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10 Must-Read Ideas for Your Next Open House

By Tiana Baur, Content Marketing Manager

open houseIt’s open house season! It’s exciting and traumatizing all at once. So much to do, so many shoe covers to put on. It also means it’s time to think outside the box when drawing people in and forcing them to stay. And by forcing we don’t mean tying them to the chairs, that would be illegal. We mean enticing them to stay so well they’ll want to buy the home and stay forever.

Here are 10 wacky, awesome ideas for your next open house:


One. Speaking of shoe covers… I think we’re all tired of bending over to pick them up. Think about not keeping them in a little basket on the floor and instead putting them in a nice display on a table. Sore backs everywhere will thank you.

You know what would be even better? Custom shoe covers. We did a quick search and yes, it’s possible to get some booties with your logo and everything. It’s not groundbreaking, but hey, everything makes a difference.


Two. While we’re on the topic, get some cookies with your logo and maybe even your phone number on it! It’ll look so good, open house guests will never want to eat ‘em. Get them individually wrapped so everyone can easily take one with them and have your number on hand. We recommend this place. We’ve used them before and they’re delicious. In fact, we’re kind of obsessed! Your open house guests will be too.


Three. Fill the bath (if there is one) with bubble bath, some rose petals, and champagne flutes filled on the side. I don’t care who you are or what kind of house you’re looking at, everyone loves to kick back and relax. Help them imagine themselves in the home by staging some relaxing spots.


Four. If it has a beautiful garden, pick a few flowers and put them in the entryway and kitchen. Put a cute little sign showing that they’re from their future garden. It’s all about the vibes, people!


Five. Buy some poo-pourri. Yes, you read that right. It’s not very expensive and it could save your open house from a nightmare situation. An open house is a great time, especially when it’s packed with people constantly coming and going. It turns into a bad time when someone decides to go, and the paint starts peeling off the walls. Avoid at all costs. Invest in this.


Six. Buy a cake. Buy a huge, delicious cake, with the listing photo as the top. It’s possible, pretty much every bakery can put an image on one. It’ll make your guests feel like they’re already celebrating (even though you’re about to get them into a bidding war and get over the asking price for your clients – ayoo!)


Seven. I’m going to make this one short and sweet. If it’s a family home with a backyard, buy a bubble maker and stick it back there. Kids love that stuff. Adults do too, but we’re not allowed to admit it.


Eight. Pay an ice cream truck to stop by during the open house’s hours. It will draw major attention and have people running from all directions. Alternatively, a food truck works great too! There will be more options if you go that route, but it just depends who your target audience is.


Nine. Have everyone enter their names into a raffle that is drawn the following week. Don’t make the raffle lame, though. We’re talking a very, very nice bottle of wine, a $100 Amazon gift card, maybe even an iWatch! It’ll keep you top of mind for the following days, which means the house you’re selling will be too.


Ten. Last but not least, if you’re looking to really show your guests who the real estate boss it, get a valet. Obviously if there’s plentiful parking, it’s not an issue, but there are lots of neighborhoods and situations where parking can be rough. Simply hire a valet to wow them, but also make it easier to get to the house itself.


There you have it. We hope you try at least one of these at your next open house! And that this selling season is bountiful for your real estate business. Just don’t forget the poo-pourri.

Moxi PartnersMoxiWorksNewsSphere Marketing April 13, 2017

Spacio Hops on the Open Platform Bullet Train

The Moxi Cloud’s newest integrated partner is Spacio, an app that allows agents to host paperless open houses and turns them into powerful sales opportunities. We’re excited to have Spacio on our open platform to provide an easy and effective way for agents to create new client relationships.

Mike McHenry, VP of Channels and Partnerships said, “Spacio is a great lead capture solution for agents. By integrating Spacio’s application into the Moxi Cloud, we can automatically insert contacts from an open house to our CRM, Moxi Engage and then email a CMA directly to all the walk-thru’s for follow-up.”

Here’s how it works:

Simple and Paperless Lead Capture
A modern and inviting sign-in form collects visitor information and leaves them with an unforgettable first impression. Spacio verifies the accuracy of visitors’ contact information so agents can focus their efforts on the highest quality leads.

Follow Up
Spacio automatically sends a follow up email to prospects after they sign in. Through Moxi Present, the follow up email can include agent’s customized interactive presentations of the listing. Spacio also gives agents access to all the open house leads in our Moxi Engage CRM.

Get Insights on Your Most Likely Customers
Spacio gathers social insights on visitors and surfaces the most likely customers based on the agent’s Ideal Customer Profile. Lead Quality Scores are based on the agent’s preferences and a variety of factors, including how visitors answer questions on the sign-in form and public data available on leads.

Real-Time Reporting on Brokerage-Wide Activities
Make more effective, data-driven decisions on sales, marketing, and training with comprehensive real-time reporting on company-wide open house activities.

Spacio utilizes the information already in the Moxi Works open platform including brokerage branding and agent/office roster information. Moxi Works’ customers can enjoy automatic onboarding of all agents, including complete agent profiles with headshots in Spacio and all listings automatically populated upon account creation. This means agents spend no time migrating to Spacio and more time using it.

Find out more about Spacio and the wave it’s making in the real estate industry by clicking here.