Episode 10: Nick Symmonds, Two-Time Olympian and CEO of Run Gum

York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks sits down with Nick Symmonds, 2x  Olympian and CEO of Run Gum. The two dig deep into how to keep up when you feel like you’re falling behind. How do we as humans react to falling behind? What kind of mindset does it take to keep up? How should we rethink the “race” in business? We cover all this goodness + so much more in this month’s episode of the Real!

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Podcast Episode 9: MoxiWorks x WomanUP!®

This month, we’re joined by the powerhouse leaders of WomanUP!®, an amazing initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®. Listen as Sara Sutachan, VP of Industry Relations and Strategic Initiatives at California Association of REALTORS® and Debra Trappen, Empowerment Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author explain how the initiative came to be, the incredible ways in which it’s supporting the journey of women to the top of their careers, and what’s next for WomanUP!®!


Learn more about the initiative at iamwomanup.com! 

Get your tickets for the WomanUP! National Conference (October 23-25) using our link: IamWomanUP.com/moxiworks
Use the code: Sponsor20 to get your special price!

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Episode 8: Dean Cottrill, President of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division

Your brokerage is a magnet. In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, listen as Dean Cottrill, real estate pro and President of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division and Chris Gunn, Director of Account Management at MoxiWorks give their two cents on how to create a foundation that will attract the key elements your brokerage needs to be successful. They’ll dive deep into the importance of assessing your competitive landscape, creating a compelling value proposition, forming a strategic roadmap, driving leadership that attracts top-tier talent, and SO much more!

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Episode 7: Jack Miller, President and CTO of T3 Sixty

Today’s real estate technology space is chaotic, to say the least, and it will only get more overwhelming as VC funds continue to dump billions of dollars into it. With so many flashy trends floating around, how do brokerages identify which trends they should adopt and invest in vs. which are simply flashes in a pan? In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, listen as Jack Miller, President and CTO of T3 Sixty and Jillian Igarashi, Director of Product Management at MoxiWorks discuss navigating technology trends and give their take on hot industry topics such as bitcoin, voice command, and artificial intelligence!

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Episode 6: Bill Yaman, President of Imprev

It’s no secret that the marketing game has changed. How do modern brands stay relevant, push boundaries, and make a name for themselves in today’s crowded digital space?

In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, you’ll hear from Bill Yaman, President and COO of Imprev (one of our amazing MoxiCloud partners) and York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks on what this technology-driven era means for the marketing strategies of leading companies and real estate brokerages.

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Episode 5: Greg Scott, VP of Branch Services at Long & Foster Real Estate

There’s no question that Greg Scott, VP of Branch Services at Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc is a real estate technology pro. His experience as a real estate agent showed him firsthand the power of technology, and now he’s teaching agents around the country how to leverage it in their own businesses. Known for his creative use of video mail, he’s transforming the world of training within real estate. In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, you’ll hear Greg and Daniel Bailey, Senior Account Manager at MoxiWorks discuss why technology benefits agents and what brokerages can do to drive the adoption of it.

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Episode 4: Eric Cosway, VP and CMO of QuantumDigital

This episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast features special guests Eric Cosway, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at QuantumDigital and Kylah Searing, Director of MoxiCloud Partnerships and Integrations at MoxiWorks. In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks pdocast, you’ll listen to them discuss the modern world of direct mail marketing and the value in using integrated marketing technology to boost your brokerage and agent workflow.

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Episode 3: Chris Kelly, CEO of Ebby Halliday Realtors

In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks chats with the brilliant Chris Kelly, CEO of Ebby Halliday Realtors, an iconic Texas-based brokerage that has flourished in its market for more than 70 years. Chris shares his journey to real estate and his thoughts on what it takes to remain a thriving household name throughout acquisitions and consolidations.

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Episode 2: Matthew Ferrara, Philospher, Speaker, Writer, and major source of real estate inspiration

In this episode of the REAL with MoxiWorks podcast our own Georgia Perez, VP of Business Development and Product Evangelism at MoxiWorks picks the brain of the brilliant Matthew Ferrara, philosopher, speaker, writer, and major source of inspiration for the real estate industry. In this episode of REAL with MoxiWorks podcast, listen in to hear these real estate diehards dig deep into what brokerages and agents look for in technology today, and contemplate the role that tech plays in the modern real estate agent’s workflow.

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5 of Our Favorite Real Estate Podcasts

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

real estate podcastsWith the busy bee lifestyle that comes along with being a real estate agent, it can be tricky to find the time to sit down and soak in the wisdom of the industry’s top producers. The nature of your gig makes it even more essential that your educational content can be absorbed while on-the-go.

Enter: real estate podcasts.

We at MoxiWorks recently hopped on the real estate podcast bandwagon and started producing our own podcast, REAL with MoxiWorks. Throughout the process of developing the show, we came across several industry-related podcasts that are absolutely worth checking out if you, too, happen to be a fellow real estate diehard.

Whether you’re an agent, broker, manager, or even a home buyer/seller, here are a few of the awesome real estate podcasts that we recommend giving a listen:

1. Bigger Pockets Podcast

Need a podcast that will make running an 8k go by in no-time? If you’re interested in real estate investing and have the time to commit to tune in from start-to-finish, this is a great show for you. Not only are the hosts extremely upbeat and entertaining, but most of the episodes include over an hour of engaging and informative content.

2. Real Estate Rockstars

If you’re looking for a podcast that you can make a part of your daily routine – look no further. Pat Hiban, host of the 3-day-a-week Real Estate Rockstar podcast is not only a billion-dollar agent himself, but makes it a point to interview the best of the best in the industry to get their juiciest tips and tricks for success.

3. Kevin & Fred’s Next Level Agent’s Podcast

Need some actionable advice for your real estate biz but are short on time? Kevin & Fred’s podcast features quick tips and tricks that are perfect for making the most of a drive to the grocery store or waiting in line for your morning coffee.

4. Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today is the official radio program of NAR, meaning it’s ALL about real estate. Listen in to hear agents’ thoughts on selling, current industry trends, and so much more.

5. Rise Seattle

Okay –we might be a little biased about this one, but it’s for good reason! The Rise Seattle podcast is hosted by a Windermere Real Estate agent, Tyler Davis Jones, and features a lot of talk about our neck-of-the-woods (Seattle, WA). Although the topics vary greatly, the commentary often touches on real estate related topics and is a great listen, regardless of your location.

Haven’t had the chance to get REAL with us? Check out the inaugural episode of our monthly podcast!

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