Open Platform July 20, 2017

How to Standardize Your Materials With a Brokerage Intranet


Brokerage Intranet, Moxi Hub


Your brand is what represents you and sets you apart. It’s why agents join your efforts and why clients remain loyal.

Standardizing your marketing materials and sales tools is vital for building a valuable, recognizable brand. We know that brand consistency is key, but it can be a big challenge for growing brokerages. It’s difficult to effectively distribute updated materials and keep track of what collateral your agents and staff are using when everyone has their own set of materials saved on their individual hard drives. You end up losing control over your brand message and becomes nearly impossible to uphold standard, consistent branding. Those days are over. The companies with the highest brand value keep all of their up-to-date, relevant sales and marketing materials in one central intranet.

When your agents go out into the field, you want them equipped with the best, most updated branded collateral. Everyone in your organization should be talking the same talk, which means they should all be using the standardized version of your materials.

Keep one master version of all of your brand assets in one, central place. This library is an easily accessed hub for your agents to find whatever they need, whenever they need it. Set the necessary permissions for each document, ensuring the right people within your brokerage see the right info and can easily find what they need.

A brokerage intranet is the hub of it all, the central place where agents go for anything branded.

Moxi Hub, Brokerage Intranet

It’s where all managers and agents can find branded materials, see company updates, receive messages from brokerage leadership, and locate HR documents when necessary. It ensures your agents have access to the most updated, standard version of everything they need. Moxi Hub is the brokerage intranet that holds your agent roster, enables agents and staff to easily search for documents, presentations, and more, and hosts your document library as well as all of the tools and services available to your organization.

Having a central library of brand assets is a step in the right direction when it comes to standardizing your brokerage materials. Your leadership and marketing teams now have an effective way to provide your agents and staff with exactly what they need, and have a way in which to communicate it all. Not to mention, rebrands and brand updates become increasingly easier when leveraging a brokerage intranet. Updating your collateral in an effort to standardize materials becomes painless and simple.