Grit UnlockedPodcast July 12, 2021

Episode 16: What got you here won’t get you there with Stephanie Anton

Stephanie Anton, Sr Vice President, Corcoran Affiliates, joins York Baur on the podcast for a candid conversation about her figure skating life that lead her back to The Broadmoor, her career in real estate, and what got her to where she is today and the lessons she learned to get her where she wanted to be.

Stephanie Anton is the Senior Vice President of Corcoran Affiliates at the Corcoran Group, and Managing Director, Global Service for Realogy. For almost 20 years, she has served the real estate community in various roles including most recently as president of a global luxury real estate network. Previous to that, she held several senior marketing positions in brokerage as well as franchise operations. Anton holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelors in Communications from Boston University.

Podcast October 13, 2020

Episode 15: The evolving role of real estate websites with Brian Boero

Brian Boero, the CEO of 1000watt, joins York Baur on the podcast for a candid conversation about the evolving role of real estate websites. Brian has spent 23 years in this industry and knows a thing or two about branding. Especially when it comes to websites. York and Brian discuss the importance of the brokerage website, how it has evolved over the years, and how to cultivate a sense of meaning behind your brand and website. For weekly insights from the talented minds of 1000watt subscribe to their newsletter by visiting

Podcast August 31, 2020

Episode 14: The Great Values Reset with Matthew Ferrara

REAL with MoxiWorks Episode 14: The Great Values Reset with Matthew Ferrara

For many people, the last 6 months have been filled with soul searching. As individuals, as companies, and as communities. Many of us have likely taken a look at what our values were and re-assessed which values are truly important to us now that so much has changed about how we work and how we live. Georgia Perez, MoxiWorks’ VP of Business Development & Product Evangelism sits down with our dear friend Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher to discuss why assessing our values is so important and how to dig into your company values and define which ones are still important and which ones need to change. Values help you find the best agents for your brokerage and help you keep them there. Join Georgia and Matthew for this thoughtful conversation on realigning and redefining our values to help us finish out the year stronger than we were before.



Client SpotlightPodcast April 24, 2020

Episode 13: Turning Fear Into Action w/ Hoby Hanna



Good Investments Prepare You for Disruption


oby Hanna, President of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, brings his passion and insights to the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast discussing how we can turn fear into action. This episode highlights the value of investing in your technology stack to be prepared for any sort of disruption (not just COVID-19), and why it’s important to streamline processes in a legacy industry and at a legacy company.


Client SpotlightPodcast April 10, 2020

Episode 12: Leading Through the Cycle of a Crisis w/ Jeff Detwiler

Jeff Detwiler, President & Chief Executive Officer of The Long & Foster Companies joins York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks for Episode 12 of REAL with MoxiWorks. The two discuss advice for leaders during times of crisis, how to adapt your communication, and how we can all learn from this moving forward. Jeff shares his thoughts on how to help your agents (and you) avoid fatigue as we work through what he has designated the three phases of this crisis – the deterioration, trough and recovery phases. Jeff gives leaders advice on how to take care of themselves and shares why it’s critical that we keep our agents working both for your business and the economy as a whole.
Podcast February 27, 2020

Episode 11: Modern value props for modern market challenges w/ Bret Calltharp

REAL with MoxiWorks Podcast - Year 2020 Episode 1 with Bret Calltharp

In this interview York Baur, CEO, MoxiWorks, chats with Bret Calltharp, Director of Business Development at MoxiWorks. The two Moxians will walk through Calltharp’s 20-year journey through the real estate industry and the number of different facets he’s been able to work in and the unique perspective and influence he brings. Having worked in various roles and companies has given Calltharp the ability to coach others on how to creatively respond to market challenges. Topics they’ll cover include iBuyers, tech driven disruptors, and why ‘what got you here won’t get you there’ for brokers and their agents.

Podcast November 27, 2019

Episode 10: Nick Symmonds, Two-Time Olympian and CEO of Run Gum

York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks sits down with Nick Symmonds, 2x  Olympian and CEO of Run Gum. The two dig deep into how to keep up when you feel like you’re falling behind. How do we as humans react to falling behind? What kind of mindset does it take to keep up? How should we rethink the “race” in business? We cover all this goodness + so much more in this month’s episode of the Real!

Podcast September 10, 2019

Podcast Episode 9: MoxiWorks x WomanUP!®

This month, we’re joined by the powerhouse leaders of WomanUP!®, an amazing initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®. Listen as Sara Sutachan, VP of Industry Relations and Strategic Initiatives at California Association of REALTORS® and Debra Trappen, Empowerment Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author explain how the initiative came to be, the incredible ways in which it’s supporting the journey of women to the top of their careers, and what’s next for WomanUP!®!


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Podcast August 5, 2019

Episode 8: Dean Cottrill, President of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division

Your brokerage is a magnet. In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, listen as Dean Cottrill, real estate pro and President of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division and Chris Gunn, Director of Account Management at MoxiWorks give their two cents on how to create a foundation that will attract the key elements your brokerage needs to be successful. They’ll dive deep into the importance of assessing your competitive landscape, creating a compelling value proposition, forming a strategic roadmap, driving leadership that attracts top-tier talent, and SO much more!

Podcast July 2, 2019

Episode 7: Jack Miller, President and CTO of T3 Sixty

Today’s real estate technology space is chaotic, to say the least, and it will only get more overwhelming as VC funds continue to dump billions of dollars into it. With so many flashy trends floating around, how do brokerages identify which trends they should adopt and invest in vs. which are simply flashes in a pan? In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, listen as Jack Miller, President and CTO of T3 Sixty and Jillian Igarashi, Director of Product Management at MoxiWorks discuss navigating technology trends and give their take on hot industry topics such as bitcoin, voice command, and artificial intelligence!