MoxiWorks Donates $25,000 to Pike Place Market Foundation

SEATTLE, March 19, 2019 – MoxiWorks, a Seattle-based real estate technology company, is proud to announce its continued relationship with the Pike Place Market Foundation, donating $25,000 in their latest contribution from the Moxi Fund.

York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks said, “One of the aspects of why we support the Pike Place Market Foundation is the concept of ‘think globally act locally.’ The Moxi Fund is not only about helping housing-related causes, it’s about making the community with which we live and work a better place. Because we’re located a short walk from the Pike Place Market, the Foundation seemed the perfect place to tie these aspects together.”

The Pike Place Market Foundation provides healthcare, housing, healthy food, and childcare to those who need it the most amongst Seattle communities. As a beacon of hope for many, the Pike Place Market Foundation is guided by the following values: collaboration, inclusion, respect, optimism and gratitude. Over the years they have helped many, granting more than $30 million since 1982.

For many at MoxiWorks, the Market holds a special place in their hearts. Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator at MoxiWorks, is a perfect example. Growing up with a mom that works at the market on the craft line, Jessie took her first steps there and has many fond childhood memories there.

“It is important for MoxiWorks to have this partnership with the Pike Place Market Foundation because they do such a wonderful job connecting and bettering the community around us. Both MoxiWorks and the Pike Place Market Foundation’s vision is to better our community through our services. By supporting each other, we are working to fulfill those visions together and I think that is a beautiful thing and I am so excited and honored to get to be a part of,” said Zoey Lange, Office Manager at MoxiWorks.

MoxiWorks raises money through various company activities, including employees opting into having a portion of each paycheck go towards the Moxi Fund. As a yearly tradition since 2013, MoxiWorks employees also partner with the Pike Place Market Foundation to put up Moxi Giving Trees in our office to give local families what they need most during the holiday season. These Giving Trees help serve between 20 and 30 families every year.

Baur added, “Everyone knows the market as this amazing Seattle institution and tourism center, but what they don’t realize is that it’s also a hub for community service – from preschool to eldercare and everything in-between. We’re honored to be a small part of their big mission.”

To date, MoxiWorks has donated a total of $74,000 to the Pike Place Market Foundation and is looking forward to continuing this partnership in the years to come. Aside from donations, MoxiWorks is also passionate about volunteering their time, specifically at the Pike Market Food Bank.

About Pike Place Market Foundation
Established in 1982, the Pike Place Market Foundation has granted more than $30 Million to provide housing, healthcare, healthy food, childcare and a community of support to our most vulnerable neighbors. As community builders in the Market we partner with, as well as operate and sustain, a network of programs and services that support low-income residents, workers, families and neighbors of the Market. Find more information at

About MoxiWorks
MoxiWorks is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves over 72 brokerages and 120,000 agents nationwide that account for more than 13% of the transactions in the U.S. MoxiWorks’ integrated tools are centered on sphere methodology that increases agents’ repeat and referral business by 54%, while lowering overall technology, training, and support costs for the brokerage. The open platform known as the MoxiCloud has tools from more than 50 partners that plug and play to create unique brokerage solutions. MoxiWorks also powers the LeadingRE Cloud. Find more information at



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My Proudest Moment: The Moxi Fund’s Humble Beginnings

moxi fund By JoDee Aspin, Database Developer at Moxi Works

I started working for Moxi Works in 2012. At the time, the Moxi Fund had existed, but wasn’t being treated as the priority I felt it should. There was about $4,000 sitting in the fund, mostly from donations that staff made over the years. No one was overseeing the fund or guiding it along to a prosperous future. Fortunately, that soon changed.

Mark Carlson, VP of Software Engineering, knew I had interest in the Windermere Foundation, which has always been extremely visible to Moxi Works since our founding roots are in the Windermere Real Estate brokerage. Because of that, Mark asked if I wanted to take control of it and as you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity! In fact, it’s one of the reasons I said yes to taking the job at Moxi.

The fact that people on staff had donated money that was just sitting in a pot and not getting to the people it was intended for, bothered me to no end. Under the Executive Director of the Windermere Foundation’s guidance, I formed a team and we began troubleshooting ways to generate more donations to the Moxi Fund.

