your follow-ups are timely and thoughtful. We highly suggest you lean on technology to help you with this as the life of a realtor can feel like there are too many moving parts to keep track of.

Be personal

When things get busy, it can be tough to remember the little things. Those little things will make all the difference, though. Don’t forget to remember your handwritten ‘thank you’ notes, your personal follow-ups, and your house-versary gifts for last year’s clients.

Your CRM is a great place to include notes for client-specific information. Also, use your CRM to help manage your work for you. Following your tasks and workflow will keep you on track, even as things get hectic, and will ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Be proactive

When you talk to clients and prospects, they can tell that you’re ‘on it’ because you’re in tune with their lives and you’re fully present in the conversations, which makes all the difference. Imagine calling up an old client, but before you did, you checked your CRM. You had data available estimating that they had teenagers in the home and might be looking to downsize. That reminds you, “oh yeah, I remember, they did have two kids.” When you call them up, you’re able to ask how the kids are doing and casually ask the client to remind you of what grade they’re in, teeing you up to get more insights into any home selling or buying plans. Before you know it, you’re back in flow with important members of your sphere.

Get a system in place that does this research for you. Moxi Insights, a tool within our Moxi Marketing suite (provided by your brokerage!) auto-fills your Moxi Engage account with public records data for all of your contacts. That means instant, valuable insights on all your contacts at your fingertips.

Agents also use Moxi Marketing for Facebook advertising – both to promote themselves to generate leads and to promote listings once they win them. This is key for keeping your marketing efforts on track throughout the year.

We have an exciting season ahead, where you’ll be able to dive in and close the deals that will help you reach your goals. Deliver the highest quality experience throughout the year, even when things get busy by using the right tools and making sure everything is taken care of. Want more information on Moxi Marketing tools? Check them out here.

Sphere Marketing July 26, 2017

Use Automation to Stay Connected with Clients

agent marketing automation

Day-to-day life for a real estate agent is hectic to say the very least. Work/life balance is a hard thing to come by when you decide to plunge into the world of real estate and start your own sphere-based business. Having to juggle clients, leads, business growth, family, friends, and often children, means real estate agents could use a few more minutes in the day, everyday. Agent marketing automation can get those minutes back. Here are some easy ways to go about using agent marketing automation.

Marketing automation comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be something as simple as planning and scheduling out your social posts for the week or a monthly postcard you pre-planned at the beginning of the season or year. But wait, it can be even simpler. You can click a button that allows you to stay in flow with all of your clients and leads every month. Yes, all you have to do hit the (easy) button one time, and your clients are forever in flow.

Neighborhood News

Do you use Moxi Engage CRM? Then you’re in luck. Neighborhood News sends automated market snapshots and overviews, personalized for each subscribed contact in an agent’s Moxi Engage account. These monthly emails keep your sphere up-to-date on market happenings in their neck of the woods – or wherever they’d like updates for. Clients can even change the area they get each month by putting in a new zip code. You can even see when they make these changes as well. #Winning.


Just Listed/Just Sold

Just Listed/Just Sold

Gently let your sphere and prospects know when you list and sell. Just-Listed & Just-Sold is another Moxi Engage feature that automates notifications to select members of your sphere to keep them in the loop. Automated email updates as you close transactions are a great way to keep your sphere (or those you want) in the loop. Manage all of the subscriptions directly in Moxi Engage CRM.

Besides saving extremely valuable time, these are some other key benefits of exercising agent marketing automation:

Be more effective. Having an email that your clients can expect and look forward to each month is much more effective than emailing them something random when you find the time to do so. Consider the market snapshot, you “checking in” with them, while providing them valuable content.

Know exactly when to call. If someone changes the zip code on their market emails, chances are they’re thinking of moving. Looks like it’s time to pick of the phone!

Automatically follow-up with leads. A study on the Harvard Business Review suggests that you’re 60x more likely to qualify a lead if you follow up within one hour, compared to waiting 24 hours. Set it up so all of your leads are instantly signed up to Neighborhood News.

Agent marketing automation is one of the easiest, most effective way for real estate agents to have a little extra time, with a lot less stress weighing them down.