Real Estate MarketingSphere Marketing May 29, 2018

Give Your Agents the Gift of Easier Marketing

By Maddie Jostol, Marketing Manager 

marketingAgents are looking for support from their brokerage to help them grow their business. Brokerages have to weigh where their support is most needed and best utilized. The competition to recruit agents is heating up, which puts pressure on your brokerage to deliver on agent’s needs. You strive to offer your agents best-in-class tools and services but want to ensure your investments will be impactful. We recommend giving your agents the gift of easy marketing.

Marketing can be daunting for agents. After all, marketing has the unfortunate reputation of being time-consuming and expensive, both of which agents rightfully try to avoid. Meanwhile, consumer expectations are rising, and home sellers want to know that their agent is a competent and motivated marketer. Agents are pressured to market listings in a way that meets client expectations, without necessarily having the expertise or bandwidth.

This is where your brokerage comes in. When vetting marketing tools for your agents, focus on these three things:

Ease of use – As with any technology, it’s all about convenience. If it isn’t easy to use, it won’t get used at all. In addition, you don’t want to have to require extensive training with the onboarding of a new system. Choose marketing tools that simplify complicated marketing efforts for your clients.

Time-savings – As independent contractors, real estate agents are running their own business, in a way. This means they’re juggling a lot on a day-to-day basis, so any tool that is going to save them time is going to be a winning solution.

Integration – The fewer login credentials they have to remember and the less data they have to manually enter, the better. If you choose marketing tools that are integrated with systems your agents already use, adoption will be much higher. With adoption comes home sales and happy clients.

We’re operating in a market where recruiting and retaining agents is increasingly difficult. Brokerages are offering everything from over-the-top perks to six-figure signing bonuses. How do you compete with that?

What it comes down to is the support you offer an agent in running their business. Agents are busy – generally, they feel overwhelmed by their to-do list and discover it’s difficult to find a good work/life balance. If you can find more time for your agents, you’ve hit a goldmine. When this happens, their able to grow their business, contributing to their own success as well as your bottom line.

Interested in learning more about the Moxi Marketing suite? Check it out here.

Real Estate Marketing May 4, 2018

5 Ways to Do Great Marketing on a Tight Budget

By Maddie Jostol

Marketing can feel like a necessary evil. It’s easy to get overly stressed, especially for new agents just getting into the real estate game. Being an agent is already a busy routine and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless options when it comes to marketing. Which strategies should you actually put effort into, and more importantly, how can you keep the cost down?

Here are five affordable ways to market yourself and your listings so you can continue to grow your business, without sacrificing a ton of cash.

1. Go digital

Don’t get us wrong, traditional practices such as hand-written notes can never be replaced. For your larger-scale marketing initiatives, however, keep your cost down by going digital. Leverage automation tools for sphere touches online rather than spending on printing and shipping, which can be very costly.

For example, when you create digital presentations for lead generation, it costs you nothing. Printing these presentations can get very costly (think $50-100 each), especially if you have them bound. Plus, if it’s digital, it’s always up to date and easy to edit.

2. Make your marketing efforts go further

Get more out of your marketing efforts through by targeting the right messages to the right people. When you have detailed insights about your contacts and you take care in updating your CRM, your life will be much easier come time to market.

This person likes to golf? Invite them to your charity tournament. That person prefers to communicate via email? Only use that medium. This group of contacts all have young children? Keep them in the loop with regards to family-related news and events in the neighborhood.

3. Leverage existing relationships

When you start your marketing efforts with those who already know you, it spurs word-of-mouth marketing. Those who know and trust you will keep you top of mind and are most likely to share your content and spread the word. We aren’t just saying this because we’re huge fans of the sphere marketing methodology, but because it’ll actually make your marketing dollars go further. When you market to someone in your sphere (invite them to an event, send them a piece of content, etc.), those efforts will be amplified as they go out and interact with people in their own sphere.

4. See what tools you already have

We know… you like to pick and choose your own tools. However, you end up training yourself and don’t have any integration between those tools. Consider the marketing tools your brokerage already offers you. You might be surprised at the tools you have at your fingertips that you never even knew about. They were hand selected for a reason, and you’re more likely to have access to resources and support if those tools are offered by your brokerage.

5. Reach the masses where it matters

Market to your audience in groups. For example, host casual community events, where you can connect with a large number of people in one fell swoop. This will keep your costs down and enable you to grow your sphere, all while positioning you as the real estate expert in your area.

If you’re looking to cast a wider net, try marketing on social media. Meet consumers where they already are. Get in the rhythm of advertising each new listing you win, then promote your business when you’re in need of some new leads. On social media, you can reach a massive audience with just a little spend.

