ProductivityTips and Tricks March 1, 2018

Get Sh*t Done with Moxi Marketing

advertise your services displayThe Moxi Marketing suite has evolved just in time for the ramp-up to busy season. With Advertise Your Listing, Moxi Insights, and Moxi Publish, now comes a new update so agents can advertise themselves 24/7. With over two billion active people on Facebook, we felt it was important, no, vital for agents to showcase themselves and their business on the channel in every way possible. If you do the math, that two billion is over a third of the entire population of the world. Not only that, but 95.8% of social media marketers say the ever-growing channel delivers the best ROI of them all. So, it’s easy for you to see where our zeal for this update comes from.

Now you can advertise more than just your listings. You can advertise yourself.

Advertise Your Services is the latest installment of the Moxi Marketing suite and it has all the juicy goodness that is Advertise Your Listings, only this time it’s for agents’ personal brand and business. Like previously done on our Facebook Ads, you can link to your personal Facebook Business Page, and if you don’t have one you can still use it! Even if you have no personal profile, even if you never ever want to have to type into your navigation bar, you can use Advertise Your Services (and Advertise Your Listing). There is literally no barrier to entry on this.

Win more listings, promote your brand, and most importantly: spend less time doing it.

Business is slow right now. There’s not a ton of inventory and everyone is gearing up for new listings come Spring. What if you could press a button and get more listings than ever before? Now you can. Advertise Your Services puts yourself and your brand out there to the world in less than five minutes, in only a few short steps. That’s it. We handle every ounce of the heavy lifting.

Show your competition who’s boss.

Your resolutions are calling and it’s the season to get that shit done. Your goals this year are higher than last (and if they’re not, they should be). The only ways to reach these new goals are to try things you never have and be more productive while you do it. Advertise Your Listings checks both these boxes, and is one more thing you’re doing that your competition likely isn’t.

Get the lead with Facebook Ads, win the listing with public data.

When these new leads come in from Advertise Your Services, you can add some super-charged magic fairy dust onto them with Moxi Insights – another key aspect to Moxi Marketing. Insights is an easy way to impress your prospects and clients, making you stand out far above the rest. With unique public data pulled into your CRM, you’ll know everything you need to in order to win the listing. In fact, here’s 100 ways to impress everyone with Moxi Insights.

The newest tool in Moxi Marketing is now at your footsteps.

No matter which products you use from MoxiWorks, your brokerage has access to all of Moxi Marketing, which means you have access to Advertise Your Services! If it’s not turned on for your company, contact your Account Manager and if you’re an agent, you can go here.

Find out more about Advertise Your Services and the rest of the Moxi Marketing suite here.