Initially our team included Tom Harnett, Jillian Igarashi and Jeff DeMelle. We determined that we really had two main goals, first, to continually promote awareness about the Moxi Fund within the organization, and second to generate enough interest that the entire staff thought of new ways to fundraise and help in growing the pot. I think we were all surprised at how quickly this took hold. We started to generate more and more interest and thus our funds began to grow little by little. It really kicked off once our CEO, York Baur got behind it (whom at the time had just joined Moxi Works). From that point on, there was only up. In fact, the Moxi Fund has raised more than $80,000 for charities in our community.

The Moxi Fund is a win for our entire company, and one that makes me proud of each person that gives to it, whether through volunteering for the Moxi Fund team, donating funds, or participating in the activities around it. More than that, it makes me proud to work for a company that promotes and fosters programs that give back to the wider community. So many took ownership and it was so lovely to see and be a part of. Today, because of logistics, I am no longer there with the team, in fact there are many new people involved, but my heart is there and always will be. The growth of the Moxi Fund is my proudest moment at the company (one of many I might add). Can’t wait to see how the Moxi Fund continues to grow in the years to come!

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The Moxi Fund Made Moves in 2017

pike place giving tree donationThe Moxi Fund is an integral part of what we do here at Moxi Works. Our staff contributes directly to it from every paycheck. Since 2014, the Moxi Fund has raised over $80,000 for local Seattle charities benefitting children and families in need.

The team here at Moxi that oversees the Moxi Fund, plans ingenious fundraisers and is responsible for the consistent growth and giving of the funds. Here’s a look at all the Moxi Fund was able to accomplish in 2017:

Pike Place Market Foundation

“Cut the Pie”
In May, several Moxians had the honor to attend the Pike Place Market Foundation’s “Cut the Pie” event! This event is held every year to distribute grant money—partly funded by the donations from Moxi employees—to deserving, impactful services in the market community. Our attendees were blown away by the depth of health care, housing, and nutritional services operate right next door to us, and all the recipients commented on how “now more than ever” these services are needed and how Pike Market Foundation is an invaluable resource to the needy.

Pike Place Giving Tree
The Pike Place Giving Tree is a favorite at Moxi Works. During a time when everyone is trying to budget for their own family’s vacations, feasts, and gifts, it’s even more important to not forget about those that need it more than we do around the holidays. We put up a tree in the office and hung tags for specific items a local family had asked for. Employees could grab a tag from the tree and come back with said item. We wrapped ‘em all up and delivered them to the folks at the Pike Place Market Foundation. They let us know that all these gifts went to a relocated family in Seattle to make them feel loved in their new home.

Community Service Day

Every year, all of Moxi Works closes its doors for an entire day to give back to the local community. In 2017, we volunteered at Ryther. Founded in 1885, Ryther is a nonprofit organization serving vulnerable children and their families. They serve children and youth who are struggling with mental illness, substance use, Autism, and/or trauma. Here’s a look at what we were able to accomplish as a Moxi team that day.

Moxi Races

moxi race winners

Another way we like to raise money at Moxi Works is to race! And by race, we mean to an exciting destination like 

Disney World or Washington D.C…basically the further it is, the better. We did two Moxi Races this year to encourage good health and raise money for the Moxi Fund. For each race, competitors contribute $25 to the Moxi Fund and logs their steps.

Race 1 stats: We had a grand total of 19,401,064.32 steps across all 5 teams that participated (9186.11 miles)

Race 2 stats: This race is currently still on. We are sitting at 14,229,135.36 steps across all 7 teams taking part this time around (6737.28 miles)

These races really are a win-win. We get to raise money for our beloved Moxi Fund, while at the same time doing something to better our health!

Pub Trivia

In 2017, we also did four pub trivia sessions. Because who doesn’t love trivia? Everyone who participates donates $5 to the Moxi Fund as entry to the competition. Every little bit helps!

Northwest Harvest

Moxi Works’ employees also donated 911 pounds of food to Northwest Harvest in 2017 – our biggest food donation yet! 


Stay tuned for what the Moxi Fund is able to accomplish in 2018!

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