For example, you might spend $79 to reach 3,000-4,000 people (depending on your audience and geographic area) on Facebook. Reaching that same audience with postcards would be very costly (think 10-20x the cost).

Then, the more you decide to spend, the wider net you cast – it’s that simple. Make sure you report back to your clients, that’s where the real value is. It’s an inexpensive way to exceed their expectations and show them you went above and beyond.

Tips and Tricks February 1, 2018

Leverage Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

content marketing blog imageBy Tiana Baur

Time to take the “pitch” out of your marketing strategy. Content is the here and now, and the future of marketing as we know it. Growing your business is all about leads, and attracting said leads comes much easier when leveraging content marketing.

Chances are you’ve heard of content marketing, but maybe you aren’t exactly sure what it entails. According to the Content Marketing Institute, a resource for – you guessed it – all things content marketing, describes it like this:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The general concept behind it, is getting rid of the “pitch” aspect many marketers in the past have come to love. With this style, instead of pitching your real estate services as an agent, you are providing truly relevant and useful content for your prospects and current clients, helping them problem solve and get their wanted information. In doing so, they will keep coming back for the valuable content you’re providing them on your agent website or blog, making their decision to choose you for their next transaction an easy one.

Unfortunately, content marketing takes some work. It takes quality planning and regular distribution of content that builds your brand and your awareness in the market. There are three things you must do in order to have the content marketing foundation that will pay dividends:

1. Start with a content calendar

A content calendar is the engine that keeps your car running. It also keeps you focused, with your eyes on the road, knowing which turns to take and which roads to drive on. A little content here and there isn’t going to give you the leads and return you are looking for. Consistency is key. Building a proper content calendar that fits your schedule and style is essential. If you’re looking for a template, we suggest taking some notes from this one.

2. Create unique, highly shareable content

A content calendar means nothing if the content you’re putting out is total crap, so play to your strengths and your specializations. You can’t know everything about every topic; pick three or four main umbrella topics and build out your content from there. Maybe it’s DIY projects, fixer-uppers, or interior design. Maybe it’s deep market analytics and investment properties. You know you best and you want to be able to talk intelligently about the topics when you meet these potential clients in person.

3. Provide value

This can mean different things depending on your unique audience. Think about who you want to target. Is it the neighborhood you do the most business in? Or first-time home buyers? Whatever your ideal client looks like, focus on them.

At the end of the day, you get out of marketing what you put into it. Content marketing can take more planning, creating, and time in general. However, it is a prime example of quality over quantity and your audience will thank you for it. This is what gives prospects that little extra motivation to do the one thing you want them to: pick up the phone and dial your number.

If you want more info on content marketing, see Content Marketing Institute’s getting started guide.

Real Estate MarketingSphere Marketing July 25, 2017

How Much Do You Know About Facebook Ads?

With 1.94 billion active users on Facebook, it’s not hard to believe that 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. Facebook is only growing, which means more and more clients and leads will take action from things they see on their feeds. In fact, five new profiles are created every single minute. But how familiar are you with Facebook Ads or Facebook in general? Do you have a Facebook Business Page or have you stuck with your personal profile? How do you take advantage of the largest social network in the entire world? 

Social media advertising has become a major player in real estate marketing, especially given how visual of an industry it is. Since the system was built for digital marketers, a significant number of agents find social media marketing intimidating and cumbersome, and therefore never get around to trying it. Although they are expected to be doing great and consistent social media marketing, rarely do they find time in their busy days to do so.

The other problem is that although many agents want to run ads, they can’t do so because ads can only be created from a Facebook business page, not a profile. Real estate is emotional. And very personal. People feel fear and excitement all at once when making such a large transaction. That’s why many agents use their personal profiles as opposed to pages for their business and why many brokerages advise their agents to do just that.

So, although smart agents desperately want to get in the Facebook Ads game, there’s a large barrier to entry and even when they have the time and gather the information needed, they might not feel like a Facebook Page is in the best interest of their clients.

This needed to be fixed. That’s why Moxi Works stepped in.


Advertise Your Listing Allows Agents to Create Facebook Ads in Under Five Minutes

Advertise Your Listing allows agents who just won a listing to create a Facebook ad for said listing with ease. The best part? Agents do not need a Facebook Page to run ads. Agents can keep their personal profiles to stay on that intimate level with clients or never have to create a profile at all. Agents can start reaching more of the 1.94 billion people on Facebook and impress their clients at the same time starting today!

Not only that, but Advertise Your Listing sends reports directly to their clients with the click of a button. These reports help in showcasing agents as the trusted advisors they are and doesn’t take up more hours of their day.

Find out more about Advertise Your Listing, other products, and the Moxi Work’s open platform known as the Moxi Cloud.