Lead Nurturing: Don’t Let Your Brokerage Database Go to Waste

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager 

October 29, 2019


lead nurturing from your databaseContrary to popular belief, your brokerage’s property data isn’t your most valuable asset, nor is your brokerage/agent data. The greatest, most valuable asset you possess is actually your consumer data. Your consumer data should be treasured and protected and be paid the utmost attention to because that’s where your biggest potential moneymaker comes in: leads.

Ugh, leads… seriously?!

We know that your eyes probably just rolled to the back of your head. Let’s face it, leads get a bad rap in our industry and with a less than one percent average conversion rate (according to T3 Sixty), it’s not hard to imagine why. However, most of that poor conversation rate is due to the fact that the vast majority of leads aren’t followed up with within five minutes, dropping the percentage of conversion by a whopping 400% or aren’t followed up with at all. Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy, no?

With so few extra minutes in the day, we can’t blame agents or brokerage staff considering they have a million other things to do than follow up with cold leads. However, we can offer a solution. What if we told you that instead of getting all of the leads gathered up from all of your various sources, nurturing them, calling them to see if they’re ready to transact, and then handing them off to agents, that it could all be outsourced to us? If that all sounds sweeter than cream puffs, that’s because it is.

Making the most out of the leads you already have

This magic little service is called Intros and it’s reinventing the way brokerages deal with leads. We’ll take all of your leads, nurture them until they’re ready to transact, and hand them off to your agents via a live phone call. That’s right, we’re delivering referrals over to your agents like warm pizza pies. All they have to do is take them off our hands.

Plus, even if you’re using other lead services (or if you aren’t) you can still use Intros, and you can even send your existing database though the Intros system and generate business from leads you already have.

Outsource your call center without losing the branded experience

What’s better than a dedicated call center? A dedicated call center in the U.S. of course. And what’s better than a dedicated call center in the U.S.? A dedicated call center in the U.S. WITH on-brand messaging tailored to your brokerage. It’s important to introduce your brand early in the lead nurturing process, tying your brand identity to the future transaction.

Our Intros dedicated call center has trained staff that know exactly when to talk to leads and exactly which questions to ask to make sure they’re ready to transact when they raise their hands. Once this happens, these warm hot leads are handed off to an agent via a live phone call.

The craziest part about all of this

You’re probably thinking, “okay yeah, this sounds pretty great, but it probably costs an arm and a leg for these juicy, hot referrals, right?”


Because fundamentality, our mantra is “let’s sell more homes together,” we want to do just that. We don’t charge for any of the referrals Intros hands over to your agents. We only get a small piece of the pie if and when the transaction closes. As a brokerage, it’s a no risk, all reward way to bring more value to your agents. Expect more closed transactions, higher lead conversation rates, and less wasted time chasing after cold leads.

If this all still sounds great to you, why don’t you hop on over here and learn more about our latest brokerage offering, Intros.

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